Acne Treatment , Acne causes & Does Home Remedies work?

Acne treatment is a huge task for all youth especially . The causes of acne can be multiple. Lets first understand acne in one line . The dark, red, black or brown spots that show up on face by the effect of pimples or due to infected sebaceous glands are acne.

As I have shared before that I had a bunch of pimples before, after effects of pimples were acne. So how to do acne treatment ? Does home remedies work ? Causes of acne?  And how to lighten them? everything about this entire problem is what this blog is all about .

Acne Treatment : How much time this take?

Honestly anywhere between 15 days to 30 days with a unfailing regular routine of skin care.

This is for men or women?

This is for all, acne happens to all , probably it is worldwide most common skin problem. The remedies told in this blog works for all.

Does home remedies actually work?

Without a doubt, when done with regularity would show you definite results.

Now the best part , Remedies aka Acne treatment :

  1. Fuller’s earth pack – 

Fuller’s this lightens any kind of spots, tightens skin and is an organic cleanser. This beautiful stuff is popularly known as multani mitti mix it with water, make a thick paste apply over skin let it dry and rinse it off with water. It will open your clogged pores and is a natural cleanser for skin. It will make your face more glowing and out of oils naturally & do acne treatment too. I suggest biotque  multani mitti as it might suit all skin types as this worked for my friend who has sensitive skin , thus i concluded so . Multani mitti in stone form which is its original format is the purest . This is still unbeatable part of my everyday skin care routine .


  1. Aloe Vera gel  herbal gem for acne treatment & skin – 

    Patanjali aloevera gel is that I use in every day basis as my moisturizer, it hydrates your face and maintains a fresh thin covering all over your skin. Aloevera has anti bacterial property and is found to be effective in treating acne, reducing redness and working on pimples. You can use directly alovera plant also but it can’t be carried all the time so using aloevere gel is better as it will become part of your cosmetics for always. Caution : wash it off after 2-3 hours always to avoid much greasy or oily skin .

    You can buy and view the product, we recommend by clicking on the picture below-


  2. Lemon juice to get rid of skin acne causes – 

Do this 2-3 times a week. Reduce oil, has natural astringent and antibacterial agent that exfoliate your skin and gets oil out of your pores. Make a cotton ball dip in lemon juice which you would extract out of lemon in a bowl or something. Apply all over your face let it be over your skin for 5 minute and wash it away. One tip is please see if lemon juice causes itching on your skin then don’t do this application on your skin or else you will end up with redness on your face. It reduces oils, kills bacteria, reduce scars, lightens skin. This acne treatment thing, might not work for all so , do test a bit on a part of your skin first for sure & if you feel itching don’t apply on your skin . Try Neem face pack of Himalaya rather for you.


  1. Tomato juice – 

Tomato balances PH level of skin, presents dirt, oil, closes open pores, is an anti-oxidant which reduces acne from root, keeps your skin tighter and healthier.

Caution – First test if any remedy is suiting you or not by applying it in very small area , as if it irritates your skin , it probably isn’t good for your skin then .


Bonus tips for acne treatment & reducing acne causes – 

  1. Use tomato juice and lemon juice mixture if it suits you , yo save time and similar effectiveness .
  2. For a better skin never forget to drink nice amounts of water . This keeps skin hydrated and soft .
  3. Along with doing these remedies , take good 7-8 hours of sleep to avoid of re occurrence of such issues on skin.
  4.  After washing off the fullers earth ,  you can apply aloe vera gel as your moisturizer and toner , making cleansing, toning and moisturizing on the go everyday stuff for you. Thus again saving time & doing so many things together as CTM routine , moisturizing skin , pimples reduction , skin tightening & acne reduction all on the go .
  5. If you have a cosmetic based CTM routine than also , don’t leave organic remedies , this is what I will suggest .

Thank you 🙂 Although I am not an expert but yes , I am just sharing truth , what worked for me .

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