Best hair wash tip : How often should I wash my hair??

The longest running confusing question about hair is hair wash,  probably the war time creating topic among you and your friends is this question – How often to wash hair ? Is daily hair wash good ? and the ultimate answer be “ok you do this , well I prefer this ! ‘ and that’s it !! but no clear answer comes to presence.

Like washing everyday is not good , washing once in a week doesn’t feel good etc then what to do ? do moody hair wash ?  Today we are going to clear this doubt once and for all , which will apply to males and females both .

So here I am , lets break this down about “hair wash” !!

Why do we Shampoo ??


To remove dirt , dust , unnecessary oils , sweat . Sebaceous is the gland that secrete oil called sebum , which keeps hair moisturized . Shampoo can remove that stuff too .

Less moisturized hairs will break and get damaged , highly greasy hairs won’t look good and also will block hair follicles and scalp from breathing , shall we skip hair wash then!!

So what to do ?

To know what hair wash you need , First know who you are ..

Dry scalp person – The person who can go very well even without washing hairs from shampoo for a week or once in a week is fine with you .

Moderate scalp person – Like most of general people you and your hairs feel nice when you shampoo your hairs twice a week.

Oily scalp person – Your hairs and head feel heavy every end of the day due to excess of oil and you need everyday washing of hairs with shampoo to feel great.

Now , after you know who you are lets find what can you do to maintain a good hair health ..

For a dry scalp person it’s nice to have hair wash once an week or twice depends on his wish . For moderate to oily skin guys washing two times a week is good .

The twist is you can wash your hairs with normal water on the other days  , without using shampoo . As simple as that . Simply washing with water removes dirt , oils in the right amounts which will not strip your hairs off the moisture. You and your hairs both will remain calm and healthy .

So two times a week hair wash by shampoo and on the other days washing by normal water & the problem is solved .

As per my recommendations for ideal hair wash-

Oily and Moderate Scalp :

 Dry Scalp :Hair_wash

Conditioner I recommend for all –


Hair Cream for all –


Hair serum –


Hair oils –  (Pure and recommended which I personally use always)



These are best Hair products I use from years , I have Oily to Combination scalp so I use as I recommended . Hope you have a nice hair health too.

Extra Tips for healthy hair other than hair wash  –

  1. Use hair products which are water washable for healthy hair, that you can simply wash with water and they leave your hairs . Wax , gel anything you use try to use a water washable product only.
  2. Don’t use heat tools very much , don’t color your hairs chemically often .
  3. Prefer towel drying more than blow drying.
  4. Always moisturize your hairs with oiling them once or twice a week before one hour to shampooing them .
  5. Always use conditioner to condition your hair after shampooing them.
  6. For healthy lovely looking hair you can use hair cream before washing at times.
  7. Pat dry or grab a section of your hairs and blot and squeeze it with towel . Don’t rub your hairs with towel it breaks them down .
  8. Have a day or at least 7-8 hours of two to three days in a week when you don’t apply any hair product on your hairs to let them breathe .
  9. Try having a hair wash of whatever hair product you have used on your hairs on the similar day, at night or evening. To let the hairs be free of any blocking product at night . Wash with simple water if its not your shampoo day and “buy water washable products only”
  10. Try to use more organic products , because they have no side effects rather they will help in nourishing hairs .

I hope I helped & now this question is solved about hair wash . Thanks for reading . We would love to stay in connection with you , comment below with suggestions and experiences . And do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel & hit the bell icon .

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Thanks again much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind. We will be back soon with great information for all .

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