Friendship Day Celebration Ideas for Stronger Friendships

This year Friendship Day date is on 5th August 2018,  Sunday . Its a day of celebrating the fun , love & joy with friends . There are many ways to celebrate friendship day , but imagine what if you can celebrate it in a way that the bond gets more stronger & enriched . Friends are the one’s who celebrate the weird you & just are as weird as you . Valuable gifts or bracelets or dinners can just fade away, what remains are memories of time spent together .


So here are my few suggestions that might do just right to create an awesome unforgettable friendship day 2018. Lets have a look & I hope you like it :-

  1. Sleepover – Lets start friendship day feel with having a sleepover chatting , playing indoor games , watching movies , dinner at room just best way to start off the vibes of friendship , so as to spend the most valuable thing together is the time . So pack your gang together & enjoy the sleepover . friendship_day
  2. Give the gang a movie time – Scary movie , comedy movie , fantasy movie just all fun movie with the gang & pop corns, snacks handy at home . Perfect chill time . Leg pulling of your friends while they were scared & crazy joke laughter on comedy movies , these memories just stays forever in minds .friendship_day
  3. Camping out – Chill , relax & have some snacks , visit nature with your friends  , do certain outing , have adventure camping , mountain climbing whatever , just the idea is to go away from city buzz & tensions and not to forget to click a ton of pictures securing some awesome memories.friendship_day
  4. Games – Be it friendship day or any other special occasion playing games like guess the movie or passing the pass or play antakshari or cricket or football or carom or any game indoors or outdoors which lighten you & environment up , refreshes you like a kid from within. Games , sports are best way to rejuvenate soul & bond .

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  5. Party Fun – Have a great dance party , do crazy dance & reunite to have fun . Enjoy the crazy moves & have a gang signature dance & theme whatever you like . Just party and be yourselves .

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Hope you guys have the best friendship day ever & my all wishes for your friendships to last forever . I hope I gave some good ideas to make the day memorable forever . I would love to know which one of these you are going to try out !! #excited #happyfriendshipday to you all 🙂


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Thanks for reading , in the end I would just say that , stay the beautiful you , take care of yourself  and your loved one’s , plus be the real you because you are one of a kind .
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Thanks a bunch , Keep rocking 🙂


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