A round of applause for yourself !!

Trust your parents, believe in god, and enjoy your life with friends, to feel like an achiever get applauded all scenarios like these, are the scenarios of beliefs that we are taught or we self learn since childhood from our environment.

No one in school, at home, with friends say “believe in yourself

You might have heard “ I believe you”  “ I am with you” “you are the best, I know” “You can do it” “ You are lucky” “ You have contact” “You have scored nice you can do anything, as your scores tell you have focus and discipline” etc praising since years, we are use to these kind of teachings and conversations so it has gone deep into our minds.

We wait or look for being appreciated to feel capable, we think more what others think about us or will say about us , but we forget about appreciating ourselves. Rather we demoralize our self, we down play our achievements, we neglect the good within us and keep wanting what others have.

Some do this to themselves so that they don’t get over confident but this is entirely different in terms of giving result. Result of this to your soul will be completely in-confident and nervous you.

Thus, today we urge you to start appreciating yourself , feel your worth and never down play others , keep vision of “everyone’s equal” and get ahead to live a happy balanced satisfied life from within.

Whatever is within you reflects to outer world. So, stay confident and love yourself so that you can love this world too .

Thank You for your precious time and patience. We love to empower people and find solutions for them, and we suggest be the original YOU because YOU are one of a kind. Believe, love & respect yourself, other’s will follow.

Connect with us , leave your comments below, share this to those who need it & you can also share your thoughts at our ‘contact us’ form , we would love to connect to you. We wish you a great and successful life,  be the leader & find solutions for world.


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