Increase your confidence now!!

Confidence is something as essential as knowledge to grow in life. Communication, action, career, relations, over all your entire life needs you to be confident.

There are ‘n’ number of ways available in internet, there are a million stories available to boost your confidence but nothing moves until “You” don’t. We are putting forward few self experienced ways that would definitely help you , but caution is “You need to decide, you have to do it now!!” leave no scope of delay or waiting more in your mind.

Assemble all your energies and your focus , Let’s start now-

  1. Stop Tagging Yourself

People saying “you can’t do this, you can’t be that” etc. hammers your confidence merely around 2% ,rest 92% you do “Yourself” to your confidence when you accept that “Yes, I am a failure” or” Yes, I can’t do this”. You must have heard story of an elephant who if gets tied to a chain when it was a baby, it can’t break the chain, after that it makes up his mind that it can’t break the chain and even after being so powerful it never tries to break it just because it has tagged itself that it can’t do it. These tags from you for yourself break you more than anyone else can. So from today “Stop Tagging Yourself”

  1. Mirror Talk

Talking to self in the mirror sub-consciously train you to talk to others . When we be a child we observe people around us, we see them how they express and sub-consciously we get trained to speak and express ourselves without even ever feeling like we are learning something. Similarly when you talk seeing the mirror, when you record a video on your mobile , you train yourself to face others, to talk to others and present yourself. So , start the “Mirror Talk” today.

  1. Get updated with Trends

Obsolete technology, method, cloths when nothing stays with us, we reject every old thing as ‘it doesn’t fits our needs any more’ then how can we be confident if we don’t update ourselves with on-going trends ? example your few friends are talking about latest news headlines that you have no idea about , that very moment your inner self shakes for a while like ‘ I wish I could have seen news yesterday , so I may not have been lagging behind saying that “oh , I didn’t knew anything about this , what happens from this to our market ?” ‘ , such sort of situations gives you another effect which is now you would be cautious that what front person is thinking about you and your knowledge and again you said yourself from within ‘I am so dumb’ . Thus “Get Updated with Trends”.

  1. Be a Master

Aim for perfection at least you will reach to awesomeness. Be a master of your skill or knowledge; keep generating your value within you. Place yourself as learning emperor of life and skill always. Example you are a teacher and the subject you teach , you yourself get caught at places , you are unable to explain whats and whys asked by students , this situation can’t get you ever be confident of what you are or what you do . So polish yourself , choose one best skill of yours and “Be a Master “.

  1. A Simple Smile

A smile covers 80% of your communication gap with any person. A simple smile is gesture of friendliness, open to talk and ready to get expression. If you ever see a kid who gives you innocent smile , instantly your day become good , you feel so nice and even if you don’t know who that kid is still you feel instant connect . So to connect well , being relaxed and making other’s comfortable flaunt a selfless “A simple smile” .

  1. Talk Your Experiences

Add your personal touch to presentation or communication as no one else knows your stories , your knowledge as much you do so, share your experience in relation to the subject going on. Example you are asked to give presentation on economy of India then taking the topic you can simply address each point as you yourself are a part of this Indian economy . Whether it be demonetization , taxation , funding anything you might have experiences related to it or your friends or family some stories which are yours not available else where , those would be true too , so your nervousness will be killed & chances are you will received good claps too . So make it habit to observe things around and “Talk your Experiences “.

  1. Decide within and take challenges

The day you say I take a pledge “now I would continue doing this and I won’t let myself be down anymore” ,  that day you revive your power, your value and your all energies to that very decided thing. Until you don’t face a situation , unless you don’t push your edges , you would never feel need to do anything to boost yourself up . Thus we would recommend you to start now , do today because tomorrow never comes . “Decide within and take challenges” .

Thank You for your precious time and patience. We love to empower people and find solutions for them, and we suggest be the original YOU because YOU are one of a kind. Believe, love & respect yourself, other’s will follow.

Connect with us , leave your comments below, share this to those who need it & you can also share your thoughts at our ‘contact us’ form , we would love to connect to you. We wish you a great and successful life,  be the leader & find solutions for world.


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