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Makeup for beginners (Everyday look)

Hi to all beautiful ladies out there, today’s blog is all about achieving a fresh, natural looking everyday look. Also the look that can be carried to most of the occasions and we are going to see this step by step so that all the beginners can surely achieve this look.

I have used very basic products, which are very much into budget and are affordable to most of us.

So let’s begin,

Step 1 – So firstly lets apply lip balm and tie your hairs back. Why application of lip balm in starting? because it ultimately prepares and moisturize your lips for lipstick application. Tie your hair back because hairs might get stick to your makeup and disturb you in the process so stay hindrance free tie them behind, make a pony tale or bun anything you like.

I used Soul tree lip balm , its organic as it says , so which is the best thing about this lip balm . Viola & kokum butter lip balm with 7 organic oil & ghee in it , recently I searched for it on net & found this which is now in new packaging , review on soul tree’s lip balm & lipstick will be coming soon , but for now I would say I will rather prefer using vasline lip care petroleum jelly rather than this , still if you wanna buy this product you can buy by clicking below

Step 2 – Now hydrate your skin and prepare your face for makeup. Cover your face with whatever moisturizer you use, I used Lakme peach glow. After this people apply a primer where I use Patanjali aloe Vera gel as primer because I like to stay as organic as I can.

Lakme peach milk moisturizer is what I used , it has 24 SPF so saves you from sun too  click on the picture if you wanna buy

Patanjali Aloe vera gel I used instead of primer , you can see my entire article about this lovely product over here Patanjali Aloevera Gel   & you can click on the picture if you wanna buy

Step 3 – Now comes the turn of your foundation. I used Lakme liquid foundation in pearl shade. Always use a foundation near to your skin tone. Make small dots of foundation on your face you can blend the foundation with brush. I use similar brush for powder and face makeup blending too.

This is the color fever brush set that I use , click on the picture if you wanna buy

Always use brush to blend your foundation and do it in circular motion, I have a feeling that if foundation is applied by fingers make it sit deeper into your skin and we apply more product than what is required. When we use fingers so it doesn’t looks natural on skin as per me .

This is the foundation I used , Lakme perfecting liquid foundation Pearl , click on the picture if you wanna buy

Step 4 – Now lets make all settle & look flawless with the help of face powder. I used Lakme compact face powder. You can use any powder you like. Again use a big blending brush for that and do circular motions.

One tip:- Do not do all these steps only for face but also do these on neck, as well. Face of different finish and neck of different finish won’t look good.

Lakme Radiance compact for face powder is what I used , click on the picture if you wanna buy

Step 5 – Now go to most focus requiring makeup is eyes makeup. This involves eyeliner , eyeshadow , mascara .

1st start of with eye shadow. If you have an eye shadow pallet use the most neutral near to white color in it apply it on your eyelid and you are done. This is a beginner’s tutorial so blending I won’t add , also a single shade on eyes is nice for everyday look . So choose one light shade apply & you are more finished in looks now .

This is the sivanna brown eye shadow palette that I used ,  click on the picture if you wanna buy

Now comes,

Eye liner, for this I used coal (kajal). I would recommend all beginners to use Kajal or stick eye liner as liquid eye liner requires very good focus and hand stability. I still do mistakes on applying liquid eye liner. I used Lakme eye conic  Kajal for eye lining purpose here.

Two tricks in applying eye liner is, one to hold your eye from one corner and go back and forth applying it. This you can make as thick as you want by going again and again in same motion with multiple application near lash line. The second way is to go near lash line apply eyeliner in small dashes & do this 2 times to get good results.

I also applied a very light handed application of eyeliner on my waterline too . that will add definition to you eyes .

One tip- use washable eyeliner for casual hangouts where you are not going to face water situations on eyes , as waterproof stuff damages your eye lashes so stay away from water proof things as much as you can .

This is the kajal I used for eye lining, click on the picture if you wanna buy

Now comes mascara,

You can skip mascara step if you want but gives volume and thick appearance to your eye lashes. The way to apply it is take mascara wand put your eye lashes over it and pull it up. That’s how it will curl your lashes and give them volume. Do 1-2 coats that will be enough for everyday look.

One tip – I would recommend until if its very necessary then only apply waterproof mascara as it damages your lashes , thus I use washable mascara & suggest that only . If you are going for a pool party , an emotional ceremony in such cases waterproof mascara is good to use otherwise , in almost all occasions use washable mascara only .

This the Maybelline hypercurl mascara I used , click on the picture if you wanna buy

Step 6 – I applied lip balm in very beginning so now you can apply your lipstick which ever you like or use .

The lipstick I used is me now kiss proof matte lipstick in pink shade, click on the picture if you wanna buy

Just glide your lipstick all over your lips, press your lips with one and other and your done.

Step 7 – Now highlighter, this adds healthy shimmer to your face. You should apply to “T”zone of your face. Forehead top, cheek bones, nose bridge and I like to apply it two more places, to my cupid’s bow of lips and chin bottom.

The highlighter I used is revlon peach glow highlighting palette which I feel gives very natural shine in very small quantity application ,  click on the picture if you wanna buy

And you have achieved the final look , healthy natural lovely everyday basic look , which you can carry to most of the occasions.

You can check the video as well regarding this below 

Thank you 🙂 Keep creating a interesting you , share our blogs and reach us on our social media platforms , you can find all contact info by clicking here ” Contact Us ” , comment below with suggestions and experiences . And do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel , hit the bell icon & follow our website too please, for being updated and connected . 

Thanks again much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind.


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