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The biggest fights happen within ourselves in our mind, we all have heard that. This is true we all know and accept. I hope you accept that quarrels happening outside […]

Stop over thinking !!

Our actions and results depend on our thoughts and vision. The condition gets worse when your thoughts are haywire and your take vision is blur. You probably think everything within […]

Reflection of your thoughts

“The mind is everything, what you think you become”. –Gautam Buddha Your thinking will reflect in your working and journey, we have written in our article  Understanding Mind although it’s a […]

Understanding Mind

“Mind is not a problem . Mindset is” said by honorable PM of India Mr. Narendra Modi. Mind set is the most powerful weapon we all are blessed with, mind […]

Increase your confidence now!!

Confidence is something as essential as knowledge to grow in life. Communication, action, career, relations, over all your entire life needs you to be confident.

A round of applause for yourself !!

Trust your parents, believe in god, and enjoy your life with friends, to feel like an achiever get applauded all scenarios like these, are the scenarios of beliefs that we […]