How to Remove Dark Circles (Fast) : Dark Circles Removal Remedies

Hi , guys so today’s blog is all about a common problem of all of us , dark circles & how to remove dark circles . We are going to talk to the point & no much story , long run short . Before understanding how to remove dark circles we must see a snapshot of reasons.

Which can occur due to any of following reasons :-

  1. Lack of sleep
  2. Rubbing under eye area too much
  3. Doing a lot of exercise & drinking less water
  4. Dehydrated body again less in take of water
  5. You are suffering from illness , had fever etc
  6. Aging
  7. Sun damage
  8. Genetically transferred problem
  9. Neglecting skin care
  10. watching screens in dim light or dark room which stress your eyes
  11. Stress & tensions
  12. Long working hours , much watching TV or Screens of laptop or mobile

Much more reasons can be there ,so how to get rid of it

Well now lets see remedies & how to remove dark circles ,

  1. Sleep – Proper 8 hours sleep , comfortable & relaxing one will definitely show you fabulous improvements soon . Best way to remove dark circles.
  2. Eat well – Eating things that contain vitamin K like broccoli , sprouts , green leafy veggies would help a lot. Vitamin K helps with blood coagulation & circulation , so eating food which are vitamin K friendly would lighten your dark circles & beautify skin . Definitely slow but significant change you will see to remove dark circles .
  3. Water – Drinking 3-4 liters of water each day is essential where as if you are exercising then, increase the water in take to as per your workout & body needs . Never let your body starve without water.
  4. Hydrating under eye cream , eye patches , hydrating face masks – These things made by natural product making companies that let you have chemical free naturally made , eye creams , eye patches , hydrating face masks that has vitamin K & A for sure can help you a bunch with this process . Everyday showering love to your skin to to remove dark circles is essential .
  5. Aloe vera gel – Pure aloe vera gel is the best hydrating stuff for your skin , doesn’t feel greasy also fades away in a while , you can use it all over your face & apply under eye area too .
  6. Don’t pressurize – Removing your makeup , applying creams , moisturizers if you pressurize the area below your eyes , I must tell you its 6 times thinner area then rest of your face skin so treat it like baby skin . Thus its always said never apply any chemical based area under your eyes .
  7. Home remedies – Potato paste (natural bleaching agent) , cucumber paste ( natural hydrating agent ) , aloe vera ( Natural hydrating agent) , Honey (natural skin conditioner) all these you can do separately once in a while whenever you get time & resources to make these , have these & apply on your under eye area . I am not saying to mix these all , just use whatever you have , keep whatever thing you are going to use 15 minutes in refrigerator then apply on your dark circles , leave for 15 minutes feel the cool soothing effect & wash off . You will its effects in short term & its magical ability to to remove dark circles.
  8. Green tea bag remedy – I have seen a few people doing it online , just buy a green tea bag let it soak in warm water for a while , bring it out keep in refrigerator for 15 minutes , then place them over your eyes , relax a little till 15-20minutes gradually you will notice improvements .
  9. DIY eye serum – Licorice commonly known as Mulethi in India . Use licorice extracts serum mix with aloe vera gel & add the liquid of vitamin K capsule in it . Mix all well . Keep it for good long hours I hope this might help you as well , in case you are not willing to buy any eye cream or serum .
  10. Reach dermatologist – No any DIY work for you , tried all stuff but it’s showing no difference , my friend you need a professional look out . May be there is some internal problem you aren’t understanding . Just take the right professional advice in time .
  11. Sunglasses & sun block – To protect yourself from sun damage don’t forget to put on sunglasses to cover your eyes nicely , these days even prescription glasses can also be made in sunglasses frame . Use sun block with SPF at least 30+ to save your skin from harmful UV rays to be ultra protected stay SPF 50+ .

I hope I helped & now this question is solved & you found all the recommendations you were looking for to remove dark circles . Thanks for reading . We would love to stay in connection with you , comment below with suggestions and experiences . And do not forget to subscribe my youtube channel & hit the bell icon .

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