Simple Skincare Routine

Believe it or not , skincare is something that everyone wants to do , all of us search it on internet and we all want glowing , fresh & healthy skin but unfortunately , most people loose enthusiasm while actually practically doing it for oneself .

So , to tackle this problem we are boiling down long self care routine to simple skincare routine that we can do on the go , so let’s just jump into it .

  1. When you wake up – Take good organic aloe vera gel in your hands and spread it on your palms , after that pat it nicely on your face , covering entire facial skin . This will nourish your skin naturally and also make it glow . You can use it as moisturizer for the skin .  Always whenever you feel skin is dry apply this for glowy moisture . This is simplest but most natural & nourishing part of simple skincare routine . I personally use patanjali aloe vera gel but not the saundarya patanjali aloe vera gel , the one I use I have attached below . Also,  I am soon willing to try urban botanics aloe vera gel as its also pure and organic . simple_skincare_routinesimple_skincare_routine
    simple_skincare_routineSuggested – Patanjali aloe Vera gel [8 tips and benefits how to use it]
  2. When in kitchen – Take out some lemon juice in your hand and pat it on your face , massage gently, after 5-8 minutes , rinse it with water , this will remove all impurities , dead skin and will boost collagen which will again boost glowing skin in the long run . Caution , if it irritates your skin , then understand applying lemon juice on your skin is not for you. If this suits you do this once in a day , recommended time to do this simple skincare routine with lemon is after coming back from work to home, as this will remove all kinds of dust and bacteria from your skin . simple_skincare_routine
  3. Serum & Face Elixir – Serums & face elixirs are your best friends , easy to apply and great to get absorbed in the skin soon making skincare super simple . Retinol , Vitamin C , Jojoba oil , Tea tree are some great ingredients you must look for , always see if whatever products you buy for skin it should not have any amount of alcohol as it dries your skin in long run . Apply any one or two serums as you like depending on your mood , I personally apply two . Applying serums on a clean dust free skin is recommended. I regularly use vitamin C & retinol serum .  Suggested – Acne Treatment , Acne causes & Does Home Remedies work?simple_skincare_routinesimple_skincare_routine
  4. Cold water or Ice – Best age defying simple skincare routine is splash ice cold water or apply ice cubes . Take 5 minutes out at any time , have some ice cold water and splash your face 2-3 times continuously with it or use ice cubes wrapped in thin cotton cloth,  apply it all over your face for tightening your skin and reducing pores on the skin . This should be done at least once in a day and maximum twice in a day , preferably early morning or just before sleeping . simple_skincare_routine
  5. Eye Cream – I realized importance of eye cream quite late , but as under eye skin is 6 times thinner than your usual facial skin you must take care of it,. Ageing signs come first of all on your under eye area and later to the rest of face . So applying eye cream before sleeping  is a must . This is hands down , my mother’s & my favorite eye cream we some times apply it all over our face . Natural , so nourishing & not at all greasy , this under eye cream is love and yes , I buy this pack of 3 for me and my mom both , as it gives me a cheaper deal then rather than buying each individually . simple_skincare_routine

Do all these simple 6 things for simple skincare routine everyday & you will definitely see a difference in your skin .

Steps in flow I would recommend will be –

  1. After waking up splash ice cold water on face .
  2. Apply aloe vera gel and over that apply sunscreen .
  3. After you get back home , if lemon juice doesn’t irritates your skin, pat it on your face and rinse with normal water , then pat dry it .
  4. Again splash some ice cold water to tighten up the skin.
  5. Now apply serums & face elixirs that you have .
  6. Apply aloe vera gel again all over the face & at last now apply thick layer of under eye cream .

For the people to whom lemon is irritating the skin , you have to use cleansing milk for cleaning skin regularly and a good fine particle scrub twice a week , to rescue your skin from clogging & support the skin to turn over .

Hope this simple skincare routine was helpful , I too started my skincare journey with these simple steps and now I have a good skincare knowledge and routines for which I push myself , I have made it a compulsion n me that I would not sleep without doing my entire skincare routine . But even if you follow these simple steps you will see a very significant positive change in your skin .

The early you start, the better the skin will be in long run . Saying this, I would like to take leave now , if you want us to provide article on any other specific topic related to skincare , fashion or lifestyle write to us in the comments section below . Glad to have you and your time , Thanks for stopping by .

Do take really good care of yourself because you are one of a kind . See you soon !!

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Elixir Acne Serum Review (Natural Acne Serum Honest Review)

I got this Elixir acne serum with april edition of beauty box called My Envy Box . So this I am doing this elixir acne serum review after using it since 3 months . It’s a natural acne serum honest review with all the facts and details . I hope after reading this blog you won’t look any further for any information about this serum . 

Let’s get started , 

Product Description –


Product name –  Elixir Shop Acne Serum (Pure , Natural , Ayurvedic)

QuantityIt comes in two quantities 5ml size & 15 ml size serum. The above picture attached is of the Elixir acne serum is a 15 ml size product that I have . 

Product PriceIt costs 500 for 5ml & 700 for 15ml product size. Where as , the price is later reduced to 375 Rs for 5 ml sized product & 525 Rs. for 15ml sized product . 

Country of originIt’s made in India .

Kind –  Natural acne serum . Ayurvedic formula. 

Brand  – I would say the brand Elixir Shop works as it’s tagline , pure , handblended & natural. They have skin care , hair care & pure oils range . Its a quality product delivering company . In their website you can see even regimes suggested with products and you will find gifting section as well which makes the browsing easily . There is an offer section as well which will tell you all running discounts and offers so the website & brand is awesome as per me as I love organic products & companies which deliver quality products .  

IngredientsThe key ingredients of this acne serum are coconut oil , tea tree , geranium

Benefits of coconut oil for face

  1. Great natural moisturizer for the face .
  2. It deep cleanses the skin , it softens the keratin caps and makes exfoliation much easier . It seep into hair follicles, dissolve the hardened sebum & bring it up to the skin surface.
  3. It acts as an antibacterial shield .
  4. It tackles the fungal infections .
  5. It protects from sunburn .
  6. Reduces facial wrinkles.
  7. Prevents premature aging.

Benefits of tea tree for face

  1. Treats inflamed swelling as tea tree has anti bacterial properties.
  2. Treats acne prone skin.
  3. Soothe chicken pox.
  4. Treats any redness, marks or dry patches .

Benefits of geranium for face – 

  1. Treats acne & heals various skin disorders .
  2. Prevents scars.
  3. Minimize wrinkles.
  4. Gives glowing skin.

Directions given in packaging – Put a few drops of the elixir acne serum on a cotton bud and apply on the acne spots. Use 2-3 times a day . Wait for 1 minute before using any other product.

Product expiry  – Best before 2 years .


My Experience:-

Packaging The packaging is awesome , although in directions they have said to use the product only on the affected area by a cotton bud ,they have also given a separate dropper with the product as well . The golden dropper looks lush . The product is just perfect to keep along with you entire day. Even the full sized 15 ml product can also fit easily into any small purse . No spilling of product , no damage packaging . Just perfect .


SmellIt smells wonderful. Seriously the smell alone makes you happy about this product 60% . I love the smell & even I got complements by my mom about its smell while I had applied this on my face. So people around you also will get fond of the smell it gives.

Feeling –  I apply it post cleansing my face or after a good face wash . It feels really nourishing & pampering to the skin . It does gets absorbed really nicely in the skin. Feels nice for 30 minutes & then you will start feeling oily.

Work-abilityThe biggest purpose of buying this elixir acne serum is to get rid of acne , on which as per my personal experience says differently . Its good to repair damaged skin , get rid of some dark spots on face eventually , smooth-ens out skin & nourish it but, if you apply this on active acne so that you get rid of acne it doesn’t helps as per me . I applied twice on my acne till two days but I didn’t felt a lot of difference in it rather I followed my way to do it which I mentioned in this blog – Acne Treatment , Acne causes & Does Home Remedies work?  and that works for me magically within few days only when done regularly.

Affordability –  Before it was expensive but now when I saw the updated prices 375 & 525 Rs. it seems just right to buy it .

Why to buy ?Well doesn’t removes active acne but definitely a good skin repairing serum I alternatively apply this elixir serum and vitamin C serum . It just improves my skin & gives the essential nourishment which the skin need.

Texture – Non – sticky , easily absorbing in skin , smooth and thin consistency .

When to use ? – After cleansing your face or just after the face wash is the perfect time to apply . It is better to apply it in evening as it relaxes the skin and you want to keep it on for a while so evening or before sleep will be good . But as I always say don’t keep anything applied on face and sleep so make sure you wash it off with a good mild face wash again before sleep . 

How I use ? – I apply this once in a day , I have two serums so one day I use vitamin C serum the other day I use Elixir acne serum . If you buy only elixir acne serum to use you can apply this once daily . I take serum with the help of dropper on my hand , rub it a bit to make product warm so that it seeps in skin even better and I apply this gently with the help of my fingers all over my face. 


Who can use? – Its not gender specific all can use this . 

How much to use ? – Just two to three drops of quantity is perfect to use . 

How often to use ? – As I mentioned once in a day will be just right . 

How long to keep ? – Keep this for 30-60 minutes max . The people with dry skin can keep for an hour , the people with oily skin can keep for 30 minutes only that will be enough . The people with combination skin should keep it for 40-45 minutes that’s just right for them .  


Rating – 4 out of 5 . 

Verdict about elixir acne serum- Definitely buy this to nourish and improve your skin , for getting glow to skin & remove marks from skin but it doesn’t works for active acne reduction . 

So I hope this elixir acne serum review solved all your queries about this product . Do ask here in comment section if you have any more query on this & let me know if you are you going to buy this , don’t forget to share your experiences and recommendations with serums . I would love to hear from you. 

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Thanks for reading , in the end I would just say that , stay the beautiful you , do take care of yourself  and your loved one’s , plus be the real you because you are one of a kind .
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What is face primer , its uses & How to prime face for makeup?

Face primer , makeup primer , makeup base , preparing skin before makeup ask in whatever way ,we are talking here about the savior of skin & makeup . It really holds your makeup longer & also gives a smoother skin feel & look . You can go out only wearing a primer on a well prepared skin alone , if you are not feeling like doing a lot of makeup.

Let’s see more on it step by step ,
What is face primer and what is use of face primer ?

It’s the liquid based formula that makes face be prepared for smooth makeup application & makes your makeup last longer. It reduces the pores & fine lines visibility , it is also a good cosmetic for skincare in long run as well . It smoothens the face so as the makeup looks flawless. It holds the makeup for longer duration & it can enhance the look we strive to achieve with makeup making it look more organic .
Types of Primer

Majorly , I categorize primers in 2 categories :

  • Tinted or Transparent
  • Luminous or Matte

Tinted Primer is the one with slight color for color correctness included being a primer with it’s natural properties as I discussed before. If you have acne, marks , blemishes , fine lines anything like that you must consider using a tinted primer . This gives natural looking color correctness and nice coverage as well. This is lighter formula than foundation , plus it has skin care abilities too. Anyone having skin problems should have a tinted primer , after this you will need less foundation which ends up looking really natural light looking good coverage makeup .
Transparent Primer is the one with no color at all as the name suggests. If you are a person with no marks or skin problems you must use transparent primer . Its transparent makeup holding good base that has natural looking finish & no color at all .
Luminous Primer , now this is kind of primer which is sheer & glowing . This even shines through your foundation to give a really nice kind of naturally glowing skin look to your face. This is hydrating primer with a glowing shine on skin finish . This kind of primer is suggested to people with dry skin as it will add life, it will smooth out the skin , hydrate the skin & add glow to the skin & gives a shiny satin finish to the makeup as well .
Matte Primer is the kind of primer that has no shine at all is actually cancels the oils effect or extra shines you don’t want to come through. This is recommended to oily skin people who tend to get sweaty makeup in a while so you must get your hands on this primer. Even a trick to remove sweat after makeup during the course of day is you can apply this on the areas you wish to be matte specially.

Now these where two major categories , you can get luminous finish with tint or non tinted & even matte finish with or without tint all kind of primers are available so it’s entirely upon you to get a perfect match for yourself as per your skin type.
Are Primers available in various shade?

No , primer is available in one shade only majorly & it’s not even needed in multiple shades as it’s the base formula which has really less tint effect . You can add foundation later on as per your requirement. Where as the Gigi Hadid Maybelline Primer is in two shades which is a new concept having medium deep , light medium as offered shades .
How much primer to use ?

Always just take a pea size not more than that , if it gets more it can form cracks in your makeup, it can pile up at places making the makeup to crease , which we don’t want to happen so just a pea size of this product fairly distributed all over the face feels really light , smooth & perfect looking.
Which is better to apply primer ? Brush, Beauty Blender or Fingers ?


You would majorly see all the makeup artists even apply primer by hand the reason is very important. Take the tiny amount of primer on your finger tips, rub it amid of your fingers then directly apply to face by fingers in soft going upward motion so that it gets well settled on your skin & stay for a longer duration of time.
How to prime face for makeup ?

The step by step method to apply primer like a professional makeup artist skin prep way–

  1. Cleanse – First it’s important to remove the dirt or dead skin from your face to create smooth & hydrated canvas . So cleanse your face with cleansing milk & wipe it off with the help of cotton pads , cotton balls or raw cotton just as you like or even soft cloth with no much pressure applied on face is what we want .
  2. Moisturize – After cleansing your face apply a very thin layer of toner or hydrating gel , I am saying a thin layer to rescue your skin from getting a oily look , let this hydrating gel or toner dry entirely for like 2-3 minutes . After it dries , apply your regular moisturizer as well, but again a very thin layer with light hands all over the face . Just run your hands really fast all over the face to have only a thin layer applied .
  3. Apply Primer – Now comes the master stroke in preparing skin for makeup , take pea size product of primer rub it between your fingers for a while making it get warm & then fairly distribute with light hands all over your face . Now , why warming up the primer is important is to make it settle on the skin really nicely , so that it can stay for longer duration of time & seems like the natural skin itself but really smooth .

Here’s my some best primers , I saw that you can try out –

Transparent & Matte Primer


Tinted and luminous


Similarly , you can just search on amazon or nykaa for primers by finish & see if it has tint or not . But for all the ladies & girls a primer is must for you, don’t miss out on it. There is also a new concept of primer with foundation offered by Maybelline & Faces , they are also nice but again as being the blend of two the formulas , the product is light weight so its not for those who want a lot of coverage .

Substitute for primer or home made primer ?

Well , yes you can use aloe vera gel as primer for normal days , when you don’t want to be very highly presentable. I myself used aloe vera gel as a primer for a long time but when I feel like going out for parties events , like any important place & I want my makeup on point , that moment I definitely prefer the professional primer products available in market for the purpose. Where as home made primer is something I don’t believe at all on , as it can’t be as perfecting at all times . So, I would recommend professional priming products for the purpose.


Hope I helped you to know some tricks, tips & all about primers. Now, you know if you want a professional looking makeup, a primer is super important where as in addition it can do skincare in long run by making a layer between your makeup & real skin, long staying of makeup & it also makes your face look smoother with healthier looking skin as well.

Guaranteed way to get rid of blackheads fast | ST Ways

Getting rid of blackheads isn’t easy , we all agree to it . Well, I myself have been struggling with how to remove blackheads, that too fast , as the bumpy black marks on nose or face or anywhere on skin doesn’t look good at all . I tried DIYs like How to Remove Blackheads & “DIY” is truth or Myth ? although the glue hack worked but it irritated skin so much that soon within one week blackheads were back, I thought CTM or scrubs will help but no , nothing helped that much . I bought blackhead removing strips too that also weren’t that effective .

But now ,

It takes like 10-15 minutes and it’s all gone , I am blessed and delighted . It not only works but gives a smoother skin which I am fond of , and I feel that , I can guarantee you too can get rid of blackheads fast through this method . You can use this method for blackheads removal from nose , face or any part of body as they are common to appear wherever oil clogging is there in skin pores .

A little story time , how I found this method to remove blackhead ..

I used charcoal blackhead strips , well but whatever strip you are using for removing blackhead this remedy would work on it I think . I know I said strip didn’t worked for me, that’s true in a way if you do it without following the procedure it’s not gonna give you result then . Same happened with me . I bought strip , I washed face and used it directly on my nose as it was a charcoal one , so that has to be used on wet nose surface area . When I removed it only 60% of problem was gone & it came back soon again .

First thing I thought after that happened to me , that there’s no way to get rid of blackheads , anything is useless , I wasted money . Until I understood the problem deeply.

Blackheads are small ugly dark looking bumps that appear due to clogged hair follicles. Each follicle has sebaceous gland that produces oil & one hair . Dead skin cells & oils collect in opening of skin follicle , with skin over the bump is whitehead & when the skin on the bump opens , its air exposure makes it black & forms blackheads .

Causes of blackheads can be – too much production of body oil , bacteria on skin , piling up of dead skin cells , hormonal changes , irritation on skin, certain kind of pills , drugs etc

How to get rid of blackheads : The Method 

  1. First do cleansing of your face
  2. Use a thick cloth or small towel dip in warm water , bring it out & immediately place it on the area where blackhead is present for 3 minutes at least, let affected area be covered by it. Please keep the temperature of water the much your facial skin can take easily , don’t be too harsh or don’t use very hot water for the purpose .get_rid_of_blackheads
  3. Remove the cloth after 3 minutes and immediately put the blackhead strip on nose if it’s a charcoal blackhead strip or else , dry your nose as soon as possible & use the strip in general that you have, keep it for 5 minutes let it dry entirely & firm on your nose without any spaces or gaps .
  4. After 5 minutes then peel it off from your nose , and you would see clear , smoother & beautiful skin with no blackheads at all .


I think to get rid of blackheads its a 10-15 minutes long struggle but you will see blackheads removed so fast & as per me that’s a blessing.

Girls & guys after you try this method to remove blackhead & if you get rid of blackhead don’t forget to share with us your experience in comment section below .

Thanks for reading , in the end I would just say that , stay the beautiful you , take care of yourself  and your loved one’s , plus be the real you because you are one of a kind .
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My Envy Box April 2018- Review after using products

So, this is my review about My Envy Box April 2018 after using it .

Lets dive directly into details ,

My Envy Box April 2018

Again the packing was lovely, bright and beautiful . This time it has 5 products & lovely luxury at affordable priced beauty box. It is especially designed keeping the season in mind & beauty needs . The body mist , hydrating face gel , acne serum to fight pimple marks , summer easy to carry & hydrating lipstick , a herbal face pack . Fabulous.

My Envy Box April 2018 looks like this …


The product sheet which tells what we got in My Envy Box April 2018 looks like this,



Now let’s talk about the products in My Envy Box April 2018 ,


This is my most favorite product in this entire box , the fragrance is heavenly just wow !! Although this has a bit of alcohol in its ingredient list so I would recommend use in only special occasion , as alcohol dries up the skin a little . But the fragrance is as irresistible as promised in the description given in the product sheet . The fragrance I got was showstopper & I am sure this will definitely soothing , feminine that will set me apart . Loved this product . Super thumbs up to this . The mist is of 150 ml so it will last me for 2-3 months easily .


This has red wine , aloe vera gel as main ingredients & much more great ingredients are there which are great . It looks red gel & it claims to provide intensive hydration while you sleep to look well rested when you wake up . Well I tried this , the smell is very strong so I would recommend to not use it near to eyes area . I got a bit tears in eyes due to strong smell . The product has no tint , its great as its not sticky , it vanishes and absorbs in skin after a while. Gives good hydration, its good . I always recommend not to sleep with a product on your face , I would still say the same but you can use this to hydrate your face & relax while you are at home . The product is 30 ml it will last till a month nicely.



The main ingredients of this serum is coconut oil , tea tree oil & geranium oil . In summer we all battle with acne , pimples & stuff so here it is , My Envy Box April 2018 is giving you a serum to battle it up . Caution is , really use it on acne marks only as its really powerful & for rest of your face it can be hard to handle if there is no acne don’t apply this . You have to apply this 2-3 times a day on the acne mark & I hope it will work . I don’t have acne right now so I am keeping it for future usage . The product is of 15 ml & definitely can go a month or more for people who will use it regularly on acne marks .


Lovely is the word I wanna say for this , the shade I got was burnout dust . Perfect for everyday wear , nude matte lipstick having argan oil is superb . There are very less lipsticks which are matte & are hydrating at the same time . This one is just perfect to head out in summer . It is of 4.2 gms can go for a very long time like 2-3 months even if I use it regularly.


The ingredients are like multani mitti , orange , sandal wood & much more goodness stuffed inside . It promises to have natural ingredients , which will give you glowing & healthy skin when used regularly . I agree to both the things . A good face pack to use & have . This is of 40 gms which can go like a month even if once applied every day in right quantities .

How to use all the products is mentioned on the product packaging itself & all brands and products are of high quality & luxurious . One must try My Envy Box April 2018 , to do that you can go to to get your own beauty box .

Have great summer & awesome time.

Thanks for reading . I would love to stay in connection with you , comment below with suggestions and experiences . And do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel & hit the bell icon .

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How to Remove Dark Circles (Fast) : Dark Circles Removal Remedies

Hi , guys so today’s blog is all about a common problem of all of us , dark circles & how to remove dark circles . We are going to talk to the point & no much story , long run short . Before understanding how to remove dark circles we must see a snapshot of reasons.

Which can occur due to any of following reasons :-

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Rubbing under eye area too much
  3. Doing a lot of exercise & drinking less water
  4. Dehydrated body again less in take of water
  5. You are suffering from illness , had fever etc
  6. Aging
  7. Sun damage
  8. Genetically transferred problem
  9. Neglecting skin care
  10. watching screens in dim light or dark room which stress your eyes
  11. Stress & tensions
  12. Long working hours , much watching TV or Screens of laptop or mobile

Much more reasons can be there ,so how to get rid of it

Well now lets see remedies & how to remove dark circles ,

  1. Sleep – Proper 8 hours sleep , comfortable & relaxing one will definitely show you fabulous improvements soon . Best way to remove dark circles.
  2. Eat well – Eating things that contain vitamin K like broccoli , sprouts , green leafy veggies would help a lot. Vitamin K helps with blood coagulation & circulation , so eating food which are vitamin K friendly would lighten your dark circles & beautify skin . Definitely slow but significant change you will see to remove dark circles .
  3. Water – Drinking 3-4 liters of water each day is essential where as if you are exercising then, increase the water in take to as per your workout & body needs . Never let your body starve without water.
  4. Hydrating under eye cream , eye patches , hydrating face masks – These things made by natural product making companies that let you have chemical free naturally made , eye creams , eye patches , hydrating face masks that has vitamin K & A for sure can help you a bunch with this process . Everyday showering love to your skin to to remove dark circles is essential .
  5. Aloe vera gel – Pure aloe vera gel is the best hydrating stuff for your skin , doesn’t feel greasy also fades away in a while , you can use it all over your face & apply under eye area too .
  6. Don’t pressurize – Removing your makeup , applying creams , moisturizers if you pressurize the area below your eyes , I must tell you its 6 times thinner area then rest of your face skin so treat it like baby skin . Thus its always said never apply any chemical based area under your eyes .
  7. Home remedies – Potato paste (natural bleaching agent) , cucumber paste ( natural hydrating agent ) , aloe vera ( Natural hydrating agent) , Honey (natural skin conditioner) all these you can do separately once in a while whenever you get time & resources to make these , have these & apply on your under eye area . I am not saying to mix these all , just use whatever you have , keep whatever thing you are going to use 15 minutes in refrigerator then apply on your dark circles , leave for 15 minutes feel the cool soothing effect & wash off . You will its effects in short term & its magical ability to to remove dark circles.
  8. Green tea bag remedy – I have seen a few people doing it online , just buy a green tea bag let it soak in warm water for a while , bring it out keep in refrigerator for 15 minutes , then place them over your eyes , relax a little till 15-20minutes gradually you will notice improvements .
  9. DIY eye serum – Licorice commonly known as Mulethi in India . Use licorice extracts serum mix with aloe vera gel & add the liquid of vitamin K capsule in it . Mix all well . Keep it for good long hours I hope this might help you as well , in case you are not willing to buy any eye cream or serum .
  10. Reach dermatologist – No any DIY work for you , tried all stuff but it’s showing no difference , my friend you need a professional look out . May be there is some internal problem you aren’t understanding . Just take the right professional advice in time .
  11. Sunglasses & sun block – To protect yourself from sun damage don’t forget to put on sunglasses to cover your eyes nicely , these days even prescription glasses can also be made in sunglasses frame . Use sun block with SPF at least 30+ to save your skin from harmful UV rays to be ultra protected stay SPF 50+ .

I hope I helped & now this question is solved & you found all the recommendations you were looking for to remove dark circles . Thanks for reading . We would love to stay in connection with you , comment below with suggestions and experiences . And do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel & hit the bell icon .

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This blog of dry Skin Treatment & care deal with dry skin of  guys and girls both , as the products & methods are not at all gender specific but they are dry skin specific , so kindly everyone consider this to be working to help you if you are facing dry skin problem .

I have a combination skin but Yes I am telling dry skin treatment because I feel the best of both worlds . In beginning of summer & high points of winter I have drier skin whereas during high summer I have a lot of oily skin & during spring & calm climate I have my very own combination skin . So I can definitely help you with right recommendations . If you too want such beautiful products you just have to click the pictures and buy right away .

So the Dry Skin Treatment & care tips are below , lets check them out

  1. Check now if you are using any product that has alcohol in it, leave it immediately. Alcohol applied , by any product on your skin makes it more drying.
  2. Drink a lot of water . Water hydrates your skin, makes your skin glowing , smooth , soft & helps in getting rid of toxins from your body as well . At least drink 3-4 liters of water to keep your skin hydrated .
  3. Use mild face wash & body shower gel or soap , don’t use face wash or products having high neem or lemon , use mild face wash like I found Biotique face wash to be really mild and soft on skin , in soap I found dove to be gentle on skin , but never use bar soaps on face that’s very essential. Cucumber , aloe vera , milk are ingredients which would make your skin feel loved if they are in the products you use .
  4. Long staying moisturizers – Use the moisturizers that cover you for longer duration of time & save your skin from drying & keeps skin hydrated. Moisturizers are very important part of dry Skin Treatment & care.

  1. Aloe vera gel & sunscreen with SPF above 30 & as its maximum summer in India so have it 50+ SPF in your sunscreen, also there are few moisturizers that have good SPF in them. Where s aloe vera gel is for hydrating every now and then , it will feel like a thin later of water on your skin . Whereas sunscreen is for sun protection, improving skin health & taking a step towards anti aging very important for dry skin treatment & care.
  2. Bath tip – always take normal water or cold water to wash face or for bath , stay away from hot water . Mix a bit of pure coconut oil , pure castor oil or glycerin in water to build a moisturizing layer that body will immediately soak in. This was a no time taking remedy for dry skin treatment which shields your skin with moisture.
  3. Non greasy hydrating cream which is organic will improve your skin health & save your facial skin nicely .                                                                                                                          
  4. Don’t rub you skin only pat dry your skin with cotton towel , never rub or pressurize your skin at all .
  5. Stay natural – natural cleanser like multani mitti , natural glow face pack like turmeric ubtan will add glow and healthy love to your face . If you are lazy to apply multani mitti & ubtan daily use Himalaya cleanisng milk then aloe vera gel and then moisturize with some non greasy hydrating cream as suggested before. The more unnatural cosmetics usage the more drier it will be so stay natural is best way for dry skin treatment.

10 . Improve skin – Before sleep is the best time to have a long lasting care for your skin &  natural face packs such as honey + curd or honey + turmeric + gram floor + milk + (optional Sandalwood powder ) or if you are having a super duper  lazy day just apply honey keep it for 30 minutes and with cold water wash it off. Gradually you will notice a better skin which will be softer smoother skin . Everyday routine to upgrade skin type & do dry skin treatment .

Extra Tip –

Lips – To save your lips from drying and cracking , use organic hydrating balms for best results .

You can use normal lip balms as well which is kind of nice as well like Nevia lip balm , Maybelline baby lips transparent one but I personally love everything organic so thus I recommend that .

For anti aging, Vitamin E oil & Argan oil are good options to have & for dry skin treatment as well  .

I hope I helped & now this question is solved & you found all the products and recommendations you were looking for . Thanks for reading . Keep shoping & doing right for your health . We would love to stay in connection with you , comment below with suggestions and experiences . And do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel & hit the bell icon .

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Thanks again much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind. We will be back soon with great information for all .

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