Colors for a perfect wardrobe and that suit all skin types

Trends and fashion changes with time, style and type may change but what are the colors which would never collapse or let your wardrobe go old.

Today we are going to discuss those few color which will keep your wardrobe best suited for all times.

  1. White:- The magic smooth peaceful color that suits all skin types and gives a classy as well as a casual look. Top, T-shirt, Shirt, jeans, sneaks anything in white slays and stays in fashion. White shirt and blue or black jeans is a all time hit thing for easy casual occasions.
  2. Black:- The color of deep perfection and awesomeness. Again a color that suits all skin types. Complete head to toe black or black in contrast everything just works wow in it. It never goes out of fashion and never lets you feel less confident. Power, perfection and class something this color makes you feel. Everything in black and anyone in black are awesome.
  3. Grey:- Suits to cool skin tone people more, has also a classy touch. Never goes out of fashion and with almost any color. Grey can be formed, informed and can also be used at occasion of grief. The color suits on tops, jeans, blazers, shoes almost all channels of accessories. Simple, no show off yet confident is what this color makes you.
  4. Red:- The color of love and the color that has scientifically proved to make you stand out of crowd , weather on lips or sneaks red is the color that turn heads and eyes towards you. This also is wearable to all skin types. Red activates you from within and reflects the jolly, stylish and super awesome you. Dress, sneaks, jackets, and lips are as per me where red suits nicely.
  5. Blue:- Yes I know jeans ran in your mind but even denim jackets, blue shirts , tees and yes of course shades of blue jeans never go out of fashion. This year denim jackets and striped blue shirts are rolling a lot. Girls or guys formal shirts or casual wears blue is almost everywhere since long and is going to go nowhere. Active, decent and stylish are ingredients this color serves.
  6. Beige:- The super classy color that gives most expensive look to any outfit. It hugs all skin tones well and gives you clean sophisticated look which will work well for all your attires. Tops, shirts, gowns, suits, blazers anything in this is best piece of your wardrobe.
  7. Olive green:- Another classy color gives you a tag of an expensive personality. Suits just perfect to all skin tones and works well in dresses, shirts, tops and ethnic suits. High profile look is what this color delivers.
  8. Tan:- Perfect for chinos and trousers. When to be taken as to wear seems good for cool skin tones then but tan is a must have in chinos, trousers or shoes. This delivers a royal outfit when paired with black and navy blue.

Hope you enjoyed and we kind of helped you for creating a perfect wardrobe. In case we forgot any color and you want us to suggest something please comment below or e-mail us.

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Thank you.



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