10 things that men wear that woman love

I saw a tonn of content on internet that claims the idea to tell the things that men wear that women love. I found most of them are guys telling what ladies like. Well today I am delivering it right from the source itself. I am a lady and by asking other ladies too I am giving you the real working 10 styles that we love on guys. So, let’s start this rocking list:

1. Watch: watching a watch is 10 times cooler than watching your cell phone for time. Sub-conscious message that goes just by wearing a nice watch is

_ You are disciplined

_ You are smart

_ Girl feel secure with you because you seem reliable

Loose fitting, gives stand feel may be to guys but hey but the secret from our side is you seem very casual, over confident and more over not serious guy, just a show off.

Metal or leather any watch you wear it should be nicely fitted to your wrist and trust me leather watch are more serious responsible guy’s trait to us.


  1. Well fitted blazer or complete suit : OMG, no guys look more serious, handsome and faithful in any other dress code. It catches eye and looks killer when it is rightly fitted and loose fitting stuff is a big no on any case.man white

Well blazer be formal or casual just it should be as per occasion and place. So choose your blazer wisely. The fit the style has to be great. And black and charcoal grey is all time hit stuff that suits with all.


  1. Cool fitted clean T-shirt: solids are all time hits, nothing is as classy as a solid rightly fitted T-shirt on a guy. You look simple, casual, friendly and cool.

If you are of heavy body type then choose a solid shirt and you will always get more compliments.

This brings us to number 4 classic white with blue pair white shirt, mid blue jeans and you are awesome to look rocking to any girl.


  1. Guy with right details: Women are very particular about details and hey they like to see their guy making efforts to seem more gentlemen kind.

A tie added to your outfit like this, a pocket square, a nice simple ring may be is details we like to see.

ring men

But hey guys, jeans chains, rings on all fingers, piercing on face, no woman like these , even they might not take you seriously due to these. Never over accessorize yourself, never ever do that .


  1. Jackets: Your whole outfit explodes when you wear fabulous jackets. Black or ton leather jackets are superb stylish, decent and just a symbol of classy men. Whole outfit goes from normal casual to classy casuals when you wear a right jacket. Good quality, nice fit and decent one. Over shiny, having a bundle of chains going around isn’t a good jacket. Slight shine with no fancy stuff, may be only a bit with texture is classy. Because basic is classy and stylish forever.leather jacket
  2. Shoes: OMG!! Dress shoes and sneakers are something that are like as important as cherry on the cake. Stylish dress shoes are must haves for guys, as they look like, sneakers with casual outfits are just bang on to nail your perfect classy casual outfit. The finisher moves to complete your outfit correctly is what shoes are.sneakersdress shoes
  3. Be the gentlemen kind: Collar button and the second one unbuttoned gives a relaxed look, cool and decent but some guys over do it, they think the more shirt open the more better they look, well a huge hell no to that, from women is there .

They look cheap, non reliable and blah blah…… to us .

The low waist jeans which be like jeans is about to drop,  is also bad styling . Wearing expensive is not the key, wearing things rightly in a gentlemen way is the key.

white shirt

  1. Good contrast: Nice fit, good quality, wearing gentlemen way all great but right contrast is equally necessary.

Black white, black grey, blue and tan blue and white khakhi and blue, even super light grey with charcoal deep grey.

Wear combinations which have high contrast value and try to stick with solids as much as you can to look classy and expensive.

So before choosing your attire think right contrast as perfect contrast gives perfect eye pleasing sensible outlook. And every woman like a fashionably and genuinely sensible guy.


  1. Shades: any guy look fabulous with shades to us. Choosing correct shades that look appealing is an art so see if aviator, warfare rectangle, around what suits your face type and you.

Max shades with black, brown color glass reflecting shades look very very classy.

Responsible, sensible, cool, handsome and stylish all these subconscious messages just by your correct shades.


  1. Confidence: I don’t know what to say? To do? Where to go? What to buy? What to order? What to wear?

Instead the difference comes should be :

I think we should go to this restaurant and I just thought to give you call before finalizing will it be comfortable for you??

And she will tell herself whatever she likes or not…

That’s how confidence works!!

Rather than saying I don’t know what to order!! You order whatever you like. Better say, I liked the place, I hope the menu is equally good see if you find something good to order for us.

Difference of tone, words and manner from unconfident clueless talks and questions to known, confident and humble manners makes a tonn of difference. Any women would feel like a queen in such a conversation.


Extra tip:-

Be loyal, nice, generous and you. If you are true as a person to us, nothing else matters. And right style is always an add on to us. Always keep a handkerchief as well with you, to offer when she needs and it makes you seem more organized serious guy as well.

hand k cheifYoung lovely couple walking in spring park

Hope this content helped you to understand what women love in men’s styling . 🙂 Stay connected to our blogs and reach us on our social media platforms , you can find all contact info by clicking here ” Contact Us ” , comment below with suggestions and experiences . And do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel , hit the bell icon & follow our blog too as we keep creating interesting and good for all content . All the best to all of you guys.

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Thanks , much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind.

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