Stop over thinking !!

Our actions and results depend on our thoughts and vision. The condition gets worse when your thoughts are haywire and your take vision is blur. You probably think everything within you and again and again stuck by rethinking stuff which has no relevance to present life. The worst part of this situation you are unable to enjoy present, keep worrying about something and you know you are wasting your time, it isn’t good for your health too, but you are unable to get rid of it.

Is over thinking good?

We all are going to say no instantly after we hear this question but twist in the story is , Over thinking if taken as, thinking which leads to perfection and you can take action on it which can be productive, this way over thinking can help you in shaping a better you , you will be sharp, alert and aiming for correct direction always. This over thinking can be your problem solver like related to work, related to routine and methods but after over thinking you need to act upon it too , only and only that way it is productive.

Over thinking can be positive or negative but it can also be productive and unproductive. The best time killer or best alternative finder choice is yours. I won’t discuss how over thinking makes you hate life, feels dull and lonely, makes you lose memory power, makes you always feel empty and useless or wastes your present fun and time, makes you feel stuck in time travel or takes you towards depression and destruction , when it is done over unproductive stuff . There are already many things written, heard and told about this to you. You know everything wrong is happening in you when you feel sad due to it, you know everything within you related to what you thought brought solutions to you so it was worth it. You know what you are doing to yourself ultimately it was your choice to have it or not.

I can only recommend a few tips to sort your problems down:-

  1. The time you think and you are conscious that you are dwelling in over thinking or worries again about the same old moment, take deep breath, gain your consciousness back and get on to what’s your priority at this very point of time.
  2. Write your all worries ,chain of thoughts or tasks , frustrations or darks in one paper. You would feel you’re talking to a paper and feel it everything after you complete writing, read it once and then burn or tear it away if it’s related to past or some dark story of yours or in the end write solution of what you got or write and tick tasks you did and get rid of your over and over dwelling in same thoughts.
  3. Running away is not a solution, shifting your thought is neither your only solution is take things happened to you as a lesions because those things build you as a person now your evolved as a person into a better person take challenges as opportunities because those challenges will make you urge for obtaining more talent and push your limitations away. Take your task and problems of today as schedule to work on so that problems or situations will no more remain the same they will become work to do and hurdles to cross ultimately you will find your solution yourself. Conclusively no activity can get you rid of over thinking until you don’t work to solve it yourself. Do it now!! Stop over thinking!!Thank You for your precious time and patience. We love to empower people and find solutions for them, and we suggest be the original YOU because YOU are one of a kind. Believe, love & respect yourself, other’s will follow.You can also read our blog on Increase your confidence now!! .Well Connect with us , leave your comments below, share this to those who need it & you can also share your thoughts at our ‘contact us’ form , we would love to connect to you. We wish you a great and successful life,  be the leader & find solutions for world.


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