The biggest fights happen within ourselves in our mind, we all have heard that. This is true we all know and accept. I hope you accept that quarrels happening outside don’t actually affect you, it’s what you take in think and fight within yourself is what creates life into hell. That very moment all negative thoughts capture your vision, present and future both seems spoiled due to past but actually everything is what you are thinking and taking it as what to do or not, did you made the right choices, is all your fault? Destiny and your life sucks nothing good can happen, last you tried it went wrong so no need of trying again because everything collapses but you loved doing something still quitting is essential , all these thoughts are yours!! no person, soul or animal saying this to you to believe.

You are thinking it within again and again resulting into your vision change, you are demotivating, suppressing and dissolving self in negativity which no one else but you yourself are creating for you. Whatever is other’s perspective is majorly their own failure and vision blocks or experience , you don’t take everything seriously what other’s say every time then why this time ? ask yourself you will start getting logical answers . Like the person or situation making you feel low then is their some logic , is that person genuinely correct with reasons ? aren’t you able to correct it , can methods be changed etc …

Read and follow the steps in the same manner as written in it below, may be they help you coming out of such situations every time you fall in it !

  • Pause your thoughts
  • Stop
  • What you have now at this point of time
  • What lesson you learnt from wrongs in your life?
  • Aren’t you a better person today?
  • Doesn’t a thing happen made you moved right to the direction you forgot to choose?
  • What are things, talents and unique thing you have which no one else does?
  • What are future opportunities?
  • Are you ready to attempt those?
  • If not then, are you trying to be capable for that?
  • If not then hey! Your time starts now!!
  • If you are ready now then visualize , evaluate , act and repeat.

Now you have a simpler life. Survive the fight within, respect yourself and honor God’s gift, life is beautiful. Stay happy, stay positive, stay simple and stay blessed.

Thank You for your precious time and patience. We love to empower people and find solutions for them, and we suggest be the original YOU because YOU are one of a kind. Believe, love & respect yourself, other’s will follow.

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Well Connect with us , leave your comments below, share this to those who need it & you can also share your thoughts at our ‘contact us’ form , we would love to connect to you. We wish you a great and successful life,  be the leader & find solutions for world.





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