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Party Nails (3 Nails art without tools)

Nails art without tools which are perfectly party nails in 3 ways. Any party or occasion we tend to work a lot for our outfit, hairs, makeup, shoes but we forget the importance of having awesome nails. Weather you pose, eat, talk, shout, explain or do anything your nails are going to show up. Most importantly they act as an accessory for your look completion that too nails art without tools and they are always visible in most of the pictures of party. From celebrities to every normal lady, to make it throw more party vibes we try to experiment and look super diva. So do I tried for nail art for the first time and ended up with three styles that any beginner like me can do, that too I did it with no tools.
So lets see how I did it… 3 Nails art without tools –
One Golden Rule for any nail paint stuff is always clean nails , then apply base coat that is transparent nail paint , let it dry , then apply your art or final nail color and then after it dries lock that stuff with top coat which is again transparent nail paint . Let that dry too and your nail polish that will last long with the final look is ready .
Shimmer Nails

I tried the shimmer nails art without tools which was easiest among all, the shimmer nail paint I took from blue heaven you can buy any brand you like , this is not a sponsored post. So apply base nail paint , let it dry then after that you can apply the shimmer nail paint. Shimmer gives party look and feels special so we have used that , although I feel complete black or silver nails also look very party type. After painting your nails leave it to get dry for a while and then top coat application, let that dry too , and you’re ready for party. It was easiest party nails art without tools.


Polka dots nails

Simple retro and evergreen style to carry anywhere and look classic is this style. I had hot pink color which I combined with black nails, If you have golden or yellow or white nail paints or any color which can pop out of black you can use it.

To create these nails art without tools I used a ball pen as my dotting tool. First again I did my base coat let it dry, then I covered my nails with black nail paint, I let it dry too. Then I took a plastic plate which I had, you can take any bottle cap or any utensil that is not of regular use. Take your nail paint brush heavily loaded with nail paint, dab it on that utensil I preferred doing this rather than poring that nail paint on the utensil from that bottle, so that my paint don’t get wasted. Then immediately take your ball pen which is not of your future use , dip it’s tip in the color on the utensil and start dotting your nails as you like. I made a big dots, small dots , as well as heart shape by this. Now let it dry , after drying put your top coat and seal the design for lasting long. I dotted my black nails with hot pink and white nail paint, sometimes I directly dotted by nail paint brush itself but for more professional looking dots use ball pen. You’re nails are now ready with attractive looks to compliment your style .


Lastly , 3rd Nails art without tools
Patterned nails


Patterned nails are the last and the most versatile nails art without tools, makes your nail art look even professional . Actually I tried creating gaps on nails by help of scotch tape , even other kinds of tapes too but it didn’t worked for me at all, so I decided to put patterns directly on my nails. I used nail paint brush directly, just apply nail paint brush loaded with whatever color you want place it on nail edge and glide diagonally , this I did with my pink nail , in my middle finger nail I applied white nail paint let it dry and after it dried I applied black nail paint on the other side , the index finger nail I glided white nail paint horizontally in bottom area and leaving a certain gap I covered rest with white again and let that dry too , again on thumb nail art creation I glided the brush diagonally filled that part of nail entirely and leaving diagonal gap in between I glided my brush again diagonally and so you can see a small part I left between that , then comes the ring finger design. I just did with a good control over brush did semi circle below and over the nail top too . After all this dried up I decorated it all with polka dots again as told in polka dot style and post that sealed with top coat again. That was best glam design of nails art without tools.


You can also check the video regarding this by clicking here – Nail art for beginners , and do not forget to follow this blog and subscribe my YouTube channel . Keep creating a interesting you , share our blogs and reach us on our social media platforms , you can find all contact info by clicking here ” Contact Us ” , comment below with suggestions and experiences . Do share which style you liked most?

Thank you 🙂 Keep creating a interesting you nails art without tools, share our blogs and reach us on our social media platforms , you can find all contact info by clicking here ” Contact Us ” , comment below with suggestions and experiences . And do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel , hit the bell icon & follow our website too please, for being updated and connected .

Find the video below 🙂

Thanks again much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind.

Thanks again much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind.



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