What is face primer , its uses & How to prime face for makeup?

Face primer , makeup primer , makeup base , preparing skin before makeup ask in whatever way ,we are talking here about the savior of skin & makeup . It really holds your makeup longer & also gives a smoother skin feel & look . You can go out only wearing a primer on a well prepared skin alone , if you are not feeling like doing a lot of makeup.

Let’s see more on it step by step ,
What is face primer and what is use of face primer ?

It’s the liquid based formula that makes face be prepared for smooth makeup application & makes your makeup last longer. It reduces the pores & fine lines visibility , it is also a good cosmetic for skincare in long run as well . It smoothens the face so as the makeup looks flawless. It holds the makeup for longer duration & it can enhance the look we strive to achieve with makeup making it look more organic .
Types of Primer

Majorly , I categorize primers in 2 categories :

  • Tinted or Transparent
  • Luminous or Matte

Tinted Primer is the one with slight color for color correctness included being a primer with it’s natural properties as I discussed before. If you have acne, marks , blemishes , fine lines anything like that you must consider using a tinted primer . This gives natural looking color correctness and nice coverage as well. This is lighter formula than foundation , plus it has skin care abilities too. Anyone having skin problems should have a tinted primer , after this you will need less foundation which ends up looking really natural light looking good coverage makeup .
Transparent Primer is the one with no color at all as the name suggests. If you are a person with no marks or skin problems you must use transparent primer . Its transparent makeup holding good base that has natural looking finish & no color at all .
Luminous Primer , now this is kind of primer which is sheer & glowing . This even shines through your foundation to give a really nice kind of naturally glowing skin look to your face. This is hydrating primer with a glowing shine on skin finish . This kind of primer is suggested to people with dry skin as it will add life, it will smooth out the skin , hydrate the skin & add glow to the skin & gives a shiny satin finish to the makeup as well .
Matte Primer is the kind of primer that has no shine at all is actually cancels the oils effect or extra shines you don’t want to come through. This is recommended to oily skin people who tend to get sweaty makeup in a while so you must get your hands on this primer. Even a trick to remove sweat after makeup during the course of day is you can apply this on the areas you wish to be matte specially.

Now these where two major categories , you can get luminous finish with tint or non tinted & even matte finish with or without tint all kind of primers are available so it’s entirely upon you to get a perfect match for yourself as per your skin type.
Are Primers available in various shade?

No , primer is available in one shade only majorly & it’s not even needed in multiple shades as it’s the base formula which has really less tint effect . You can add foundation later on as per your requirement. Where as the Gigi Hadid Maybelline Primer is in two shades which is a new concept having medium deep , light medium as offered shades .
How much primer to use ?

Always just take a pea size not more than that , if it gets more it can form cracks in your makeup, it can pile up at places making the makeup to crease , which we don’t want to happen so just a pea size of this product fairly distributed all over the face feels really light , smooth & perfect looking.
Which is better to apply primer ? Brush, Beauty Blender or Fingers ?


You would majorly see all the makeup artists even apply primer by hand the reason is very important. Take the tiny amount of primer on your finger tips, rub it amid of your fingers then directly apply to face by fingers in soft going upward motion so that it gets well settled on your skin & stay for a longer duration of time.
How to prime face for makeup ?

The step by step method to apply primer like a professional makeup artist skin prep way–

  1. Cleanse – First it’s important to remove the dirt or dead skin from your face to create smooth & hydrated canvas . So cleanse your face with cleansing milk & wipe it off with the help of cotton pads , cotton balls or raw cotton just as you like or even soft cloth with no much pressure applied on face is what we want .
  2. Moisturize – After cleansing your face apply a very thin layer of toner or hydrating gel , I am saying a thin layer to rescue your skin from getting a oily look , let this hydrating gel or toner dry entirely for like 2-3 minutes . After it dries , apply your regular moisturizer as well, but again a very thin layer with light hands all over the face . Just run your hands really fast all over the face to have only a thin layer applied .
  3. Apply Primer – Now comes the master stroke in preparing skin for makeup , take pea size product of primer rub it between your fingers for a while making it get warm & then fairly distribute with light hands all over your face . Now , why warming up the primer is important is to make it settle on the skin really nicely , so that it can stay for longer duration of time & seems like the natural skin itself but really smooth .

Here’s my some best primers , I saw that you can try out –

Transparent & Matte Primer


Tinted and luminous


Similarly , you can just search on amazon or nykaa for primers by finish & see if it has tint or not . But for all the ladies & girls a primer is must for you, don’t miss out on it. There is also a new concept of primer with foundation offered by Maybelline & Faces , they are also nice but again as being the blend of two the formulas , the product is light weight so its not for those who want a lot of coverage .

Substitute for primer or home made primer ?

Well , yes you can use aloe vera gel as primer for normal days , when you don’t want to be very highly presentable. I myself used aloe vera gel as a primer for a long time but when I feel like going out for parties events , like any important place & I want my makeup on point , that moment I definitely prefer the professional primer products available in market for the purpose. Where as home made primer is something I don’t believe at all on , as it can’t be as perfecting at all times . So, I would recommend professional priming products for the purpose.


Hope I helped you to know some tricks, tips & all about primers. Now, you know if you want a professional looking makeup, a primer is super important where as in addition it can do skincare in long run by making a layer between your makeup & real skin, long staying of makeup & it also makes your face look smoother with healthier looking skin as well.

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