Holi hacks (Holi skin and hair care)

So, Holi is & Holi skin and hair care is max important. Holi here and you are planning to do this that etc. This Holi have you planned to save yourself from side effects each year your face due to Holi?

The pink or purple ears, damaged hairs and skin, cracked heels and looking like colorful alien.

If not then this blog is for you,let’s get into it ,
Holi Skin and Hair Care :

So as it is said “prevention is better than cure” the same is applied over here. So let’s get started with Holi hacks,

1. Avoid any Skin Treatment

Do not do any skin treatment or facial or bleach or anything that is harsh on your face before 1 week of Holi and 1 week after Holi. Don’t have to do that before Holi is because it will make your skin sensitive so on the day of Holi you might feel your skin irrited by colors or chemicals faster. Not to do any skin treatment after Holi as on Holi our skin take a lot of things on it, it becomes dry and at times might even peel suffer more with such treatments on it rather you need to do the more organic home remedies care by yourself for best Holi Skin and Hair Care.


2. Apply Oil

Cover your entire body and face with oil to make sure that the colors don’t stick to your skin and be easily removable. Cover your hairs as well with oil so that it creates a layer on your hairs and they don’t get damaged by sun, colors or chemicals.


3. Apply Sunscreen

Sun screen that has SPF 30 or higher SPF amount in it to protect you from sun and getting excessively tanned. So after oil cover your entire body with sun screen as well & oil hairs to protect them , after that enjoy in sun . Holi Skin and Hair Care anti tan or damage measure was this .

4. Holi Outfit

Avoid wearing denims as they get heavy in water and you will feel very uncomfortable in them later in the day. Wear anything of thick cotton to feel lighter and feel at ease entire day. Women should try suit salwar of thick cotton and men should try kurta payjama.

Try to wear full sleeves outfit and have your full length bottoms so that you don’t get colors stick to your hands or legs. That’s a smart dressing to safe guard yourself. And yes if you want your Holi to be highly fashionable try white, but don’t expect it remain white or become white back ever…


On a easy side, you can wear full sleeve round neck or high neck T-shirt or top paired with full length lowers for a casual Holi outfit.


5. Accessories

Avoid wearing much accessories even ear rings. If you wish to wear jewelry ,  then wear only tops or studs , stay super minimal on jewelry at Holi will be most comfortable.Other than Holi Skin and Hair Care , keep holi comfort also in mind.

Avoid wearing glasses, contact lenses, watches because these might get trashed when your friends surprise you with force and colors of their love .


6. Save your nails

This day even guys if you want to save your nails, you can use a transparent nail paint 3-4 coats so as your nails don’t get damaged by colors or chemicals.

Whereas girls for you I would recommend use 3-4 coats of dark nail paints to save your nails and flaunt it with style in Holi and even after that.

So all must cover their hand and toe nails with good 3-4 coats of nail paint and press some petroleum jelly in the gaps between your nails and fingers to protect them from color accumulation there. Staying greasy is the key to do good Holi Skin and Hair Care.

Keep your nails short to save from getting dirty and filled also to save others from getting hurt by your nails.


7. Hair Hacks 

Open hairs I know are very intimidating to feel cool , wow kind but really is very damaging to hairs. So you can cover your hairs with cap or tichel style . On a plus you should do braids and bun . Even more safer stuff will be, braid and then tie it on a bun . Cap & tichel is great for guys and girls both & looks cool too .

8. Footwear

Try to have a covered footwear that must save your entire feet , nails , heels all together . Wear flats & if possible fabric slip on footwear will be the best . Fabric dries easily , makes it breathable for feet to sustain entire day happily , laces might make you a bit care about seeing if it is tied well or not & of course heels are completely no so that you can dance,  walk , run & enjoy to the fulllest with caring less . Sneakers are also great for this day .

To play safer, happier , healthier holi play with organic colors . Most importantthing for Holi Skin and Hair Care. Save water as well & enjoy to the fullest . Wish all of you to play a super duper fun holi . Play with love , pure hearts and respect for all .

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We will be back soon with great information for all .

Till then enjoy & TC.

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