Elixir Acne Serum Review (Natural Acne Serum Honest Review)

I got this Elixir acne serum with april edition of beauty box called My Envy Box . So this I am doing this elixir acne serum review after using it since 3 months . It’s a natural acne serum honest review with all the facts and details . I hope after reading this blog you won’t look any further for any information about this serum . 

Let’s get started , 

Product Description –


Product name –  Elixir Shop Acne Serum (Pure , Natural , Ayurvedic)

QuantityIt comes in two quantities 5ml size & 15 ml size serum. The above picture attached is of the Elixir acne serum is a 15 ml size product that I have . 

Product PriceIt costs 500 for 5ml & 700 for 15ml product size. Where as , the price is later reduced to 375 Rs for 5 ml sized product & 525 Rs. for 15ml sized product . 

Country of originIt’s made in India .

Kind –  Natural acne serum . Ayurvedic formula. 

Brand  – I would say the brand Elixir Shop works as it’s tagline , pure , handblended & natural. They have skin care , hair care & pure oils range . Its a quality product delivering company . In their website you can see even regimes suggested with products and you will find gifting section as well which makes the browsing easily . There is an offer section as well which will tell you all running discounts and offers so the website & brand is awesome as per me as I love organic products & companies which deliver quality products .  

IngredientsThe key ingredients of this acne serum are coconut oil , tea tree , geranium

Benefits of coconut oil for face

  1. Great natural moisturizer for the face .
  2. It deep cleanses the skin , it softens the keratin caps and makes exfoliation much easier . It seep into hair follicles, dissolve the hardened sebum & bring it up to the skin surface.
  3. It acts as an antibacterial shield .
  4. It tackles the fungal infections .
  5. It protects from sunburn .
  6. Reduces facial wrinkles.
  7. Prevents premature aging.

Benefits of tea tree for face

  1. Treats inflamed swelling as tea tree has anti bacterial properties.
  2. Treats acne prone skin.
  3. Soothe chicken pox.
  4. Treats any redness, marks or dry patches .

Benefits of geranium for face – 

  1. Treats acne & heals various skin disorders .
  2. Prevents scars.
  3. Minimize wrinkles.
  4. Gives glowing skin.

Directions given in packaging – Put a few drops of the elixir acne serum on a cotton bud and apply on the acne spots. Use 2-3 times a day . Wait for 1 minute before using any other product.

Product expiry  – Best before 2 years .


My Experience:-

Packaging The packaging is awesome , although in directions they have said to use the product only on the affected area by a cotton bud ,they have also given a separate dropper with the product as well . The golden dropper looks lush . The product is just perfect to keep along with you entire day. Even the full sized 15 ml product can also fit easily into any small purse . No spilling of product , no damage packaging . Just perfect .


SmellIt smells wonderful. Seriously the smell alone makes you happy about this product 60% . I love the smell & even I got complements by my mom about its smell while I had applied this on my face. So people around you also will get fond of the smell it gives.

Feeling –  I apply it post cleansing my face or after a good face wash . It feels really nourishing & pampering to the skin . It does gets absorbed really nicely in the skin. Feels nice for 30 minutes & then you will start feeling oily.

Work-abilityThe biggest purpose of buying this elixir acne serum is to get rid of acne , on which as per my personal experience says differently . Its good to repair damaged skin , get rid of some dark spots on face eventually , smooth-ens out skin & nourish it but, if you apply this on active acne so that you get rid of acne it doesn’t helps as per me . I applied twice on my acne till two days but I didn’t felt a lot of difference in it rather I followed my way to do it which I mentioned in this blog – Acne Treatment , Acne causes & Does Home Remedies work?  and that works for me magically within few days only when done regularly.

Affordability –  Before it was expensive but now when I saw the updated prices 375 & 525 Rs. it seems just right to buy it .

Why to buy ?Well doesn’t removes active acne but definitely a good skin repairing serum I alternatively apply this elixir serum and vitamin C serum . It just improves my skin & gives the essential nourishment which the skin need.

Texture – Non – sticky , easily absorbing in skin , smooth and thin consistency .

When to use ? – After cleansing your face or just after the face wash is the perfect time to apply . It is better to apply it in evening as it relaxes the skin and you want to keep it on for a while so evening or before sleep will be good . But as I always say don’t keep anything applied on face and sleep so make sure you wash it off with a good mild face wash again before sleep . 

How I use ? – I apply this once in a day , I have two serums so one day I use vitamin C serum the other day I use Elixir acne serum . If you buy only elixir acne serum to use you can apply this once daily . I take serum with the help of dropper on my hand , rub it a bit to make product warm so that it seeps in skin even better and I apply this gently with the help of my fingers all over my face. 


Who can use? – Its not gender specific all can use this . 

How much to use ? – Just two to three drops of quantity is perfect to use . 

How often to use ? – As I mentioned once in a day will be just right . 

How long to keep ? – Keep this for 30-60 minutes max . The people with dry skin can keep for an hour , the people with oily skin can keep for 30 minutes only that will be enough . The people with combination skin should keep it for 40-45 minutes that’s just right for them .  


Rating – 4 out of 5 . 

Verdict about elixir acne serum- Definitely buy this to nourish and improve your skin , for getting glow to skin & remove marks from skin but it doesn’t works for active acne reduction . 

So I hope this elixir acne serum review solved all your queries about this product . Do ask here in comment section if you have any more query on this & let me know if you are you going to buy this , don’t forget to share your experiences and recommendations with serums . I would love to hear from you. 

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Thanks for reading , in the end I would just say that , stay the beautiful you , do take care of yourself  and your loved one’s , plus be the real you because you are one of a kind .
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