Hello from the other side 🙂

I am Sonal , Founder & Editor behind ST Ways . Well I define myself as a rainbow person because yes , I am a Fashion , Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger but I am also a Comedy Youtuber . Yeah , I am a mix of both beauty & brains :p


Since childhood I had an inclination towards fashion & acting . All of a sudden in MBA 3rd semester , a lot of pimples came all over my face , horrible was the right word for me at that time, the situation became so bad that I went for some beauty treatment for a friend of mine , the dermatologist rather suggested me to get my skin treated medically . Taking it seriously from there , I started taking good care of my skin & health all together.

So , my knowledge & interest on skincare & makeup grew from that time . As I mentioned fashion was something I was always be interested in & more after reducing weight as I was a really healthy girl until 10th standard . This fashion thing came to me from my mom , so all my love for clothing & style goes to my mom . Where as in lifestyle , all I can share is whatever useful about life , decor & living I come across .

Last thing to address is, me being a comedy youtuber . Well , to keep myself creative ,  alive ,cracking & kicking I have shifted my youtube content to comedy which I myself enjoy a whole lot . Variety of characters , punches , dialogues , a lot .. a lot of things I learn & enjoy during creating my comedy youtube videos .  So if you know Hindi language , come over to my crazy channel as ST Ways on youtube to enjoy my journey as well .


This blog will give you a weekly dose of Fashion , Beauty & Lifestyle for men & women both.

Runway fashion you can google & look , but my taste of fashion is what real people can wear & be comfortable in as well . Sharing some actually working skincare & some useful makeup tricks . Sharing some positive , pretty , inspiring , motivating & brain storming thoughts at times as well .

Thank you so much for stopping by & giving so much of your special time to me .

Huge hugs, to all my rainbow people . This is ST Ways signing off , do take really good care of yourself because you are one of a kind.

Keep smiling 🙂

Lots #love💕