Lips Care Tips (8 hacks for doing it right)

Lips care is a lot ignored subject thus you miss pink lips. Lips are most ignored part of our face when it comes to take care of our skin. It’s most sensitive skin apart from your under eye area. You had fast, you are ill, you are tired gets maximum reflected by your eye lids and lips. Coloring lips is probably easiest thus, we do not give very much attention to lips care. Despite of current trends to considering bigger lips cooler and people going towards, surgeries to get bigger, healthier lips for best pout selfies, Still we fail to do proper lips care of the god gifted one’s. So, today we are going to deal all hacks & questions related to lips care.

Lips care hacks are as follows:-

  1. Exfoliate “Best Lips care to remove dead skin”

To remove the dull, dark or dead skin layer from your lips you have to exfoliate your lips attest 2-3 times a week. Take very little amount of rock salt commonly known in India as “SENDHA NAMAK” mix it with equally small amount of sugar and coconut oil. Mix all the three ingredients well and apply over your lips in circular motion. It’s sort of scrub of your lips by natural ingredients so more useful. This will make your lips smooth, red and pumped up a bit. As you exfoliate the blood circulation increases pumped up for a while.


Lips care Bonus tips:-

Coconut oil if you are using for whatever purpose, use organic coconut oil. I use this coconut oil which is organic and purest extracted cold pressed oil and I am using this since 2 years. Now my whole family uses it. I always order this from amazon , locally this isn’t available. I use this for my skin care & hairs care both purposes .
click here to buy… Lips_care

  1. Cover with nourishment “Lips care Pamper Routine”

Do not leave your lips uncovered ever, honey, beeswax, petroleum jelly all are fantastic things to cover your lips. When talking about home remedies for lip care a big name of applying honey comes to place . It softens and gives a shine to skin , only stuff is it’s sticky , so despite of being great for skin care I can’t patiently handle this much longer . Rest beewax , shea butter , petroleum jelly you can get in products easily , listing a few below.

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Click here to buy …. Lips_care

  1. Massage “Blood flow increasing step for pink & proper Lips care”

Whenever you are having free time attest once in a day massage your lips for 5-7 minutes with coconut or olive oil. This increase its blood circulation, makes it red, soft and nourished.

  1. Drink water “Plump lips , Lips care hack “

We should attest drink 2 liters of water each day to keep our whole body  hydrated. This makes natural health, skin and lips too have good amount of water available. So to stay fresh and glowing drinking water is super important.

  1. Stop habit of licking “Don’t damage upper layer of lips for right Lips care”

Licking your lips damages the protective layer of lips which can dry out your lips. So, stop licking today.

  1. Lipsticks “try organic one’s for best Lips care”

Matte lipsticks are drying and liquid lipsticks stain your lips the most.

The lips get dark due to chemicals, so even if it is necessary for you to use a hydrating lipstick must have glycerin, vitamin –E which wakes oil Shea or butter or 1st layer your lips with moisturizer or lip balm put on lipstick.

  1. Lip balms “Friend of Lips care time”

Always choose lip balm having Shea butter, vitamin-E, beeswax, coconut oil or petroleum jelly. These ingredients cover and soothe lips.

  1. Sun protected “Lips care essentials for anti sun burn lips”

Lips lack melanin so they are more prone to sun burn. Use moisturizer over your lips which must have at least SPF 15 coverage.

Additional tips for healthier Lips care –

  1. Cover your lips by whatever organic balm you have, let it be overnight and welcome better smooth soft lips in morning.
  2. For longer duration, if you have to wear a lipstick wear hydrating one’s and avoid matte lipsticks.
  3. Use cleansing milk to remove lipstick, then wash lips, pat dry them and then massage lips with organic coconut oil or olive oil to recover their health back.
  4. Whenever tired or you are exercising exhale breaths from mouth, making an “O” shape from lips. That would exercise face and lips both you will have a better shape of both gradually doing this.
  5. For exfoliate lips people use tooth brushes too in my opinion it isn’t good for lip health , Lips care and some pump their lips with this and by other stuff which ultimately harm your face, lips structure and health. Do not overdo anything.Lips_care

Products for lips care that I recommend …

    1. Maybelline Baby Lips Anti Oxidant , Berry 4g – Has SPF 20 , is anti oxidant , a bit sticky but clearly long lasting .


  1. Vaseline original pure skin jelly – vanishes soon but is super effective and nice for skin health , can be used for hands , legs or lips . A product that has multi uses.

I use both of them and both are my savior , baby lips when i m going out and vasline when I don’t have to go out much .

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So , these were my personal tried and tested lips care hacks . Follow and share our blogs and reach us on our social media platforms , you can find all contact info by clicking here ” Contact Us ” , comment below with suggestions and experiences . Do share lips care that worked for you too , I would be happy to know.

Thanks again much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind.

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