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Getting rid of blackheads isn’t easy , we all agree to it . Well, I myself have been struggling with how to remove blackheads, that too fast , as the bumpy black marks on nose or face or anywhere on skin doesn’t look good at all . I tried DIYs like How to Remove Blackheads & “DIY” is truth or Myth ? although the glue hack worked but it irritated skin so much that soon within one week blackheads were back, I thought CTM or scrubs will help but no , nothing helped that much . I bought blackhead removing strips too that also weren’t that effective .

But now ,

It takes like 10-15 minutes and it’s all gone , I am blessed and delighted . It not only works but gives a smoother skin which I am fond of , and I feel that , I can guarantee you too can get rid of blackheads fast through this method . You can use this method for blackheads removal from nose , face or any part of body as they are common to appear wherever oil clogging is there in skin pores .

A little story time , how I found this method to remove blackhead ..

I used charcoal blackhead strips , well but whatever strip you are using for removing blackhead this remedy would work on it I think . I know I said strip didn’t worked for me, that’s true in a way if you do it without following the procedure it’s not gonna give you result then . Same happened with me . I bought strip , I washed face and used it directly on my nose as it was a charcoal one , so that has to be used on wet nose surface area . When I removed it only 60% of problem was gone & it came back soon again .

First thing I thought after that happened to me , that there’s no way to get rid of blackheads , anything is useless , I wasted money . Until I understood the problem deeply.

Blackheads are small ugly dark looking bumps that appear due to clogged hair follicles. Each follicle has sebaceous gland that produces oil & one hair . Dead skin cells & oils collect in opening of skin follicle , with skin over the bump is whitehead & when the skin on the bump opens , its air exposure makes it black & forms blackheads .

Causes of blackheads can be – too much production of body oil , bacteria on skin , piling up of dead skin cells , hormonal changes , irritation on skin, certain kind of pills , drugs etc

How to get rid of blackheads : The Method 

  1. First do cleansing of your face
  2. Use a thick cloth or small towel dip in warm water , bring it out & immediately place it on the area where blackhead is present for 3 minutes at least, let affected area be covered by it. Please keep the temperature of water the much your facial skin can take easily , don’t be too harsh or don’t use very hot water for the purpose .get_rid_of_blackheads
  3. Remove the cloth after 3 minutes and immediately put the blackhead strip on nose if it’s a charcoal blackhead strip or else , dry your nose as soon as possible & use the strip in general that you have, keep it for 5 minutes let it dry entirely & firm on your nose without any spaces or gaps .
  4. After 5 minutes then peel it off from your nose , and you would see clear , smoother & beautiful skin with no blackheads at all .


I think to get rid of blackheads its a 10-15 minutes long struggle but you will see blackheads removed so fast & as per me that’s a blessing.

Girls & guys after you try this method to remove blackhead & if you get rid of blackhead don’t forget to share with us your experience in comment section below .

Thanks for reading , in the end I would just say that , stay the beautiful you , take care of yourself  and your loved one’s , plus be the real you because you are one of a kind .
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