Formula Of Fail Forward…

Whenever we take a risk either we fail or we succeed .It’s very simple line, you might have heard a million times. But have you thought this deep within?

When we succeed it’s the best thing for us ,nothing can be better , even we work with the spirit to get that success, that we dream as our goal but ,what if this mouth watering thought dash to grounds and burn into ashes in reality.

We all work to be successful but are you ready to accept failure?? People often mix failure acceptance as quitting. That’s not what we are going to urge here today.

The best example of the fail forward is Jack Ma he is the founder of ( Alibaba) famous E-commerce company. He has received dozen of rejections and failures. He failed in primary school twice and in middle school thrice. In his city there was only one school and students passed out from that school were considered to be too bad to be given admissions in colleges. Three years he tried to get into some university but he failed, then he applied for jobs and he was rejected for thirty times. Then he applied for police and he was the only one rejected out of five. He also went for KFC and out of twenty four people who applied for the same job, twenty three got selected and he was the only one to face rejection again. He too stated in one of his interviews that he got rejected for ten times form Harvard University. After that he had a thought in his mind that one day he will go and teach there. That spirit is of someone, who believes in himself and not in giving up, who believes that trying and directing self to improvement is way out. For initial years even his project ( Alibaba) didn’t earned a dollar for him, but he kept going ahead with his team, providing quality to his customers and he received many ‘thanks’ e-mails which kept him going.

Today we don’t need any introduction of Jack Ma or Alibaba.

If you fail, then fail forward

  1. Look at the reasons, why you failed? and rectify that.
  2. Look at what lesson you can learn from that failure and move ahead , success comes from experience so take that experience because now you know how to move ahead to be successful .
  3. Stick to find what is unique in you, take the desired action and always believe in yourself and your dreams.
  4. To quit is never an option.

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We wish you a great and successful life,  be the leader & find solutions for world.


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