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This blog is going to be just too short as it’s about self tried and tested product. Nail paints are all about vibrant shades, look completion and lasting colors.


Color show has huge range of shades which serve for each occasion my personal favorite shades of them are all popup colors and party shades.

Faces Canada has also range of colors but not as much as color show, Faces Canada has more of corporate colors which are soft colours such as pastel and nude shades .



Color show has lesser lasting, I wash my hands often. For me color show lasted hardly a day. I would recommend if you are looking forward for a few hour nail polish flaunting , color show is ok for you then .

Faces (all shine) has superb lasting capacity it lasted for a week with me that too as brilliant as it was on first day. If you are looking forward for lasting nail paint this is for you then.



Color show has Rs 110, Rs 130 and Rs 175. Range where as faces has a higher price Rs 109, Rs 229 and Rs 275. Personally I like color show for party and events because of shades and faces I buy for corporate meetings and for lasting color on my nails.


Color show does stain your nails after removal of it and then you are left with three options, stay at home , use another nail paint to cover it or simply wash your hands for two to three times. So this is another thing color show isn’t good at. This definitely makes me feel that next time I would try to buy some other brand’s vibrant shades.


Thank you for your time and patience. We would come back soon with more life, beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs. You can check us on instagram, facebook, twitter and also in YouTube.

Blessed to be connected with you all. Keep caring and loving yourself because you are one of a kind.


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