Rheson : Review with me (Detailed Review on Rheson Collection)

This blog is all about my encounter with the brand & its quality . Not a paid review totally blunt me , but before my Rheson review let’s talk about the brand & thought behind it . In the end I have shared some of my pictures with the styles I bought from Rheson  & post reading this blog I don’t think you would need to search anything about it elsewhere .

Rheson Meaning & Thought Behind Rheson – Rheson is a fashion label which is flying under the inspiration & ownership of Sonam Kapoor & Rhea Kapoor . Rheson meaning is itself names of these two beautiful bollywood female biggies Rhe is from Rhea Kapoor & Son is from Sonam Kapoor , where as the complete meaning is be the cause , be the reason , it tells to stay bold there is no reason someone can stop you . Their initial tees were having quotes like “Rheson with me” “No Rheson I can’t” “Dare to Rheson” . They are aiming to make it home grown high street fashion brand , that must not be bound to age or body type or weight . My Rheson review on thought is, I found very nice , in a way got emotionally attached with the thought and perfect as it talks to make females free from any kind of consciousness about fitting or being fat or intimidated by the fashion and size check all together . I found this to be actually working against body shaming & supporting the female beauty in cute way all together in action .

Rheson Collection –  Here starts my Rheson review on the clothes & collection . Collection is really cute girl swinging on rainbow feel but standing apart , seriously out of the norms of general fashion available. Setting apart any ordinary girl to feel & look like a celeb is what this fashion brand offers. Its high end designer fashion woven in a simpler way available to all ladies & appealing to all sizes of female body types . The collection has french fries tees , pop corn tees , cloud print tees , TV print styles , a lot of dope things & can you believe it , they have sweets printed on clothes too . Recently new collection added as movie poster tees which is again a girl’s inner child came to life stuff , too fancy with fantasy .

Rheson has variety of clothes like jackets , dresses , jeans , tops , tees , jump suits , palazzo, saree , gowns & also they have chic bags as well .

Click on Picture to buy or view – (Rheson Bags)

Click on Picture to buy or view – ( Rheson dresses & sweaters )

So my Rheson review on the collection is , it’s really “hat ke” & unique . Its a fun vibe mixes classy fashionista . A must check I would say .

Rheson Quality –

I ordered 3 styles . Quality of the outfits that I kept was awesome, a black tees saying “Rheson with me” had really soft & lovely fabric . It has a swag neckline too , sharing its pictures below & the other one I kept was a white linda shirt but … I returned one, that was a wrap around dress , its cloth I didn’t found appealing and classy to me which had guava printed on it & it’s also among the initial designs this brand brought on floor. Hey but don’t misunderstand me if you ask me in one line “Quality is awesome ” I would say that for sure .

The quality of white linda shirt was amazing thick cotton white fabric & so affordable with designer style , I cross my heart no one else ever offered that . Really .


Rheson Price – 

Being unique and designer celebrity fashion label it should be super high but to my all surprise its not . The sales when appear to the brand they slash prices superb like its running right now . While if you talk on full MRP , still I would stick they are affordable. I I’ve came across a lot of big brands that cost so much to customers, giving no unique style and at times thin sticky fabric . As per my Rheson review, Rheson is a complete game changer in female clothing market I would say. A lot of designer gowns are there in the collection which are priced between 1500 – 3000 Rs as per me in such a fashion apparel brand, that’s a steal deal . I just wish they don’t change this as Rheson grows because I want it to be affordable for my small pockets .

Click on Picture to buy or view –  ( Rheson Dresses)

Click on Picture to buy or view – (Rheson Dresses)

Rheson is good for ?

Well Rheson is good for those who want to look unique , don’t want to show their body fittings or cuts & to those who want affordable designer stuff in western wear . Even they brought Rheson ready made kinda saree , that’s chic too .

Rheson is bad for ?

Rheson is bad for those who want to show off their body types , because very less of their clothes have skin showing or fitting thing .

So Size is an issue ?

Well if you are a person with M size even S size can fit you of this brand that too with comfort . So its all on you , I am a M size person & I buy M size only here are my clicks in it , I am kinda enjoying the vibe .

Rheson Store & Rheson Website – 

They have collaborated with Shopper’s Stop so you can find Rheson’s stuff there in Shopper’s Stop store and in Shopper’s Stop website or app as well. Now , Rheson is not only online with Shopper’s Stop now its on Amazon too .

Conclusion – 

As per me , I would give it 4.8 out of 5 stars . Rheson is quality & power to females & fashion . I am surely going to try more of it. What about you ?

Let me know if I left any questions & What you loved about Rheson after reading my Rheson review .

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