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Corporate Training with Caps InfoTech

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Short Description about CAPS INFOTECH 

CAPS INFOTECH is a firm running efficiency since 2007 in Raipur. They sell licensed Tally Software, they give services for at home Tally training and as well as in institute. They also provide certification of training they give. In 2017 it had an expansion with a new set up, the man power and infrastructure got updated with new advancements. Now, CAPS INFOTECH has two branches running efficiency. The new set-up in pandri Raipur is just a beginning of their dream to establish CAPS INFOTECH as brand in Chhattisgarh. To create a brand you need to create a corporate culture, the rules and regulations, the task and the team need to be turned as the efficient manpower who can act as powerhouse for the firm enhancements.

Service industry is all about efficient brand image creation through matching customer expectations with a worth quality, timing and variety. Now CAPS INFOTECH not only gives Tally training and provide Tally Software, they also provide classes for spoken English and personality Development with best of teaching and training tactics.

Corporate Training for CAPS INFOTECH

It was mix of both organizational level and motivational too.Grooming, system changes, managerial updating and a uniform culture is giving it an edge over other institutes in Raipur. Their technical, managerial, marketing, front desk, faculty and heads everyone has a motto of delivering fair deal of quality and satisfaction to anyone who takes an admission there.

Need Of Skill Development – CAPS INFOTECH has identified and is serving in direction of making people skilled. Tally, English or personality Development, Interview skills and Accounting skills be it anything, its an value added stuff for any individual. In worst to worst condition of your life if you are skilled enough to stand on your own, you would never loose. This is what we are aiming to create together in this association.

Verdict from Initiative Takers

Mr. Manoj Chawla says “ We are aiming for fairly educated and skilled society, and we wish to grow as a well respected brand in Raipur & entire Chhattisgarh”

Mr Chetan Gupta says “ I personally am aiming to create a corporate well managed brand which must be popular among  students for quality affordable and practical education ” and Sonal Tiwari Sessions which is in association with CAPS INFOTECH having same aim to empower people and find best solutions for them.

Whereas Ms. Sonal Tiwari quotes “When your profession is to empower people, you gain far beyond then just money, you gain satisfaction. That’s what I love about my profession.” She further describes, “We have done one month corporate training for management of CAPS INFOTECH it was enriching for firm, staff as well as me. I love to interact and connect with youth, we are further going to have classes for students too. The transformation from average to a concrete management is phenomenal to witness and they just co-operated as well for purpose with huge enthusiasm. CAPS INFOTECH is the place if you expect good working environment and future with growth opportunities for your career. If you’re a student in Raipur then get skilled and join now , don’t give a second thought at all .”

Thank You for your precious time and patience. We would love to connect with you, please share your experiences, stories and comments with us through any of our social platform presence or email us at .

We love to empower people and find solutions for them, and we suggest be the original YOU because YOU are one of a kind. Believe, love & respect yourself, other’s will follow.

We wish you a great and successful life,  be the leader & find solutions for world.


Sonal Tiwari Sessions – The best place to find the best solutions.



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