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How to Remove Blackheads & “DIY” is truth or Myth ?

Does it work?

All over internet I saw two DIYs rolling for removing black heads at home , I was very curious to know which one works well …I went through a number of videos and articles to know but then I decided to try out both and let out the results out myself .

What are Blackheads & why do they happen ?

Blackheads are small bumps that appear on your skin due to clogged hair follicles. These bumps are called blackheads because the surface looks dark or black. Blackheads are a mild type of acne that usually form on the face.

So lets have a look on DIYs  & Results –

Trying Salt & Toothpaste scrub

I found this to be recommended, thought to give it a try.  All this took as ingredients was pinch of salt, very little amount of toothpaste & a damaged old toothbrush.


So the procedure was –

Take both the ingredient in very small amounts  on a utensil or plastic plate , mix them well apply that mixture with the help of brush and apply gently on your nose , do it for two minutes and wash it off .

How does it feel after applying?

Depends on toothpaste actually as mine was minty so I was feeling a lot of mint & yes it burned a bit , it irritated by skin & kind of made it peel off a layer may be.

Trying charcoal DIY peel off mask:

This week while I was searching for home remedy for blackheads removal, I found a very popular DIY almost floating everywhere which was charcoal and glue peel of mask at home. I got very curious to see numerous mixed reviews on it about does it works or not, so I thought to give a try myself. I tried it for the first time. In the beginning I was very scared to use it but after collecting my entire will power I did it. Lol.

Mask ingredients were:-

  1. One white glue (I had fevicol so I used it for that)
  2. Charcoal powder (I bought from amazon and you can click on the image below to buy it)
  3. Aloe vera gel ( Patanjali )

So the procedure was:-

Take one small table spoon of fevicol glue. They said to take any white glue, I took fevicol as I had that only.

Then I mixed almost 1.5 table spoon of charcoal powder that I bought from amazon. It was organic activated charcoal. The paste should be thick and very dark black. Now add around .5 tablespoon of aloevera gel and mix it well as well  and cover your nose completely with it.

Apply a thin layer for better results and easy drying.


How does it feel after applying?

Feels very plastic coating like but not sticky or greasy.

How long to keep it on?

You need to keep it on your face for 30 minutes .

How to peel off?

Glide your fingers opposite to the mask the edges will slowly come off hold the edge and slowly peel off the mask further. It might break into two to three or more parts while removing but nothing is wrong in that. It feels nice, smooth brighter and smoother free of dirt as well as all black and white heads. You can even see all that when you would peel the mask.

I was not able to take pic of peel by my camera so took it from google , it would look something like this .


Any precautions?

Not really !! yes but you should wash your face with normal water after taking this mask off and do not forget to moisturize your skin as it will become a bit dried after this. I feel once in a week is perfectly fine for blackhead removal but if you are applying all over your face then you must do this once in 15 days as peel off masks are not very much nice to all of our facial skin as it on your face. So take care.

Charcoal you can buy it here –

Fevicol that I had –

Add on tip –

You can add egg or honey instead of aloe vera gel if you don’t have it . The idea is just to add one ingredient that can make the mask easy & non drying to your skin .

Coming to overall review now ,

Who can use these both remedies ?

I saw guys and girls both using it and even the mask ingredients are not gender specific so feel all can use this whoever wants to get rid of blackheads and white heads.

Which method DIY was better ?

The glue , charcoal & aloe vera gel peel off mask was better in results for skin & black head removal both . Just after washing this mask be sure to moisturize your skin well .

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