Mother’s day celebration – Best Way to Celebrate Mothers Day

The word “mother ” is probably most respected word worldwide and the word probably each one of us would have heard a lot of beautiful things about . Each year there’s a day called as mother day that comes up to , respect a mother’s efforts and affection for the family and the children via some special gestures or gifts or outings that her children or her family plans for her . This day is celebrated with a lot of happiness worldwide .

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Now , lets turn the tables around …

You do a job for 365 days of each year & get a payment or appreciation one day in each year . How does that sound??

I am being very clear about how I feel about this is , I would have never loved or done that job .

So , similarly …

I am not quite , very much in favor to only one day celebration of this huge love and sacrifices that my mom do entire year for me or doing since a lifetime for me and my family . Clicking selfies , gifting things , making dinner for her etc on one special day don’t you think it makes her feel queen one day & back to anonymous life the other day. If you take care of her around the year , you spend good time with her or be with her when she needs you around the year then also if you are doing special things on mother’s day occasion , then I must say its super cute .

But it’s only a one day thing then “Don’t increase expectations in one day & break them all in the other day ” , then you’re gifting her pains , to wait until next occasion to come, to again let her feel special , loved & cared .

A mother loves a kid before he / she is born . She tries to do and put the best things to protect and nourish the kid in best possible way . At times she is a teacher , a friend , a guardian or an angel . What she do for us or the family I think all of us are already aware of , so I won’t talk about that .

I don’t know about other’s , here I am just sharing my experience , I think my mother made me the best of me …

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She taught me how to respect the individuality of each human being and life of all . I have this thought in built in me or by her it came in me may be , as she’s a strong working women , who has seen a lot of ups & downs . Who loves to maintain a clean house & well managed lifestyle .

I have a feeling like moms aren’t born to take care of kids or sacrifice their life for lifetime to kids and family works .

I feel my mom also have an identity , a life & I also need to be responsible for her and the family . Household works , cooking , earning the bread , worries , time management everything is not just her’s, its mine too . She did the much she should & she could when I wasn’t capable to take care of myself & understand works & management.

I would never want my mom just to have a life that would revolve around taking care of family & forgetting herself .

I am glad she is a progressive lady, she taught me all what she knew & post all the pains that she took for maintaining me & our family , now when we share a friend like bond, I taught her what I knew . Gifting her android phone was the best thing , in which I used my first salary , she learnt how to use all applications of it , in fact she be very active in most of them , she do online shopping as well & taught her how to ride a scooter herself for which she was extremely excited & willing , now she goes everywhere by herself . Post learning riding scooter she feels more independent. I & she share the load, fun and knowledge entire year.

We in my family go out for shopping , movies , hangouts not only in occasions but casually too . Buying gifts for her doesn’t takes me special days it can be any random day too whenever I find a good thing for her . In her I found my best friend, best teacher & well wisher too.

mothers day speacial 2

So , I can say Mother’s day in my home is not a day its a lifelong thing & I like it that way.

If you are going to do it for one day only gift a promise with a hug “You will never leave her alone in her problems “. She also deserves a life & good time after she gave the life, you should have to be capable to exist , progress & nourish on your own .

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2 thoughts on “Mother’s day celebration – Best Way to Celebrate Mothers Day”

    1. That’s amazing, I wish she reads this comment of your’s someday … it really means a lot for a daughter or a son to get approval verbally by a parent as , parents love is always in disguise. 💕 Lots wishes to your entire family . Lots love 🙏😇


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