Dry Skin Treatment & Care (10 Tips)

Dry Skin Treatment is must as dry skin is the skin , which is prone to age fast so you need to give a lot attention to secure & keep your skin healthy. Today we are going to deal dry skin care & Dry Skin Treatment, this blog doesn’t only covers your face but entire body care for dry skin people. The products listed below are highly recommended & 100 % safe to use , as I have personally used all of these for myself .

This blog of dry Skin Treatment & care deal with dry skin of  guys and girls both , as the products & methods are not at all gender specific but they are dry skin specific , so kindly everyone consider this to be working to help you if you are facing dry skin problem .

I have a combination skin but Yes I am telling dry skin treatment because I feel the best of both worlds . In beginning of summer & high points of winter I have drier skin whereas during high summer I have a lot of oily skin & during spring & calm climate I have my very own combination skin . So I can definitely help you with right recommendations . If you too want such beautiful products you just have to click the pictures and buy right away .

So the Dry Skin Treatment & care tips are below , lets check them out

  1. Check now if you are using any product that has alcohol in it, leave it immediately. Alcohol applied , by any product on your skin makes it more drying.
  2. Drink a lot of water . Water hydrates your skin, makes your skin glowing , smooth , soft & helps in getting rid of toxins from your body as well . At least drink 3-4 liters of water to keep your skin hydrated .
  3. Use mild face wash & body shower gel or soap , don’t use face wash or products having high neem or lemon , use mild face wash like I found Biotique face wash to be really mild and soft on skin , in soap I found dove to be gentle on skin , but never use bar soaps on face that’s very essential. Cucumber , aloe vera , milk are ingredients which would make your skin feel loved if they are in the products you use .
  4. Long staying moisturizers – Use the moisturizers that cover you for longer duration of time & save your skin from drying & keeps skin hydrated. Moisturizers are very important part of dry Skin Treatment & care.

  1. Aloe vera gel & sunscreen with SPF above 30 & as its maximum summer in India so have it 50+ SPF in your sunscreen, also there are few moisturizers that have good SPF in them. Where s aloe vera gel is for hydrating every now and then , it will feel like a thin later of water on your skin . Whereas sunscreen is for sun protection, improving skin health & taking a step towards anti aging very important for dry skin treatment & care.
  2. Bath tip – always take normal water or cold water to wash face or for bath , stay away from hot water . Mix a bit of pure coconut oil , pure castor oil or glycerin in water to build a moisturizing layer that body will immediately soak in. This was a no time taking remedy for dry skin treatment which shields your skin with moisture.
  3. Non greasy hydrating cream which is organic will improve your skin health & save your facial skin nicely .                                                                                                                          
  4. Don’t rub you skin only pat dry your skin with cotton towel , never rub or pressurize your skin at all .
  5. Stay natural – natural cleanser like multani mitti , natural glow face pack like turmeric ubtan will add glow and healthy love to your face . If you are lazy to apply multani mitti & ubtan daily use Himalaya cleanisng milk then aloe vera gel and then moisturize with some non greasy hydrating cream as suggested before. The more unnatural cosmetics usage the more drier it will be so stay natural is best way for dry skin treatment.

10 . Improve skin – Before sleep is the best time to have a long lasting care for your skin &  natural face packs such as honey + curd or honey + turmeric + gram floor + milk + (optional Sandalwood powder ) or if you are having a super duper  lazy day just apply honey keep it for 30 minutes and with cold water wash it off. Gradually you will notice a better skin which will be softer smoother skin . Everyday routine to upgrade skin type & do dry skin treatment .

Extra Tip –

Lips – To save your lips from drying and cracking , use organic hydrating balms for best results .

You can use normal lip balms as well which is kind of nice as well like Nevia lip balm , Maybelline baby lips transparent one but I personally love everything organic so thus I recommend that .

For anti aging, Vitamin E oil & Argan oil are good options to have & for dry skin treatment as well  .

I hope I helped & now this question is solved & you found all the products and recommendations you were looking for . Thanks for reading . Keep shoping & doing right for your health . We would love to stay in connection with you , comment below with suggestions and experiences . And do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel & hit the bell icon .

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Thanks again much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind. We will be back soon with great information for all .

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