Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Engagement Ceremony (Pictures and Details)

Internet is flooding with Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas engagement ceremony pictures. Mega bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and American singer Nick jonas had Roka or much known as engagement ceremony confirmed on 18th august 2018 (today) done in day time , she posted on Instagram herself saying”with all my heart and soul”. To this image on her account Nick Jonas left a reply as “wow congrats…He’s the luckiest guy in the world” with smiley and heart . Isn’t that too cute ??

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Taken.. With all my heart and soul..

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The similar picture is posted in Nick’s account by him with captioned “Future Mrs. Jonas. My hear . My love” So by all this Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have made it all official on instagram expressing love for each other .

This is what Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra both updated later to their Instagram handles

Nick captioned it as “Prayer , family and loved ones as the foundation to this new chapter.”

Where as Priyanka captioned it as “The only way to do this …. With Family and God. Thank you all for your wishes and blessings”

Their pictures and love is flowing all over Instagram 😍

They seemed all picture perfect couple . Priyanka is 36 years old & Nick is 24 years old but age never seemed a bar for this couple rather they are utmost adorable . Priyanka wore a Abujani Sandep Khosla Couture. The ceremony was entirely Indian . Nick Jonas’ parents were also spotted in Indian outfit & Salman khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma also attended this ceremony .
In evening a bash is also gonna happen where Nick will meet all Priyanka’s friends and family .

Today Anushka Sharma tweeted “Lots of love, immense joy and happiness to you both @priyankachopra @nickjonas … Here’s to starting the most beautiful journey of your lives”

Gigi Hadid also congratulated to Nick and Priyanka on Instagram whej Priyanka posted her picture .

Gigi Hadid wrote “So happy for you two.”

Hiritik Roshan wrote”Huge congratulations”

Laura Brown said “Welcome to the club”

Bipasha Basu wrote”Congratulations sweetheart.Have a beautiful life together forever”

Malika Arora Khan wished as “Congratulations girl”

Sophie Chaudhry wished as “They say love happens when you least expect it. So thrilled for one of my favourite girls Priyanka Chopra. You both look beautiful and so happy together. Stay blessed always, big love. P.S. He sure makes for a cute videshi desi boy.

Preity zinta wrote “Congratulations to my dear Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas on their new journey together. Wish you both loads of love, happiness and togetherness always. Ting.

Now let’s see the pictures 😍😍

Here are some clicks from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Engagement function which took place in Mumbai,Maharashtra, India.

Praying together,

Priyanka looked lovely desi glam in yellow , where as Nick looks just cutest & super handsome desi groom ever . He was just comfortable in white kurta payjama .

Priyanka was in flat glitter bellies & Nick was bare foot here , due to some rituals we guess .

Even the talking shots seemed so dreamy and lovely #adorable

The family picture ..

We welcome Priyanka Chopra into our family, says Paul Kevin Jonas Sr-

Nick Jonas’ father Paul Kevin Jonas Sr posted on Instagram , “So happy for the engagement of our son @nickjonas and we welcome @priyankachopra into our family with love and excitement.”

“I couldn’t be happier for my brother. Welcome to the family @priyankachopra We love you.” , says Joe Jonas on Instagram posting the same picture as Nick & Priyanka did .

One cutest wish came from Parineeti Chopra , cousin sister of Priyanka Chopra as this post

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Today I witnessed magic and a fairytale … When we were kids, mimi didi and I used to play “ghar ghar”. We would pretend to be shy brides, have imaginary children, and serve tea to our husbands! 🙈🙈 cheesy, but its because we always believed in the magic of love and hoped we would both find that perfect man for us one day!! Today there was no pretending. I cant think of a more a perfect man for her. Like I said this morning, there are two ways of judging a human being. One – travel with them, and two, eat with them. Nick, I have done both with you. And so I know you’re perfect for her!! Love her, because she loves you like mad! Protect her, because shes strong, but a soft soul inside. I love you both and wish you all the happiness forever!!!!! HAPPY ROKA AND FUTURE WEDDING!! 💍💑@priyankachopra @nickjonas

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The Heart melting picture ….

We wish the beautiful couple a tonn of love and wishes .

Huge love to both & looking forward to rocking bollywood bash pictures soon .

Friendship Day Celebration Ideas for Stronger Friendships

This year Friendship Day date is on 5th August 2018,  Sunday . Its a day of celebrating the fun , love & joy with friends . There are many ways to celebrate friendship day , but imagine what if you can celebrate it in a way that the bond gets more stronger & enriched . Friends are the one’s who celebrate the weird you & just are as weird as you . Valuable gifts or bracelets or dinners can just fade away, what remains are memories of time spent together .


So here are my few suggestions that might do just right to create an awesome unforgettable friendship day 2018. Lets have a look & I hope you like it :-

  1. Sleepover – Lets start friendship day feel with having a sleepover chatting , playing indoor games , watching movies , dinner at room just best way to start off the vibes of friendship , so as to spend the most valuable thing together is the time . So pack your gang together & enjoy the sleepover . friendship_day
  2. Give the gang a movie time – Scary movie , comedy movie , fantasy movie just all fun movie with the gang & pop corns, snacks handy at home . Perfect chill time . Leg pulling of your friends while they were scared & crazy joke laughter on comedy movies , these memories just stays forever in minds .friendship_day
  3. Camping out – Chill , relax & have some snacks , visit nature with your friends  , do certain outing , have adventure camping , mountain climbing whatever , just the idea is to go away from city buzz & tensions and not to forget to click a ton of pictures securing some awesome memories.friendship_day
  4. Games – Be it friendship day or any other special occasion playing games like guess the movie or passing the pass or play antakshari or cricket or football or carom or any game indoors or outdoors which lighten you & environment up , refreshes you like a kid from within. Games , sports are best way to rejuvenate soul & bond .

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  5. Party Fun – Have a great dance party , do crazy dance & reunite to have fun . Enjoy the crazy moves & have a gang signature dance & theme whatever you like . Just party and be yourselves .

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you guys have the best friendship day ever & my all wishes for your friendships to last forever . I hope I gave some good ideas to make the day memorable forever . I would love to know which one of these you are going to try out !! #excited #happyfriendshipday to you all 🙂


And now , 
If you wish to buy friendship day cool bracelets these are two styles I loved on internet , click the images to buy some cool deals of combo offers with swag added because these bracelets you can wear with any outfits even after this day as well , isn’t that cool ? 
Have a look – 
Thanks for reading , in the end I would just say that , stay the beautiful you , take care of yourself  and your loved one’s , plus be the real you because you are one of a kind .
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Mother’s day celebration – Best Way to Celebrate Mothers Day

The word “mother ” is probably most respected word worldwide and the word probably each one of us would have heard a lot of beautiful things about . Each year there’s a day called as mother day that comes up to , respect a mother’s efforts and affection for the family and the children via some special gestures or gifts or outings that her children or her family plans for her . This day is celebrated with a lot of happiness worldwide .

mother's day 2

Now , lets turn the tables around …

You do a job for 365 days of each year & get a payment or appreciation one day in each year . How does that sound??

I am being very clear about how I feel about this is , I would have never loved or done that job .

So , similarly …

I am not quite , very much in favor to only one day celebration of this huge love and sacrifices that my mom do entire year for me or doing since a lifetime for me and my family . Clicking selfies , gifting things , making dinner for her etc on one special day don’t you think it makes her feel queen one day & back to anonymous life the other day. If you take care of her around the year , you spend good time with her or be with her when she needs you around the year then also if you are doing special things on mother’s day occasion , then I must say its super cute .

But it’s only a one day thing then “Don’t increase expectations in one day & break them all in the other day ” , then you’re gifting her pains , to wait until next occasion to come, to again let her feel special , loved & cared .

A mother loves a kid before he / she is born . She tries to do and put the best things to protect and nourish the kid in best possible way . At times she is a teacher , a friend , a guardian or an angel . What she do for us or the family I think all of us are already aware of , so I won’t talk about that .

I don’t know about other’s , here I am just sharing my experience , I think my mother made me the best of me …

mothers day speacial

She taught me how to respect the individuality of each human being and life of all . I have this thought in built in me or by her it came in me may be , as she’s a strong working women , who has seen a lot of ups & downs . Who loves to maintain a clean house & well managed lifestyle .

I have a feeling like moms aren’t born to take care of kids or sacrifice their life for lifetime to kids and family works .

I feel my mom also have an identity , a life & I also need to be responsible for her and the family . Household works , cooking , earning the bread , worries , time management everything is not just her’s, its mine too . She did the much she should & she could when I wasn’t capable to take care of myself & understand works & management.

I would never want my mom just to have a life that would revolve around taking care of family & forgetting herself .

I am glad she is a progressive lady, she taught me all what she knew & post all the pains that she took for maintaining me & our family , now when we share a friend like bond, I taught her what I knew . Gifting her android phone was the best thing , in which I used my first salary , she learnt how to use all applications of it , in fact she be very active in most of them , she do online shopping as well & taught her how to ride a scooter herself for which she was extremely excited & willing , now she goes everywhere by herself . Post learning riding scooter she feels more independent. I & she share the load, fun and knowledge entire year.

We in my family go out for shopping , movies , hangouts not only in occasions but casually too . Buying gifts for her doesn’t takes me special days it can be any random day too whenever I find a good thing for her . In her I found my best friend, best teacher & well wisher too.

mothers day speacial 2

So , I can say Mother’s day in my home is not a day its a lifelong thing & I like it that way.

If you are going to do it for one day only gift a promise with a hug “You will never leave her alone in her problems “. She also deserves a life & good time after she gave the life, you should have to be capable to exist , progress & nourish on your own .

7 types of bags every women should have

Different occasion, different situation calls for different looks to carry. Same goes with the bags, you can’t just take the same bag to various places and every bag fulfills various needs.

So today our blog is all about the collection of bags that a woman or a girl must have , as we all go through these occasions once at least.

So, let’s get started…

  1. A chic statement clutch:-

Evening function , small casual hangouts , huge occasions are where you can carry these style statement making stuff. The royal and sophisticated look making accessory is what a statement clutch turns into. It complements your outfit and makes you have your small essentials with you. Definitely states about you that you are a women who loves classy things. Slightly embellished clutch with nude colors almost goes with every thing you wear for most occasions.


  1. Structured work bag:-

The formal office outfit gets perfectly complemented by perfect structured work bag. Even your day turns out to be very well organized by having the right kind of office bag. The perfect work bag is the bag which is firm, stands on the table without taking much space on your working table. Has well defined compartment and okay to contain your all essentials at work. The preferred colors to take to office are shades of nude colors, black, tan, brown and grey color bags.

It can be of real or leather and should not have any tassels or embellishments. You would look perfect, organized and to be seriously taken women.

work bag

So after this world winning image creation lets move to another bag.

  1. A roomy tote:-

This is a bag for extremely casual times. You are out on a picnic for a day, going for shopping, beach or wherever, when you need to carry very much of stuff this bag is for being that day savior.

It has one or two compartments majority, it’s tension free, easy to hold, walk or dance even.

It’s for a care free day and times when you need to carry a lot of stuff with you can go for this on that day.

tote bag

  1. Cross body or sling bag:-

A cute look creating casual occasion girly stuff is a cross body bag or a sling bag.

Weather you are wearing a tees and jeans top and skirt or cute dress, this bag is a casual look cuteness addition.

Add girly and cutie pie look to your outfit with this.

This also has less space, less compartments but you can always carry your go to essentials in it.

sling bag 3

  1. Medium sized statement should bag:-

This is a fab bag to carry at hangouts and when you are confused which bag to take along probably this is right one for most of the occasions. A classy comfortable, your essentials carrying bag which is good with you at all times is this bag. Nor very small nor very big medium shoulder bag is perfect carrying bag with you.

shoulder bag

  1. Bag pack:-

Travel college, and picnics be it anywhere this is a perfect bag to carry essentials and extras comfortably and in a cool way. It’s chic and casual at the same time. This bag type is my personal favorite , whenever i get a chance, I take this along with me.


7. Duffel bag / Travel bag:-

Now this is very obvious that when you are going to travel you need a travel bag kinds, if you  are searching spacious, stylish and good to carry bag you can take a long a duffel bag without any doubt, other than duffel bag a rolling suitcase is always in and classy stuff to take when you are travelling with a lot of stuff.

travel bag

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Colors for a perfect wardrobe and that suit all skin types

Trends and fashion changes with time, style and type may change but what are the colors which would never collapse or let your wardrobe go old.

Today we are going to discuss those few color which will keep your wardrobe best suited for all times.

  1. White:- The magic smooth peaceful color that suits all skin types and gives a classy as well as a casual look. Top, T-shirt, Shirt, jeans, sneaks anything in white slays and stays in fashion. White shirt and blue or black jeans is a all time hit thing for easy casual occasions.
  2. Black:- The color of deep perfection and awesomeness. Again a color that suits all skin types. Complete head to toe black or black in contrast everything just works wow in it. It never goes out of fashion and never lets you feel less confident. Power, perfection and class something this color makes you feel. Everything in black and anyone in black are awesome.
  3. Grey:- Suits to cool skin tone people more, has also a classy touch. Never goes out of fashion and with almost any color. Grey can be formed, informed and can also be used at occasion of grief. The color suits on tops, jeans, blazers, shoes almost all channels of accessories. Simple, no show off yet confident is what this color makes you.
  4. Red:- The color of love and the color that has scientifically proved to make you stand out of crowd , weather on lips or sneaks red is the color that turn heads and eyes towards you. This also is wearable to all skin types. Red activates you from within and reflects the jolly, stylish and super awesome you. Dress, sneaks, jackets, and lips are as per me where red suits nicely.
  5. Blue:- Yes I know jeans ran in your mind but even denim jackets, blue shirts , tees and yes of course shades of blue jeans never go out of fashion. This year denim jackets and striped blue shirts are rolling a lot. Girls or guys formal shirts or casual wears blue is almost everywhere since long and is going to go nowhere. Active, decent and stylish are ingredients this color serves.
  6. Beige:- The super classy color that gives most expensive look to any outfit. It hugs all skin tones well and gives you clean sophisticated look which will work well for all your attires. Tops, shirts, gowns, suits, blazers anything in this is best piece of your wardrobe.
  7. Olive green:- Another classy color gives you a tag of an expensive personality. Suits just perfect to all skin tones and works well in dresses, shirts, tops and ethnic suits. High profile look is what this color delivers.
  8. Tan:- Perfect for chinos and trousers. When to be taken as to wear seems good for cool skin tones then but tan is a must have in chinos, trousers or shoes. This delivers a royal outfit when paired with black and navy blue.

Hope you enjoyed and we kind of helped you for creating a perfect wardrobe. In case we forgot any color and you want us to suggest something please comment below or e-mail us.

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Thank you.




The biggest fights happen within ourselves in our mind, we all have heard that. This is true we all know and accept. I hope you accept that quarrels happening outside don’t actually affect you, it’s what you take in think and fight within yourself is what creates life into hell. That very moment all negative thoughts capture your vision, present and future both seems spoiled due to past but actually everything is what you are thinking and taking it as what to do or not, did you made the right choices, is all your fault? Destiny and your life sucks nothing good can happen, last you tried it went wrong so no need of trying again because everything collapses but you loved doing something still quitting is essential , all these thoughts are yours!! no person, soul or animal saying this to you to believe.

You are thinking it within again and again resulting into your vision change, you are demotivating, suppressing and dissolving self in negativity which no one else but you yourself are creating for you. Whatever is other’s perspective is majorly their own failure and vision blocks or experience , you don’t take everything seriously what other’s say every time then why this time ? ask yourself you will start getting logical answers . Like the person or situation making you feel low then is their some logic , is that person genuinely correct with reasons ? aren’t you able to correct it , can methods be changed etc …

Read and follow the steps in the same manner as written in it below, may be they help you coming out of such situations every time you fall in it !

  • Pause your thoughts
  • Stop
  • What you have now at this point of time
  • What lesson you learnt from wrongs in your life?
  • Aren’t you a better person today?
  • Doesn’t a thing happen made you moved right to the direction you forgot to choose?
  • What are things, talents and unique thing you have which no one else does?
  • What are future opportunities?
  • Are you ready to attempt those?
  • If not then, are you trying to be capable for that?
  • If not then hey! Your time starts now!!
  • If you are ready now then visualize , evaluate , act and repeat.

Now you have a simpler life. Survive the fight within, respect yourself and honor God’s gift, life is beautiful. Stay happy, stay positive, stay simple and stay blessed.

Thank You for your precious time and patience. We love to empower people and find solutions for them, and we suggest be the original YOU because YOU are one of a kind. Believe, love & respect yourself, other’s will follow.

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Stop over thinking !!

Our actions and results depend on our thoughts and vision. The condition gets worse when your thoughts are haywire and your take vision is blur. You probably think everything within you and again and again stuck by rethinking stuff which has no relevance to present life. The worst part of this situation you are unable to enjoy present, keep worrying about something and you know you are wasting your time, it isn’t good for your health too, but you are unable to get rid of it.

Is over thinking good?

We all are going to say no instantly after we hear this question but twist in the story is , Over thinking if taken as, thinking which leads to perfection and you can take action on it which can be productive, this way over thinking can help you in shaping a better you , you will be sharp, alert and aiming for correct direction always. This over thinking can be your problem solver like related to work, related to routine and methods but after over thinking you need to act upon it too , only and only that way it is productive.

Over thinking can be positive or negative but it can also be productive and unproductive. The best time killer or best alternative finder choice is yours. I won’t discuss how over thinking makes you hate life, feels dull and lonely, makes you lose memory power, makes you always feel empty and useless or wastes your present fun and time, makes you feel stuck in time travel or takes you towards depression and destruction , when it is done over unproductive stuff . There are already many things written, heard and told about this to you. You know everything wrong is happening in you when you feel sad due to it, you know everything within you related to what you thought brought solutions to you so it was worth it. You know what you are doing to yourself ultimately it was your choice to have it or not.

I can only recommend a few tips to sort your problems down:-

  1. The time you think and you are conscious that you are dwelling in over thinking or worries again about the same old moment, take deep breath, gain your consciousness back and get on to what’s your priority at this very point of time.
  2. Write your all worries ,chain of thoughts or tasks , frustrations or darks in one paper. You would feel you’re talking to a paper and feel it everything after you complete writing, read it once and then burn or tear it away if it’s related to past or some dark story of yours or in the end write solution of what you got or write and tick tasks you did and get rid of your over and over dwelling in same thoughts.
  3. Running away is not a solution, shifting your thought is neither your only solution is take things happened to you as a lesions because those things build you as a person now your evolved as a person into a better person take challenges as opportunities because those challenges will make you urge for obtaining more talent and push your limitations away. Take your task and problems of today as schedule to work on so that problems or situations will no more remain the same they will become work to do and hurdles to cross ultimately you will find your solution yourself. Conclusively no activity can get you rid of over thinking until you don’t work to solve it yourself. Do it now!! Stop over thinking!!Thank You for your precious time and patience. We love to empower people and find solutions for them, and we suggest be the original YOU because YOU are one of a kind. Believe, love & respect yourself, other’s will follow.You can also read our blog on Increase your confidence now!! .Well Connect with us , leave your comments below, share this to those who need it & you can also share your thoughts at our ‘contact us’ form , we would love to connect to you. We wish you a great and successful life,  be the leader & find solutions for world.


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