7 types of bags every women should have

Different occasion, different situation calls for different looks to carry. Same goes with the bags, you can’t just take the same bag to various places and every bag fulfills various needs.

So today our blog is all about the collection of bags that a woman or a girl must have , as we all go through these occasions once at least.

So, let’s get started…

  1. A chic statement clutch:-

Evening function , small casual hangouts , huge occasions are where you can carry these style statement making stuff. The royal and sophisticated look making accessory is what a statement clutch turns into. It complements your outfit and makes you have your small essentials with you. Definitely states about you that you are a women who loves classy things. Slightly embellished clutch with nude colors almost goes with every thing you wear for most occasions.


  1. Structured work bag:-

The formal office outfit gets perfectly complemented by perfect structured work bag. Even your day turns out to be very well organized by having the right kind of office bag. The perfect work bag is the bag which is firm, stands on the table without taking much space on your working table. Has well defined compartment and okay to contain your all essentials at work. The preferred colors to take to office are shades of nude colors, black, tan, brown and grey color bags.

It can be of real or leather and should not have any tassels or embellishments. You would look perfect, organized and to be seriously taken women.

work bag

So after this world winning image creation lets move to another bag.

  1. A roomy tote:-

This is a bag for extremely casual times. You are out on a picnic for a day, going for shopping, beach or wherever, when you need to carry very much of stuff this bag is for being that day savior.

It has one or two compartments majority, it’s tension free, easy to hold, walk or dance even.

It’s for a care free day and times when you need to carry a lot of stuff with you can go for this on that day.

tote bag

  1. Cross body or sling bag:-

A cute look creating casual occasion girly stuff is a cross body bag or a sling bag.

Weather you are wearing a tees and jeans top and skirt or cute dress, this bag is a casual look cuteness addition.

Add girly and cutie pie look to your outfit with this.

This also has less space, less compartments but you can always carry your go to essentials in it.

sling bag 3

  1. Medium sized statement should bag:-

This is a fab bag to carry at hangouts and when you are confused which bag to take along probably this is right one for most of the occasions. A classy comfortable, your essentials carrying bag which is good with you at all times is this bag. Nor very small nor very big medium shoulder bag is perfect carrying bag with you.

shoulder bag

  1. Bag pack:-

Travel college, and picnics be it anywhere this is a perfect bag to carry essentials and extras comfortably and in a cool way. It’s chic and casual at the same time. This bag type is my personal favorite , whenever i get a chance, I take this along with me.


7. Duffel bag / Travel bag:-

Now this is very obvious that when you are going to travel you need a travel bag kinds, if you  are searching spacious, stylish and good to carry bag you can take a long a duffel bag without any doubt, other than duffel bag a rolling suitcase is always in and classy stuff to take when you are travelling with a lot of stuff.

travel bag

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