Match colors like a pro , 6 ways of matching colors for an epic outfit

We all wanna dress perfect , look great but we all don’t understand the technical color wheel matching thing for matching colors that image consultants or dress designers know . Imagine , if someone called you to get ready for a hangout & you see all the clothes you have but none of it goes well , so you ultimately wear something you have wore for years .

Well , I know , this has happened with all of us once in our lifetime . But wait , don’t worry , I today am going to tell you 6 ways or tips after which matching colors & pairing your clothes will be a smooth game for ya.

Can’t wait?? Let’s start this …

  1. Higher the contrast , the more eye catching : Have you ever thought why black and white looks awesome always ? matching one deep color and one light color goes as perfect as the logic of “opposites attract” . Navy blue trouser with white or beige shirt looks lovely, black shirt with camel color pants or white denims looks nice and that’s the reason how black goes cool with so many colors especially the lighter shades . So choose one dark color clothing with one light shade clothing and nail the art matching colors.
    contrast 1
  2. Monochomatic Magic : Similar color outfit from top to bottom just playing around with shades of color makes a world of a difference . Match any color’s different shades together & see how elegant and stylish it looks , you will emerge as most attention grabbing styled person in a crowd or gathering. Like pair vibrant red with maroon , light green with olive green, sky blue with navy blue , baby pink with hot pink , black with charcoal black , light grey with charcoal grey etc and you are done with color matching mastery .
    ST ways Instagram
  3. One bright , one light theory : Bright colors such as red , blue , green , yellow etc vibrant shades of these colors goes so well with almost every skin tone and these colors for sure goes great with any light color shades such as beige , baby pink , sky blue especially white goes great with all bright colors without any doubt . So , just buy bright color bottom or top & pair it with white & you are good to go .
  4. Neutral is the safest : Earth tone colors are basically neutral colors , dull shades of white , grey , ivory , brown , cream , beige all these wooden , earthy sort shades are safe in terms like, these colors are okay to be wore at home , functions , offices possibly anywhere . Example , you have some meetings in morning later you need to visit a friend & then you have a family gathering happening so these shades basically make you be able to blend in background and always be in list of  clean & elegant guests . These shades give you pro and decent look from their presence by default . These go great with dark shades of black , deep brown, navy blue & deep grey .
    palazzo with jacket
  5. Wanna look cute ? wear pastels : Pastels are basically soothing , soft colors , milky looking which doesn’t reflect a strong tone of color . Soft pink , baby blue , light green , aqua , lavender basically calming shades of all colors can be included in these .  Now pairing these can be totally a person’s mood reflecting , like wearing baby pink with blue or purple , wearing aqua with red , wearing light green with bright yellow etc so this can be a rainbow happy person . Where as , another way to calm these further can also be done like wearing soft pink with white , blue with silver or ivory color to give more sophisticated rich feel or you can just block the color flow by just pairing one neutral and one dark shade of black , brown , grey or navy blue . Its completely on your mood , but wearing pastel top wear , will always give you a happy , cute vibe for sure.
  6. When in doubt and hurry wear this : Simple formula which will never fail you & will go for centuries is black with black & white with white . Classic combo that works always is, same shade of black all over or same shade of white all over . That’s it . Also matching white with blue, black and white together is always a workable combination of colors for all skin tones .

So those were 6 ways to match colors like a pro . Hope these tips helped you , leave a like and comment if it actually helped you in some way & yes , follow the blog so that you can get notified when the new article comes . Saying this, I would like to take leave now , if you want us to provide article on any other specific topic related to skincare , fashion or lifestyle write to us in the comments section below . Glad to have you and your time , Thanks for stopping by .

Do take really good care of yourself because you are one of a kind . See you soon !!

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Simple Skincare Routine

Believe it or not , skincare is something that everyone wants to do , all of us search it on internet and we all want glowing , fresh & healthy skin but unfortunately , most people loose enthusiasm while actually practically doing it for oneself .

So , to tackle this problem we are boiling down long self care routine to simple skincare routine that we can do on the go , so let’s just jump into it .

  1. When you wake up – Take good organic aloe vera gel in your hands and spread it on your palms , after that pat it nicely on your face , covering entire facial skin . This will nourish your skin naturally and also make it glow . You can use it as moisturizer for the skin .  Always whenever you feel skin is dry apply this for glowy moisture . This is simplest but most natural & nourishing part of simple skincare routine . I personally use patanjali aloe vera gel but not the saundarya patanjali aloe vera gel , the one I use I have attached below . Also,  I am soon willing to try urban botanics aloe vera gel as its also pure and organic . simple_skincare_routinesimple_skincare_routine
    simple_skincare_routineSuggested – Patanjali aloe Vera gel [8 tips and benefits how to use it]
  2. When in kitchen – Take out some lemon juice in your hand and pat it on your face , massage gently, after 5-8 minutes , rinse it with water , this will remove all impurities , dead skin and will boost collagen which will again boost glowing skin in the long run . Caution , if it irritates your skin , then understand applying lemon juice on your skin is not for you. If this suits you do this once in a day , recommended time to do this simple skincare routine with lemon is after coming back from work to home, as this will remove all kinds of dust and bacteria from your skin . simple_skincare_routine
  3. Serum & Face Elixir – Serums & face elixirs are your best friends , easy to apply and great to get absorbed in the skin soon making skincare super simple . Retinol , Vitamin C , Jojoba oil , Tea tree are some great ingredients you must look for , always see if whatever products you buy for skin it should not have any amount of alcohol as it dries your skin in long run . Apply any one or two serums as you like depending on your mood , I personally apply two . Applying serums on a clean dust free skin is recommended. I regularly use vitamin C & retinol serum .  Suggested – Acne Treatment , Acne causes & Does Home Remedies work?simple_skincare_routinesimple_skincare_routine
  4. Cold water or Ice – Best age defying simple skincare routine is splash ice cold water or apply ice cubes . Take 5 minutes out at any time , have some ice cold water and splash your face 2-3 times continuously with it or use ice cubes wrapped in thin cotton cloth,  apply it all over your face for tightening your skin and reducing pores on the skin . This should be done at least once in a day and maximum twice in a day , preferably early morning or just before sleeping . simple_skincare_routine
  5. Eye Cream – I realized importance of eye cream quite late , but as under eye skin is 6 times thinner than your usual facial skin you must take care of it,. Ageing signs come first of all on your under eye area and later to the rest of face . So applying eye cream before sleeping  is a must . This is hands down , my mother’s & my favorite eye cream we some times apply it all over our face . Natural , so nourishing & not at all greasy , this under eye cream is love and yes , I buy this pack of 3 for me and my mom both , as it gives me a cheaper deal then rather than buying each individually . simple_skincare_routine

Do all these simple 6 things for simple skincare routine everyday & you will definitely see a difference in your skin .

Steps in flow I would recommend will be –

  1. After waking up splash ice cold water on face .
  2. Apply aloe vera gel and over that apply sunscreen .
  3. After you get back home , if lemon juice doesn’t irritates your skin, pat it on your face and rinse with normal water , then pat dry it .
  4. Again splash some ice cold water to tighten up the skin.
  5. Now apply serums & face elixirs that you have .
  6. Apply aloe vera gel again all over the face & at last now apply thick layer of under eye cream .

For the people to whom lemon is irritating the skin , you have to use cleansing milk for cleaning skin regularly and a good fine particle scrub twice a week , to rescue your skin from clogging & support the skin to turn over .

Hope this simple skincare routine was helpful , I too started my skincare journey with these simple steps and now I have a good skincare knowledge and routines for which I push myself , I have made it a compulsion n me that I would not sleep without doing my entire skincare routine . But even if you follow these simple steps you will see a very significant positive change in your skin .

The early you start, the better the skin will be in long run . Saying this, I would like to take leave now , if you want us to provide article on any other specific topic related to skincare , fashion or lifestyle write to us in the comments section below . Glad to have you and your time , Thanks for stopping by .

Do take really good care of yourself because you are one of a kind . See you soon !!

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Palazzo Pants Outfit Ideas

Palazzo Pants are pants which are light weight , wide at the bottom , versatile , casual & chic . It always requires a good thought on how to style them & make a perfect palazzo pants outfit .

Today in this blog I am going to give you 6 easy ways to style them up , get ready fast & get going without doing too much of brain storming . I share best fashion , beauty & lifestyle, tips & tricks that really works for you , press the “Follow Now” button so you don’t miss on any new article that I post for you.

So ladies let’s get started ,

  1. Crop Top/Shirt & Palazzo Pants Outfit – Well idea behind pairing the crop top with palazzo is to balance the outfit . The palazzo makes it wide at the bottom so to make it look cool you try to fix shape by adding crop top . Very short cropped stuff to a good length crop top it’s on your comfort , but both these paired together looks really chic . This look is perfect for hangout with friends .palazzo with crop topPalazzo_Pants_Outfit_Ideas
  2. Kurta & Palazzo Pants Outfit – Indian ethnic wear with fusion is what kurta & palazzo is together. To be really honest this is such a relaxed outfit , lightest & most easy one to carry . If you wish to glam this up add a statement jewelry or a scarf it just looks great . It you choose a heavy embroidery kurta & palazzo set this can become a party wear too .Palazzo_Pants_Outfit_IdeasPalazzo_Pants_Outfit_Ideas
  3. Tees or Tops & Palazzo Pants Outfit- Casual , cool & stylish is what you achieve out of this look. This is also an easy outfit to carry & this is a great outfit for a number of places . Shopping , hangout with friends , family small get togethers all of that sort . If you are wearing tees with palazzo pants its a casual happy college style vibe , if you are wearing tops of long sleeves or sleeveless it’s more mature & serious on fashion yet pappy & happy lady kinda vibe .
  4. Shirt & Palazzo Pants Outfit- Shirt & palazzo pants almost good to wear to all places including formal places . Its a classic style , retro vibes but retro is in right now , so don’t worry , just flaunt yourself . Palazzo_Pants_Outfit_IdeasPalazzo_Pants_Outfit_Ideas


  5. Jacket & Palazzo Pants Outfit – Now you can add every kind of jacket with palazzo pants , people add shrugs as well . Shrugs actually can be tricky based on quality & style as there are many varieties of it , but I a quite sure about the jackets thou . From biker jacket to formal jackets to ethnic Indian jackets to waistcoats to long line jackets to long line cardigans everything is going to look wow with palazzo pants. Palazzo_Pants_Outfit_IdeasPalazzo_Pants_Outfit_IdeasPalazzo_Pants_Outfit_IdeasPalazzo_Pants_Outfit_Ideas
  6. Off Shoulder or Cold Shoulder with Palazzo Pants Outfit – You can achieve cute girly look by cold shoulder & palazzo pants  , where as off shoulder gives hot vibes with palazzo pants . Kendall Jenner loves off shoulder & palazzo pants and here is the proof . Palazzo_Pants_Outfit_IdeasPalazzo_Pants_Outfit_Ideas
  7. Tank Top & Palazzo Pants Outfit – Rebel , powerful & dope is what one looks with this tank & palazzo pants combination . Look at the confidence of Anushka , Deepika  , Shraddha , these bollywood beauties juts nailed it . Palazzo_Pants_Outfit_Ideas

Now , tell me which one you loved ?? or share pictures with us on our Instagram handle   ST Ways Instagram 

I will be really happy to get to meet you virtually . Keep enjoying & embracing the fashion with us .

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Men’s Winter Fashion 2019 – Trends & Easy Style Tips Explained For You

Men’s Winter / Fall Fashion trends are released on fashion runways , you can check out the outfits all over the internet , the problem comes , nothing of it is relatable enough to sort out what to exactly wear & how to wear your winter wardrobe gear . You see a lot of men’s fashion magazines putting out huge fashion goals , which you feel a little odd to carry ?

Don’t worry I will try my best to solve this for men’s winter fashion 2019 stuff , so read this & check if you get your kind of winter fashion suggestions to make perfect outfit for the season .  I share best fashion , beauty & lifestyle, tips & tricks that really works for you , press the “Follow Now” button so you don’t miss on any new article that I post for you.

Let’s get started ..

  1. Leather Stuff Leather is a trend in men’s fashion for winter/fall season this year . In runways you will see men entirely covered in leather clothes , this time the trend setters are suggesting to wear more & more of leather . mens_winter_fashion_2019First off , In my opinion , too much leather looks too much biker-ish which is cool for photoshoots but definitely you are not going anywhere fully leather covered . So leather jackets & some leather bracelets or watches & leather shoes is something you can put together to compliment the trend & look awesome . A good leather jacket is one of the best men’s winter fashion essentials . mens_winter_fashion_2019But I have a small request , please buy faux leather its durable , cheaper & looks as same as the original one , in addition to it , it doesn’t harms the animals . Just a request , lets move ahead .
  2. Denim – Again the runway fashion says to suit up in denim , which to me looks weird . mens_winter_fashion_2019Like they wore beige denim jacket with beige denim pants or blue denim jacket with same blue denim fabric pants , but there’s an idea to carry this style which is obviously wear denim jacket with contrasting denim jeans . Men’s winter fashion jackets are most crucial part of winter styling for men . We all know all denim jackets can go great with black jeans , apart from this common combination you can pair deep blue denim jacket with light blue denim jeans & vise versa , so even when you wear same color jacket & jeans try to get their shades to be one light & the other to be darker . mens_winter_fashion_2019
    mens_winter_fashion_2019 Here are few denims jackets you might be interested in checking out, click to buy ..


    You can even do color blocking , wear grey t-shirt & grey jeans with whatever denim jacket you have , so your rest of the outfit is in one color & denim jacket is giving color pop . mens_winter_fashion_2019

  3. Trench coats – Most classy , my personal favorite rich look giving stuff is trench coat. Trench coat that’s in trend right now is oversized trench coat for men’s winter fashion 2019 , this is a must have stuff in every men’s wardrobe especially for winters , the bad part of this is you cant wear it off winters , so this buy will serve you for limited season only . mens_winter_fashion_2019Thou , I would also suggest to buy exact sized trench coats not oversized , as miss fit when buttoned down would look bad on shoulders & all over fitting . After all ,sizes are made to be wore in exact size , not in oversize . David Beckham just knows how to nail all fashion trends gracefully , have a look how he carries trench coats .

    By the way who’s your favorite personality whom you look up to for style check .. ? Let me know , please comment below , for now let’s move ahead 🙂

  4. Scarves – Casual yet the boy next door look is what you achieve with scarfs . Right now harry potter scarves all of a sudden took over on runways so , I don’t think so anything bad is in this one , just buy & flaunt . mens_winter_fashion_2019Where as don’t push your mind to only harry potter scarf just because it’s in trend rather take it as scarves are in trend so buy whatever goes with your skin tone & outfit . Scarf be really near to your neck & face so here complimenting the skin tone is also necessary , thus choose accordingly . mens_winter_fashion_2019mens fashion scarf
  5. Black is back – Black never goes out of fashion & here it came in winter too with tailored suit trend , runways again showed this in all black outfit from head to toe which I absolutely love , so you can go all black in well tailored outfits this winter 2019 . This winter men’s business attire is tailored black suit with black formal shoes . Men in Black are in trend . mens_winter_fashion_2019mens_winter_fashion_2019
  6. Black Bovver Boots – Every winter is incomplete without boots , this time men’s fall shoes/men’s winter shoes are black ankle length boots, in casuals & in formals,  black shoes are in trend. mens_winter_fashion_2019 Pretty simple trend to carry as black goes with all except all light color outfits , like just never pair black boots or shoes with white shirt & grey pants because in that will it will mark a stoppage to your outfit flowing color scheme , so that’s the only no-no .mens_winter_fashion_2019
  7.  Jackets on – Duffle coats , puffer jackets , long coats are the trends as per runways but I would sum this up as wear all kinds of winter jackets , blazers , all kind of  long line coats or cardigans or whatever you have or can get hands on . mens_winter_fashion_2019It’s good to track fashion trends & get statement pieces like duffle coats , if you can have them it’s awesome but if you can’t don’t stay down pull up all your winter jackets & coats pair & be trendy . mens_winter_fashion_2019

  8. Velvet is in – Yes, after a such a long time in men’s fashion ,  men’s winter fashion 2019 has made up a space for velvet . It’s a 90’s fashion to return back now, which I adore , so just flaunt your velvet blazers now . mens_winter_fashion_2019In runways its entire velvet suit to be shown in trends , if you wish you can have it & use it to parties , where as if you have velvet blazers , it’s more useful piece that you can use with casual outfit too , to various occasions . mens_winter_fashion_2019Daniel Craig looked the best carrying this & we can’t forget skyfall ever .
  9. Layer up – Most challenging yet the best look giving thing in my opinion is layering outfit . Runways have shown it over the top which no normal human being will wear & go out but I really-really appreciate & love this trend . mens_winter_fashion_2019
    mens_winter_fashion_2019This style of dressing up is complete art .Well I am trying to break it down for you , wear a white collared shirt , layer a black t-shirt over it , let the collars show & let the shirt be visible after the end of black t-shirt , here contrast was the idea . Now put on a denim jacket & pair a black denim jeans with it . This is the simplest one that I could put to words . Layering is all about bringing fashionable pieces together to create a statement style . David Beckham do this all the time with extreme perfection. mens_winter_fashion_2019It can be in 3 piece formals , or playing with tees , blazer , jeans & scarf paired well together that’s how it works .mens_winter_fashion_2019 I simply appreciate the men who can layer outfit well, it takes a lot of thought . Winter is the perfect time to practice this fashion intelligence . All the best 🙂

Men’s Winter fashion trends basically this year had a good mix of men’s casual winter fashion & men’s formal winter fashion together . Lots of questions I see in online forums of men asking what is the difference between men’s winter fashion 2018 vs men’s winter fashion 2019 ?? Is the winter fashion same for men always ?

I would like to answer this very shortly over here – In men’s winter fashion 2018 there were checked clothes , brown color outfits , hiking boots , knits , pinstripe pattern in fashion , the only common stuff between 2018 2019 men’s winter fashion trends are leather jackets , shearling long coats & 90’s fashion . Other than that , this year a lot changes happened , even leopard prints & mirts ( that’s skirts for men ) are in fashion & I have not seen any guy to wear any of those anywhere , let me know in the comments would you like me to put those in this men’s winter style guide ??


So this was it for Men’s winter fashion 2019 , explained with examples, suggestions & runway trends , I hope you rock the winter / fall season fashionably . Men with etiquette, honesty & style are always appreciated . Let me know in comments, which style are you picking up for winters ??

Stay connected, follow my blog for more such content . I keep on sharing on Beauty , Fashion & Lifestyle. This is ST Ways signing off right now , I am Blogger by choice & Comedian on Youtube by accident . Keep smiling & do take really good care of yourself because you are one of a kind 🙂

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Top 5 Women’s Leather Biker Jacket Outfit Ideas

Women’s Leather Biker Jacket is a kind of clothing piece which is evergreen & will always make you look edgy . It’s always a question that apart from wearing with jeans? How should we style it to look like a celebrity ? Well , hold on , this blog is just going to solve this question for you , here are Top 5 Women’s Leather Biker Jacket Outfit Ideas  outrageously –

  1. Leather jacket with jeans – The most common way to style a leather jacket is this but , still people get wrong with it here . To up the game with this jacket and jeans just give a good attention to contrast & interest creation factors of your outfit . Bold all black statement style or adding a scarf or a watch or sunglasses or some sort of bracelet or heels or good boots or distressed jeans , just something to create a more finished interesting look . Also mostly we see black leather jackets, so to stand out, you can opt for a different color of the jacket or create a color pop by bold red lips or blue eye makeup . Just do something to stand out from basic leather jacket with denim look . There are a lot of ways to do it , as I have mentioned above , you just need to pick a few mix as per what suits you & flaunt your lovely self. Here point to remember is never overdo anything , over accessorizing also won’t look cool . Here enjoy some cool pictures of the suggestions –

  2. Leather jacket with Skirt – Girly & cute yet smart look is what I say appears, the combination of leather jacket paired with a skirt . A solid classic yet feminine style statement is what you make out of this look . Leather jacket with a top , skirt & paired with some sort of boots or high heels will look lovely. When its paired with a high neck top it gives a sophistication to entire look . Accessories should be kept minimal if you are wearing a neck piece don’t wear a bracelet or else the look will drift to very girly side which we don’t want so rather add a simple watch . If you are wearing big earrings don’t wear a neck piece . It’s all about balancing the look.Womens_Leather_Biker_Jacket_outfit_ideasWomens_Leather_Biker_Jacket_outfit_ideas
  3. Leather jacket with dress – Again over here same thing applies balance the look & experiment with some boots . Here in this look footwear matters a lot long boots , ankle length boots , shining sandals just see what you love the most with this look . To me , I love to pair boots with this look.Womens_Leather_Biker_Jacket_outfit_ideas
  4. Leather jacket with gown – Modern lady contemporary look is what this look is . It’s recently happening & going quite well . Evening gowns , maxis being paired with leather jackets & statement jewelry , add a clutch to finish the look . This is what I say elegance meets bold self. 
  5. Leather jacket with shorts – Love of every chic. Shorts , cool tees paired with cool leather jacket , whereas on the footwear side having casual shoes to give this look a fun flip and you are good to go . Allow yourself to have some color pop lips with this one. On jewelry side a bracelet & a choker is fine , to be true this look doesn’t need an accessory . Womens_Leather_Biker_Jacket_outfit_ideas

Bonus –

Leather & more leather – This is also a new take on this style , its just all about being crushing the look game , having a bold women image . It’s just a chic way to wear a cat suit I say . Leather jacket , crop top , leather bottoms , high heels , bold lips & you are the center of attention .Womens_Leather_Biker_Jacket_outfit_ideas

Disclaimer – I never buy original leather stuff & nor I support it in any way . I have a faux leather jacket & it just looks as lovely as it is supposed to be , as you can see in my pictures .

So , I hope my Top 5 Women’s Leather Biker Jacket Outfit Ideas will be useful for you. Do tell me which one you liked the most ?? & which style you are going to try , let me know in comments below . Stay connected, follow my blog for more such content . I keep on sharing on Beauty , Fashion & You . This is ST Ways signing off right now , I am Blogger by choice & Comedian on Youtube by accident . Keep smiling .

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White Jeans Outfit Ideas

Doing an outfit with normal denim colors such as black or blue is just a safe easy fashion game. Twist comes when you think about wearing a different color of jeans such as white jeans . What colors will suit with white jeans ? how to style white jeans ? are always few questions which come whenever you think to wear it .

Today , after reading this blog I hope you don’t look back to the confusions occur while deciding white jeans outfit . So, here are some white jeans outfit ideas or white jeans outfit inspiration to rock the look .

Let’s get started ,

  1. High Contrast Outfit Eye catching & figure flattery . Black & white is the best & oldest on going combination on this row . Where as navy blue , dark brown , dark grey all such high definition colors would also look awesome . The higher the contrast the edgy the outfit. white_jeans_outfit_ideas
  2. All White – All white of different white tones or same tone white anyway it looks bold & classy . Its a statement making outfit to say the least . Classic , evergreen & fun to see all turning around to you in a crowd . even have white nails , shoes , bag & jacket .. OMG !! & you are the goddess of being a diva . white onwhite_jeans_outfit_ideas
  3. Light & White – Light shades of pink , grey , sky blue , beige , pale yellow , just makes you look perfect , classy & slimmer . white_jeans_outfit_ideaswhite_jeans_outfit_ideas
  4. Print & White – Floral prints with white jeans just never go wrong . white_jeans_outfit_ideaswhite with florals
  5. Bright & White – Bright colors such as red , orange , yellow , green all primary colors look just happier & festive with white jeans . Christmas outfits are bang on example of this one.  white_jeans_outfit_ideas

After reading the list one probably feel that okay , so wear every color with white ??

So here are some points to remember while planning an outfit with white jeans ,

  1. Check fabric – Certain white jeans come of thinner fabric which ends up looking like see through leggings & trust me plan anything with such jeans it won’t look gorgeous at all .
  2. Style as per figure – White jeans makes your legs seem heavy , so when you are on a curvy side choose darker tops to pair with white jeans & if you add a jacket to the outfit , it just makes you look slimmer & more stylish .
  3. While wearing anything white , try never use a over size thing . Recently on my instagram I uploaded over sized white shirt & T-shirt it just drew me DMs saying I have gained weight. Where as same me , on other outfits was praised .
  4. Apart from high contrast with white jeans even light shades pull effects that you appear slimmer . Light grey , baby pink , lightest shade of sky blue all such colors will help .
  5. Wear jackets or shrugs to style up the outfit & look slimmer & polished . white_jeans_outfit_ideas
  6. Shoes- Wear light color shoes to make the look effective and endless . Off white , cream , silver wear shoes of such shades . Neutrals are best as , bold color shoes like black , navy blue etc would block the look making you look heavy or shorter in appearance.
  7. When to wear white jeans ? It’s good to wear white jeans at any season , still in Summer/Spring it would work the best . But there’s no fashion police who will stop you to wear on other days , so its entirely your choice .
  8. Tip that you know from forever , never wear white in dusty , rough or travelling days . And for girls especially don’t wear it on not so comfortable days such as periods . White anything is a little hard to maintain so , stay away from any kind of stains .

Here are few white jeans , that you can buy for right quality & style –



I hope you liked this blog & my ways to style it through . Tell me your thoughts in comments below . Stay connected, follow my blog for more such content . I keep on sharing on Beauty , Fashion & You . This is ST Ways signing off right now , I am Blogger by choice & Comedian on Youtube by accident . Keep smiling .

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Rheson : Review with me (Detailed Review on Rheson Collection)

This blog is all about my encounter with the brand & its quality . Not a paid review totally blunt me , but before my Rheson review let’s talk about the brand & thought behind it . In the end I have shared some of my pictures with the styles I bought from Rheson  & post reading this blog I don’t think you would need to search anything about it elsewhere .

Rheson Meaning & Thought Behind Rheson – Rheson is a fashion label which is flying under the inspiration & ownership of Sonam Kapoor & Rhea Kapoor . Rheson meaning is itself names of these two beautiful bollywood female biggies Rhe is from Rhea Kapoor & Son is from Sonam Kapoor , where as the complete meaning is be the cause , be the reason , it tells to stay bold there is no reason someone can stop you . Their initial tees were having quotes like “Rheson with me” “No Rheson I can’t” “Dare to Rheson” . They are aiming to make it home grown high street fashion brand , that must not be bound to age or body type or weight . My Rheson review on thought is, I found very nice , in a way got emotionally attached with the thought and perfect as it talks to make females free from any kind of consciousness about fitting or being fat or intimidated by the fashion and size check all together . I found this to be actually working against body shaming & supporting the female beauty in cute way all together in action .

Rheson Collection –  Here starts my Rheson review on the clothes & collection . Collection is really cute girl swinging on rainbow feel but standing apart , seriously out of the norms of general fashion available. Setting apart any ordinary girl to feel & look like a celeb is what this fashion brand offers. Its high end designer fashion woven in a simpler way available to all ladies & appealing to all sizes of female body types . The collection has french fries tees , pop corn tees , cloud print tees , TV print styles , a lot of dope things & can you believe it , they have sweets printed on clothes too . Recently new collection added as movie poster tees which is again a girl’s inner child came to life stuff , too fancy with fantasy .

Rheson has variety of clothes like jackets , dresses , jeans , tops , tees , jump suits , palazzo, saree , gowns & also they have chic bags as well .

Click on Picture to buy or view – (Rheson Bags)

Click on Picture to buy or view – ( Rheson dresses & sweaters )

So my Rheson review on the collection is , it’s really “hat ke” & unique . Its a fun vibe mixes classy fashionista . A must check I would say .

Rheson Quality –

I ordered 3 styles . Quality of the outfits that I kept was awesome, a black tees saying “Rheson with me” had really soft & lovely fabric . It has a swag neckline too , sharing its pictures below & the other one I kept was a white linda shirt but … I returned one, that was a wrap around dress , its cloth I didn’t found appealing and classy to me which had guava printed on it & it’s also among the initial designs this brand brought on floor. Hey but don’t misunderstand me if you ask me in one line “Quality is awesome ” I would say that for sure .

The quality of white linda shirt was amazing thick cotton white fabric & so affordable with designer style , I cross my heart no one else ever offered that . Really .


Rheson Price – 

Being unique and designer celebrity fashion label it should be super high but to my all surprise its not . The sales when appear to the brand they slash prices superb like its running right now . While if you talk on full MRP , still I would stick they are affordable. I I’ve came across a lot of big brands that cost so much to customers, giving no unique style and at times thin sticky fabric . As per my Rheson review, Rheson is a complete game changer in female clothing market I would say. A lot of designer gowns are there in the collection which are priced between 1500 – 3000 Rs as per me in such a fashion apparel brand, that’s a steal deal . I just wish they don’t change this as Rheson grows because I want it to be affordable for my small pockets .

Click on Picture to buy or view –  ( Rheson Dresses)

Click on Picture to buy or view – (Rheson Dresses)

Rheson is good for ?

Well Rheson is good for those who want to look unique , don’t want to show their body fittings or cuts & to those who want affordable designer stuff in western wear . Even they brought Rheson ready made kinda saree , that’s chic too .

Rheson is bad for ?

Rheson is bad for those who want to show off their body types , because very less of their clothes have skin showing or fitting thing .

So Size is an issue ?

Well if you are a person with M size even S size can fit you of this brand that too with comfort . So its all on you , I am a M size person & I buy M size only here are my clicks in it , I am kinda enjoying the vibe .

Rheson Store & Rheson Website – 

They have collaborated with Shopper’s Stop so you can find Rheson’s stuff there in Shopper’s Stop store and in Shopper’s Stop website or app as well. Now , Rheson is not only online with Shopper’s Stop now its on Amazon too .

Conclusion – 

As per me , I would give it 4.8 out of 5 stars . Rheson is quality & power to females & fashion . I am surely going to try more of it. What about you ?

Let me know if I left any questions & What you loved about Rheson after reading my Rheson review .

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