Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Engagement Ceremony (Pictures and Details)

Internet is flooding with Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas engagement ceremony pictures. Mega bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra and American singer Nick jonas had Roka or much known as engagement ceremony confirmed on 18th august 2018 (today) done in day time , she posted on Instagram herself saying”with all my heart and soul”. To this image on her account Nick Jonas left a reply as “wow congrats…He’s the luckiest guy in the world” with smiley and heart . Isn’t that too cute ??

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Taken.. With all my heart and soul..

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The similar picture is posted in Nick’s account by him with captioned “Future Mrs. Jonas. My hear . My love” So by all this Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have made it all official on instagram expressing love for each other .

This is what Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra both updated later to their Instagram handles

Nick captioned it as “Prayer , family and loved ones as the foundation to this new chapter.”

Where as Priyanka captioned it as “The only way to do this …. With Family and God. Thank you all for your wishes and blessings”

Their pictures and love is flowing all over Instagram 😍

They seemed all picture perfect couple . Priyanka is 36 years old & Nick is 24 years old but age never seemed a bar for this couple rather they are utmost adorable . Priyanka wore a Abujani Sandep Khosla Couture. The ceremony was entirely Indian . Nick Jonas’ parents were also spotted in Indian outfit & Salman khan’s sister Arpita Khan Sharma also attended this ceremony .
In evening a bash is also gonna happen where Nick will meet all Priyanka’s friends and family .

Today Anushka Sharma tweeted “Lots of love, immense joy and happiness to you both @priyankachopra @nickjonas … Here’s to starting the most beautiful journey of your lives”

Gigi Hadid also congratulated to Nick and Priyanka on Instagram whej Priyanka posted her picture .

Gigi Hadid wrote “So happy for you two.”

Hiritik Roshan wrote”Huge congratulations”

Laura Brown said “Welcome to the club”

Bipasha Basu wrote”Congratulations sweetheart.Have a beautiful life together forever”

Malika Arora Khan wished as “Congratulations girl”

Sophie Chaudhry wished as “They say love happens when you least expect it. So thrilled for one of my favourite girls Priyanka Chopra. You both look beautiful and so happy together. Stay blessed always, big love. P.S. He sure makes for a cute videshi desi boy.

Preity zinta wrote “Congratulations to my dear Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas on their new journey together. Wish you both loads of love, happiness and togetherness always. Ting.

Now let’s see the pictures 😍😍

Here are some clicks from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Engagement function which took place in Mumbai,Maharashtra, India.

Praying together,

Priyanka looked lovely desi glam in yellow , where as Nick looks just cutest & super handsome desi groom ever . He was just comfortable in white kurta payjama .

Priyanka was in flat glitter bellies & Nick was bare foot here , due to some rituals we guess .

Even the talking shots seemed so dreamy and lovely #adorable

The family picture ..

We welcome Priyanka Chopra into our family, says Paul Kevin Jonas Sr-

Nick Jonas’ father Paul Kevin Jonas Sr posted on Instagram , “So happy for the engagement of our son @nickjonas and we welcome @priyankachopra into our family with love and excitement.”

“I couldn’t be happier for my brother. Welcome to the family @priyankachopra We love you.” , says Joe Jonas on Instagram posting the same picture as Nick & Priyanka did .

One cutest wish came from Parineeti Chopra , cousin sister of Priyanka Chopra as this post

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Today I witnessed magic and a fairytale … When we were kids, mimi didi and I used to play “ghar ghar”. We would pretend to be shy brides, have imaginary children, and serve tea to our husbands! 🙈🙈 cheesy, but its because we always believed in the magic of love and hoped we would both find that perfect man for us one day!! Today there was no pretending. I cant think of a more a perfect man for her. Like I said this morning, there are two ways of judging a human being. One – travel with them, and two, eat with them. Nick, I have done both with you. And so I know you’re perfect for her!! Love her, because she loves you like mad! Protect her, because shes strong, but a soft soul inside. I love you both and wish you all the happiness forever!!!!! HAPPY ROKA AND FUTURE WEDDING!! 💍💑@priyankachopra @nickjonas

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The Heart melting picture ….

We wish the beautiful couple a tonn of love and wishes .

Huge love to both & looking forward to rocking bollywood bash pictures soon .

Elixir Acne Serum Review (Natural Acne Serum Honest Review)

I got this Elixir acne serum with april edition of beauty box called My Envy Box . So this I am doing this elixir acne serum review after using it since 3 months . It’s a natural acne serum honest review with all the facts and details . I hope after reading this blog you won’t look any further for any information about this serum . 

Let’s get started , 

Product Description –


Product name –  Elixir Shop Acne Serum (Pure , Natural , Ayurvedic)

QuantityIt comes in two quantities 5ml size & 15 ml size serum. The above picture attached is of the Elixir acne serum is a 15 ml size product that I have . 

Product PriceIt costs 500 for 5ml & 700 for 15ml product size. Where as , the price is later reduced to 375 Rs for 5 ml sized product & 525 Rs. for 15ml sized product . 

Country of originIt’s made in India .

Kind –  Natural acne serum . Ayurvedic formula. 

Brand  – I would say the brand Elixir Shop works as it’s tagline , pure , handblended & natural. They have skin care , hair care & pure oils range . Its a quality product delivering company . In their website you can see even regimes suggested with products and you will find gifting section as well which makes the browsing easily . There is an offer section as well which will tell you all running discounts and offers so the website & brand is awesome as per me as I love organic products & companies which deliver quality products .  

IngredientsThe key ingredients of this acne serum are coconut oil , tea tree , geranium

Benefits of coconut oil for face

  1. Great natural moisturizer for the face .
  2. It deep cleanses the skin , it softens the keratin caps and makes exfoliation much easier . It seep into hair follicles, dissolve the hardened sebum & bring it up to the skin surface.
  3. It acts as an antibacterial shield .
  4. It tackles the fungal infections .
  5. It protects from sunburn .
  6. Reduces facial wrinkles.
  7. Prevents premature aging.

Benefits of tea tree for face

  1. Treats inflamed swelling as tea tree has anti bacterial properties.
  2. Treats acne prone skin.
  3. Soothe chicken pox.
  4. Treats any redness, marks or dry patches .

Benefits of geranium for face – 

  1. Treats acne & heals various skin disorders .
  2. Prevents scars.
  3. Minimize wrinkles.
  4. Gives glowing skin.

Directions given in packaging – Put a few drops of the elixir acne serum on a cotton bud and apply on the acne spots. Use 2-3 times a day . Wait for 1 minute before using any other product.

Product expiry  – Best before 2 years .


My Experience:-

Packaging The packaging is awesome , although in directions they have said to use the product only on the affected area by a cotton bud ,they have also given a separate dropper with the product as well . The golden dropper looks lush . The product is just perfect to keep along with you entire day. Even the full sized 15 ml product can also fit easily into any small purse . No spilling of product , no damage packaging . Just perfect .


SmellIt smells wonderful. Seriously the smell alone makes you happy about this product 60% . I love the smell & even I got complements by my mom about its smell while I had applied this on my face. So people around you also will get fond of the smell it gives.

Feeling –  I apply it post cleansing my face or after a good face wash . It feels really nourishing & pampering to the skin . It does gets absorbed really nicely in the skin. Feels nice for 30 minutes & then you will start feeling oily.

Work-abilityThe biggest purpose of buying this elixir acne serum is to get rid of acne , on which as per my personal experience says differently . Its good to repair damaged skin , get rid of some dark spots on face eventually , smooth-ens out skin & nourish it but, if you apply this on active acne so that you get rid of acne it doesn’t helps as per me . I applied twice on my acne till two days but I didn’t felt a lot of difference in it rather I followed my way to do it which I mentioned in this blog – Acne Treatment , Acne causes & Does Home Remedies work?  and that works for me magically within few days only when done regularly.

Affordability –  Before it was expensive but now when I saw the updated prices 375 & 525 Rs. it seems just right to buy it .

Why to buy ?Well doesn’t removes active acne but definitely a good skin repairing serum I alternatively apply this elixir serum and vitamin C serum . It just improves my skin & gives the essential nourishment which the skin need.

Texture – Non – sticky , easily absorbing in skin , smooth and thin consistency .

When to use ? – After cleansing your face or just after the face wash is the perfect time to apply . It is better to apply it in evening as it relaxes the skin and you want to keep it on for a while so evening or before sleep will be good . But as I always say don’t keep anything applied on face and sleep so make sure you wash it off with a good mild face wash again before sleep . 

How I use ? – I apply this once in a day , I have two serums so one day I use vitamin C serum the other day I use Elixir acne serum . If you buy only elixir acne serum to use you can apply this once daily . I take serum with the help of dropper on my hand , rub it a bit to make product warm so that it seeps in skin even better and I apply this gently with the help of my fingers all over my face. 


Who can use? – Its not gender specific all can use this . 

How much to use ? – Just two to three drops of quantity is perfect to use . 

How often to use ? – As I mentioned once in a day will be just right . 

How long to keep ? – Keep this for 30-60 minutes max . The people with dry skin can keep for an hour , the people with oily skin can keep for 30 minutes only that will be enough . The people with combination skin should keep it for 40-45 minutes that’s just right for them .  


Rating – 4 out of 5 . 

Verdict about elixir acne serum- Definitely buy this to nourish and improve your skin , for getting glow to skin & remove marks from skin but it doesn’t works for active acne reduction . 

So I hope this elixir acne serum review solved all your queries about this product . Do ask here in comment section if you have any more query on this & let me know if you are you going to buy this , don’t forget to share your experiences and recommendations with serums . I would love to hear from you. 

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What is face primer , its uses & How to prime face for makeup?

Face primer , makeup primer , makeup base , preparing skin before makeup ask in whatever way ,we are talking here about the savior of skin & makeup . It really holds your makeup longer & also gives a smoother skin feel & look . You can go out only wearing a primer on a well prepared skin alone , if you are not feeling like doing a lot of makeup.

Let’s see more on it step by step ,
What is face primer and what is use of face primer ?

It’s the liquid based formula that makes face be prepared for smooth makeup application & makes your makeup last longer. It reduces the pores & fine lines visibility , it is also a good cosmetic for skincare in long run as well . It smoothens the face so as the makeup looks flawless. It holds the makeup for longer duration & it can enhance the look we strive to achieve with makeup making it look more organic .
Types of Primer

Majorly , I categorize primers in 2 categories :

  • Tinted or Transparent
  • Luminous or Matte

Tinted Primer is the one with slight color for color correctness included being a primer with it’s natural properties as I discussed before. If you have acne, marks , blemishes , fine lines anything like that you must consider using a tinted primer . This gives natural looking color correctness and nice coverage as well. This is lighter formula than foundation , plus it has skin care abilities too. Anyone having skin problems should have a tinted primer , after this you will need less foundation which ends up looking really natural light looking good coverage makeup .
Transparent Primer is the one with no color at all as the name suggests. If you are a person with no marks or skin problems you must use transparent primer . Its transparent makeup holding good base that has natural looking finish & no color at all .
Luminous Primer , now this is kind of primer which is sheer & glowing . This even shines through your foundation to give a really nice kind of naturally glowing skin look to your face. This is hydrating primer with a glowing shine on skin finish . This kind of primer is suggested to people with dry skin as it will add life, it will smooth out the skin , hydrate the skin & add glow to the skin & gives a shiny satin finish to the makeup as well .
Matte Primer is the kind of primer that has no shine at all is actually cancels the oils effect or extra shines you don’t want to come through. This is recommended to oily skin people who tend to get sweaty makeup in a while so you must get your hands on this primer. Even a trick to remove sweat after makeup during the course of day is you can apply this on the areas you wish to be matte specially.

Now these where two major categories , you can get luminous finish with tint or non tinted & even matte finish with or without tint all kind of primers are available so it’s entirely upon you to get a perfect match for yourself as per your skin type.
Are Primers available in various shade?

No , primer is available in one shade only majorly & it’s not even needed in multiple shades as it’s the base formula which has really less tint effect . You can add foundation later on as per your requirement. Where as the Gigi Hadid Maybelline Primer is in two shades which is a new concept having medium deep , light medium as offered shades .
How much primer to use ?

Always just take a pea size not more than that , if it gets more it can form cracks in your makeup, it can pile up at places making the makeup to crease , which we don’t want to happen so just a pea size of this product fairly distributed all over the face feels really light , smooth & perfect looking.
Which is better to apply primer ? Brush, Beauty Blender or Fingers ?


You would majorly see all the makeup artists even apply primer by hand the reason is very important. Take the tiny amount of primer on your finger tips, rub it amid of your fingers then directly apply to face by fingers in soft going upward motion so that it gets well settled on your skin & stay for a longer duration of time.
How to prime face for makeup ?

The step by step method to apply primer like a professional makeup artist skin prep way–

  1. Cleanse – First it’s important to remove the dirt or dead skin from your face to create smooth & hydrated canvas . So cleanse your face with cleansing milk & wipe it off with the help of cotton pads , cotton balls or raw cotton just as you like or even soft cloth with no much pressure applied on face is what we want .
  2. Moisturize – After cleansing your face apply a very thin layer of toner or hydrating gel , I am saying a thin layer to rescue your skin from getting a oily look , let this hydrating gel or toner dry entirely for like 2-3 minutes . After it dries , apply your regular moisturizer as well, but again a very thin layer with light hands all over the face . Just run your hands really fast all over the face to have only a thin layer applied .
  3. Apply Primer – Now comes the master stroke in preparing skin for makeup , take pea size product of primer rub it between your fingers for a while making it get warm & then fairly distribute with light hands all over your face . Now , why warming up the primer is important is to make it settle on the skin really nicely , so that it can stay for longer duration of time & seems like the natural skin itself but really smooth .

Here’s my some best primers , I saw that you can try out –

Transparent & Matte Primer


Tinted and luminous


Similarly , you can just search on amazon or nykaa for primers by finish & see if it has tint or not . But for all the ladies & girls a primer is must for you, don’t miss out on it. There is also a new concept of primer with foundation offered by Maybelline & Faces , they are also nice but again as being the blend of two the formulas , the product is light weight so its not for those who want a lot of coverage .

Substitute for primer or home made primer ?

Well , yes you can use aloe vera gel as primer for normal days , when you don’t want to be very highly presentable. I myself used aloe vera gel as a primer for a long time but when I feel like going out for parties events , like any important place & I want my makeup on point , that moment I definitely prefer the professional primer products available in market for the purpose. Where as home made primer is something I don’t believe at all on , as it can’t be as perfecting at all times . So, I would recommend professional priming products for the purpose.


Hope I helped you to know some tricks, tips & all about primers. Now, you know if you want a professional looking makeup, a primer is super important where as in addition it can do skincare in long run by making a layer between your makeup & real skin, long staying of makeup & it also makes your face look smoother with healthier looking skin as well.

Guaranteed way to get rid of blackheads fast | ST Ways

Getting rid of blackheads isn’t easy , we all agree to it . Well, I myself have been struggling with how to remove blackheads, that too fast , as the bumpy black marks on nose or face or anywhere on skin doesn’t look good at all . I tried DIYs like How to Remove Blackheads & “DIY” is truth or Myth ? although the glue hack worked but it irritated skin so much that soon within one week blackheads were back, I thought CTM or scrubs will help but no , nothing helped that much . I bought blackhead removing strips too that also weren’t that effective .

But now ,

It takes like 10-15 minutes and it’s all gone , I am blessed and delighted . It not only works but gives a smoother skin which I am fond of , and I feel that , I can guarantee you too can get rid of blackheads fast through this method . You can use this method for blackheads removal from nose , face or any part of body as they are common to appear wherever oil clogging is there in skin pores .

A little story time , how I found this method to remove blackhead ..

I used charcoal blackhead strips , well but whatever strip you are using for removing blackhead this remedy would work on it I think . I know I said strip didn’t worked for me, that’s true in a way if you do it without following the procedure it’s not gonna give you result then . Same happened with me . I bought strip , I washed face and used it directly on my nose as it was a charcoal one , so that has to be used on wet nose surface area . When I removed it only 60% of problem was gone & it came back soon again .

First thing I thought after that happened to me , that there’s no way to get rid of blackheads , anything is useless , I wasted money . Until I understood the problem deeply.

Blackheads are small ugly dark looking bumps that appear due to clogged hair follicles. Each follicle has sebaceous gland that produces oil & one hair . Dead skin cells & oils collect in opening of skin follicle , with skin over the bump is whitehead & when the skin on the bump opens , its air exposure makes it black & forms blackheads .

Causes of blackheads can be – too much production of body oil , bacteria on skin , piling up of dead skin cells , hormonal changes , irritation on skin, certain kind of pills , drugs etc

How to get rid of blackheads : The Method 

  1. First do cleansing of your face
  2. Use a thick cloth or small towel dip in warm water , bring it out & immediately place it on the area where blackhead is present for 3 minutes at least, let affected area be covered by it. Please keep the temperature of water the much your facial skin can take easily , don’t be too harsh or don’t use very hot water for the purpose .get_rid_of_blackheads
  3. Remove the cloth after 3 minutes and immediately put the blackhead strip on nose if it’s a charcoal blackhead strip or else , dry your nose as soon as possible & use the strip in general that you have, keep it for 5 minutes let it dry entirely & firm on your nose without any spaces or gaps .
  4. After 5 minutes then peel it off from your nose , and you would see clear , smoother & beautiful skin with no blackheads at all .


I think to get rid of blackheads its a 10-15 minutes long struggle but you will see blackheads removed so fast & as per me that’s a blessing.

Girls & guys after you try this method to remove blackhead & if you get rid of blackhead don’t forget to share with us your experience in comment section below .

Thanks for reading , in the end I would just say that , stay the beautiful you , take care of yourself  and your loved one’s , plus be the real you because you are one of a kind .
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Friendship Day Celebration Ideas for Stronger Friendships

This year Friendship Day date is on 5th August 2018,  Sunday . Its a day of celebrating the fun , love & joy with friends . There are many ways to celebrate friendship day , but imagine what if you can celebrate it in a way that the bond gets more stronger & enriched . Friends are the one’s who celebrate the weird you & just are as weird as you . Valuable gifts or bracelets or dinners can just fade away, what remains are memories of time spent together .


So here are my few suggestions that might do just right to create an awesome unforgettable friendship day 2018. Lets have a look & I hope you like it :-

  1. Sleepover – Lets start friendship day feel with having a sleepover chatting , playing indoor games , watching movies , dinner at room just best way to start off the vibes of friendship , so as to spend the most valuable thing together is the time . So pack your gang together & enjoy the sleepover . friendship_day
  2. Give the gang a movie time – Scary movie , comedy movie , fantasy movie just all fun movie with the gang & pop corns, snacks handy at home . Perfect chill time . Leg pulling of your friends while they were scared & crazy joke laughter on comedy movies , these memories just stays forever in minds .friendship_day
  3. Camping out – Chill , relax & have some snacks , visit nature with your friends  , do certain outing , have adventure camping , mountain climbing whatever , just the idea is to go away from city buzz & tensions and not to forget to click a ton of pictures securing some awesome memories.friendship_day
  4. Games – Be it friendship day or any other special occasion playing games like guess the movie or passing the pass or play antakshari or cricket or football or carom or any game indoors or outdoors which lighten you & environment up , refreshes you like a kid from within. Games , sports are best way to rejuvenate soul & bond .

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  5. Party Fun – Have a great dance party , do crazy dance & reunite to have fun . Enjoy the crazy moves & have a gang signature dance & theme whatever you like . Just party and be yourselves .

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope you guys have the best friendship day ever & my all wishes for your friendships to last forever . I hope I gave some good ideas to make the day memorable forever . I would love to know which one of these you are going to try out !! #excited #happyfriendshipday to you all 🙂


And now , 
If you wish to buy friendship day cool bracelets these are two styles I loved on internet , click the images to buy some cool deals of combo offers with swag added because these bracelets you can wear with any outfits even after this day as well , isn’t that cool ? 
Have a look – 
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Summer 2018 Trends – here’s how YOU can wear them !!

What Summer 2018 trends are? what summer 2018 trends you can wear ? How to wear the summer 2018 trends in your daily life ??

This is a complete guide of summer fashion & summer 2018 trends that you really, can wear & compliment the season fashionably.

I am so excited to share this , are you??

Let’s get started ..

  1. Hug the nature #floral prints – The beautiful summer vibes are this time in favor of floral prints on dresses , shirts , skirts & everything .  Love the nature , hug the nature prints & flow with floral prints in summer 2018 trends .
  2. Be #Bold – Choose bright vibrant colors to enjoy this season . This summer 2018 trends want you to live life with splashing colors all around . Compliment the sunshine with your colors & your lovely smile .
  3. Shine with glitter on – So this season we got super summer 2018 trend as sequins back in life . Sequin tops , dresses , purses , skirts are on fire . Guys get your sequins in sequence this season .
  4. Calm colors mantra – When the bold is in fire this season even the neutral colors & pastel colors also didn’t back off . The ramps of fashion collections had beige , white , pale blue , peachy pinks also going on . So don’t be afraid of having all fashion calmed down with neutrals for flaunting summer 2018 trends in your way this year.
  5. Ruffle it up – Remember deepika’s ruffle dress on cannes ?? We were all thinking how we can also use ruffles in our wardrobe & we just got another reason to have same thoughts again . Summer 2018 trends has been set with ruffles on ramps in latest spring / summer collections . Now, how you can use few ruffles would be,  via ruffles incorporated in tops , skirts & dresses .
  6. Wrap up with sheer & lace – Sheer & lace doesn’t seem to get over ever & so does this summer 2018 trends told as well . Sheer or lace tops , cardigans , skirts , dresses, shirts , pants, kimonos are the few ways you can get this trend setting your wardrobe fit for this season .
  7. Check that chic – Ladies this is forever , like whenever there is the term summer you can’t skip check print on your clothing . Chic way to get this working for you would be shirt , tops ,& dresses . Oh even you can have this on pajamas . Check , your wardrobe to be a part of latest summer 2018 trends as well .
  8. Play with polka dot – Retro love guys , this trend is to make you happy . The old gold polka dots are on dresses, shirts & tops just grab them & be fashionista of summer 2018 trends . Don’t forget to add a little red lipstick along with your polka dot attire just to give retro glam , some more love .
  9. Fringes – yeaah !! most glam & outrageous dresses for party or when we talk about chic purses or when you get a fringe scarf , this trend is just everywhere , even on jewelry  & shoes . Add this versatile trend to must haves of summer 2018 trends from most expensive to most affordable options,  you can just choose to use it as per your pocket allows . Summer_2018_trends
  10. Belles & Heels – Heels love & belles cuteness is back . Be a cinderella , working women , housewife or anyone, pair these footwear styles as per occasions or your comfort & you are good to go .
  11. Go Retro – The skinny is forever but this summer 2018 trend special is retro style. The bell bottoms , the bell sleeves , the puffs , the oversize stuffs are in. Use them in gowns , tops , shirts , pants or denims , you are so in to rock this summer now .
  12. Plastic – The most uncomfortable way to enjoy summer is to wear something that makes you sweat & to all my shocks this year in summer 2018 trends the ramps have set the plastic to be in fashion . Well still if you wish to wear it , you can choose to be the plastic doll cropped top & skirt , plastic footwear or even plastic coat &  dresses . Summer_2018_trends

Well , share this blog with your friends have benefits to shopping together for the season. But don’t forget to follow our blog & comment below which summer 2018 tends you’re gonna try !! I am excited to know .

In case you are from parts of world where Monsoon is going on check our Monsoon Fashion – Women’s Best Monsoon Fashion Guide for 2018 .

Thanks for reading , in the end I would just say that , stay the beautiful you , take care of yourself & be the real you because you are one of a kind .

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Monsoon Fashion – Women’s Best Monsoon Fashion Guide for 2018

Well monsoon fashion is similar as monsoon season, it does has beautiful refreshing vibes . Monsoon fashion is all about divalicious us.

Monsoon Fashion Trends 2018

The seasons’s splashes of rain & lovely weather after facing summers it’s just relaxing . Summers can have popping bright colors & neutrals too . This season you can reuse your some of summer clothes with a twist to create your own monsoon fashion wardrobe. Well without wasting any more of time let’s just get into it .

Women’s Best Monsoon Fashion Guide for 2018  

Ditch the Denims – Fighting humidity & for enjoying the seasonal rains & cold breeze in evenings ditch the denims . Choose shorts or 3/4th instead . Be the casual chic .


Relax the feet – Monsoon fashion in terms of footwear is even relaxed one . The muddy roads , water all over the path ways can’t be handled by heel. For comfortable season perfect you yet stylish footwear should be bang on with flip flops, flat sandals or switch to trendy sneakers .

Embed from Getty Images



Wish for something Indian – Kurti leggings , light flared salwar suits & cotton sarees are few options in indian ethnic wear that you should try for monsoon fashion & styling this season . Well unlike the below picture I wold suggest wear Indian wear with flats for comfortable monsoon fashion flaunting.

Fabric choices – This season demands easy drying , comfy clothes so choose fabrics like Cotton , Sheer fabrics , khadi & linen.


Color Choices – Do the color splash in rains with this monsoon fashion you are going to flaunt as well  , this is the best time for wearing bright colors & even light shades of bright colors & neutral ones will also be in . Thus some top wear from summers can be repeated . No dark colors are up for this season .


Play Rain coat & umbrella game like a pro – Well it’s needless to say to save yourself from getting wet you need to have umbrella or raincoat added to your monsoon fashion wardrobe . But choose the styles that make you look diva even at those times .

Embed from Getty Images

I found this one amazon , isn’t it chic ?? you can click on the image to reach and buy if you wish .


Or add pretty rain boots or a pretty umbrella #cute and #girlymonsoon_fashion monsoon fashion accessory .


Now lets categorize the Monsoon Fashion ,
Wanna be Classy Diva in Monsoon
Jumpsuits : Cotton airy , casual , chic , easy going yet very comfortable for tea parties , hangouts & evening short outings are jumpsuits . There are shorter one’s , longer one’s , casual one’s , printed ones , formal one’s . So without worrying a lot you can carry them off to almost any kind of occasions . Pair them with a statement neck piece it gets a galm look . You can dress them glam with jewelry & makeup . You can make them subtle by minimal jewelry & natural makeup and you are good to go . Have a clutch handy to make it more glam added , that’s an extra tip .

Long Jumpsuits –



Short Jumpsuits –


Shirt Dress : Comfy , classy , chic & dressy . Shirt dress is elegant & wowie . I just love the stylish look that a shirt dress gives perfect for monsoon fashion diva . Its bossy , swaggy & stylish , that’s why its so much my choice of style . I surely am going to buy one for myself soon .



Skater Dress : The dress which is more fitted than a shirt dress , has more girly effects & is mostly shorter in length but definitely cute , elegant & lovable . Its also great for party & outing . I always feel like aww after watching a skater outfit .


Kurta & palazzo: Airy , comfy , causal & lovely Indian outfit . Ethnic function or family meetings or casual outings , elegant dress up that you can definitely flaunt this seasons with confidence . This one is perfect Indian style hack for enjoying the monsoon fashionably . 


Salwar Suit : Indian salwar suit which should be cotton , khadi or linen to enjoy the season greatly . Elegance mixed in airy fabric just makes this outfit perfect for the season.


Wanna be Chic Diva in Monsoon –

Skirts are my personal girly and glam favorite I use them happily in summer and now in monsoon fashion as well . This style never fades away & you must have a cool skirt as its so versatile .
Top or shirt & skirt : 


monsoon_fashionOff Shoulder dresses : 

Lovely benefit of monsoon fashion is to show some skin & not having any sun damage on it . So wear some off shoulders this season .


monsoon_fashionWell the shorts story in short is this was your summer fashion that you can take ahead in monsoon fashion too . Shorts are in for both the seasons .
Wear sheer tops or tank tops or crop tops with shorts :

Cotton tops & pajamas or 3/4th bottoms : My casual at home style for cheering monsoon fashion #relax outfit . This is literally what I do when rain happens , just watch it through the window & hear the sound of rain . 


Short dungaree dress : I soo much wish to buy this girly monsoon fashion stuff . A dungaree is in my next buy bucket list for sure . 


Dresses : I have a few dresses which I love to pair in monsoon as fashion statement with sneakers . Just a cool sporty me or to add glam try on wearing dresses with long flat boots . That’s a glam monsoon fashion hack . 

The monsoon fashion shoe story – Heels are a big no as mentioned earlier . Dress with sneakers, salwar suit with flat sandals , shorts paired with sneakers, shorts paired with flip flops are few outfit ideas I would recommend to try , fly & flaunt this season . 

Points to remember –

  • If you are equally lazy as me and you don’t go out often like me , so stay happy in tops and pajamas at home . LOL .
  • Don’t forget to stay bright & colorful , to enjoy the season happily as monsoon is a happy season & monsoon fashion should be equally happening .

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