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Review on Himalaya protein hair cream

I was just surfing on an e-commerce site, I saw this beautiful product of Himalaya which says protein hair cream extra nourishment by Himalaya.

I am a total fan of Himalaya as a company which do no cruelty and which has almost like suitable for all kind of products. The cherry on the cake came as hair cream for which I was searching sub-consciously like I wanted my hairs to be more nourished, tamed and bouncy like every girl out there.

So I bought this instantly without a second thought and hey, It worked superb.


The packaging is fantastic as usual green and white color container. When you open the container you will find another white plastic shield to save product from spilling out. It is a wide mouth container easy to take the product out for application.

Texture and consistency:-

The consistency of the product is thick, creamy, it is of white color and greasy over is hairs. Give hairs an oily texture.



It has AAMLA and chickpea.

Chickpea for hair (KAABULI CHANNA)

Renewing cells, aid in hair growth, strengthen hair cuticle prevent dandruff and hair loss.


Indian gooseberry for hairs (AAMLA)

Cure hair loss, has vitamin C that helps in curing pre-mature graying strengthen hair follicles and hairs, give it shines, has essential fatty acids, nourishes scalp.



Product says to apply sufficient amount of cream from root to tip. Massage gently on scalp using your fingers to spread the cream evenly. For better results use daily before or after hair wash. How I recommend applying this is all over your hairs.


As the product says it is enriched with natural protein that provides necessary nourishment to hair and helps control hair damage. AAMLA softens and improve hair conditioning. Chickpea provides nourishment and helps prevent hair damage.

Basically how I felt about this it actually nourishes hair and keeps hair healthy soft and bouncy.



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