My Envy Box April 2018- Review after using products

So, this is my review about My Envy Box April 2018 after using it .

Lets dive directly into details ,

My Envy Box April 2018

Again the packing was lovely, bright and beautiful . This time it has 5 products & lovely luxury at affordable priced beauty box. It is especially designed keeping the season in mind & beauty needs . The body mist , hydrating face gel , acne serum to fight pimple marks , summer easy to carry & hydrating lipstick , a herbal face pack . Fabulous.

My Envy Box April 2018 looks like this …


The product sheet which tells what we got in My Envy Box April 2018 looks like this,



Now let’s talk about the products in My Envy Box April 2018 ,


This is my most favorite product in this entire box , the fragrance is heavenly just wow !! Although this has a bit of alcohol in its ingredient list so I would recommend use in only special occasion , as alcohol dries up the skin a little . But the fragrance is as irresistible as promised in the description given in the product sheet . The fragrance I got was showstopper & I am sure this will definitely soothing , feminine that will set me apart . Loved this product . Super thumbs up to this . The mist is of 150 ml so it will last me for 2-3 months easily .


This has red wine , aloe vera gel as main ingredients & much more great ingredients are there which are great . It looks red gel & it claims to provide intensive hydration while you sleep to look well rested when you wake up . Well I tried this , the smell is very strong so I would recommend to not use it near to eyes area . I got a bit tears in eyes due to strong smell . The product has no tint , its great as its not sticky , it vanishes and absorbs in skin after a while. Gives good hydration, its good . I always recommend not to sleep with a product on your face , I would still say the same but you can use this to hydrate your face & relax while you are at home . The product is 30 ml it will last till a month nicely.



The main ingredients of this serum is coconut oil , tea tree oil & geranium oil . In summer we all battle with acne , pimples & stuff so here it is , My Envy Box April 2018 is giving you a serum to battle it up . Caution is , really use it on acne marks only as its really powerful & for rest of your face it can be hard to handle if there is no acne don’t apply this . You have to apply this 2-3 times a day on the acne mark & I hope it will work . I don’t have acne right now so I am keeping it for future usage . The product is of 15 ml & definitely can go a month or more for people who will use it regularly on acne marks .


Lovely is the word I wanna say for this , the shade I got was burnout dust . Perfect for everyday wear , nude matte lipstick having argan oil is superb . There are very less lipsticks which are matte & are hydrating at the same time . This one is just perfect to head out in summer . It is of 4.2 gms can go for a very long time like 2-3 months even if I use it regularly.


The ingredients are like multani mitti , orange , sandal wood & much more goodness stuffed inside . It promises to have natural ingredients , which will give you glowing & healthy skin when used regularly . I agree to both the things . A good face pack to use & have . This is of 40 gms which can go like a month even if once applied every day in right quantities .

How to use all the products is mentioned on the product packaging itself & all brands and products are of high quality & luxurious . One must try My Envy Box April 2018 , to do that you can go to to get your own beauty box .

Have great summer & awesome time.

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