Simple Skincare Routine

Believe it or not , skincare is something that everyone wants to do , all of us search it on internet and we all want glowing , fresh & healthy skin but unfortunately , most people loose enthusiasm while actually practically doing it for oneself .

So , to tackle this problem we are boiling down long self care routine to simple skincare routine that we can do on the go , so let’s just jump into it .

  1. When you wake up – Take good organic aloe vera gel in your hands and spread it on your palms , after that pat it nicely on your face , covering entire facial skin . This will nourish your skin naturally and also make it glow . You can use it as moisturizer for the skin .  Always whenever you feel skin is dry apply this for glowy moisture . This is simplest but most natural & nourishing part of simple skincare routine . I personally use patanjali aloe vera gel but not the saundarya patanjali aloe vera gel , the one I use I have attached below . Also,  I am soon willing to try urban botanics aloe vera gel as its also pure and organic . simple_skincare_routinesimple_skincare_routine
    simple_skincare_routineSuggested – Patanjali aloe Vera gel [8 tips and benefits how to use it]
  2. When in kitchen – Take out some lemon juice in your hand and pat it on your face , massage gently, after 5-8 minutes , rinse it with water , this will remove all impurities , dead skin and will boost collagen which will again boost glowing skin in the long run . Caution , if it irritates your skin , then understand applying lemon juice on your skin is not for you. If this suits you do this once in a day , recommended time to do this simple skincare routine with lemon is after coming back from work to home, as this will remove all kinds of dust and bacteria from your skin . simple_skincare_routine
  3. Serum & Face Elixir – Serums & face elixirs are your best friends , easy to apply and great to get absorbed in the skin soon making skincare super simple . Retinol , Vitamin C , Jojoba oil , Tea tree are some great ingredients you must look for , always see if whatever products you buy for skin it should not have any amount of alcohol as it dries your skin in long run . Apply any one or two serums as you like depending on your mood , I personally apply two . Applying serums on a clean dust free skin is recommended. I regularly use vitamin C & retinol serum .  Suggested – Acne Treatment , Acne causes & Does Home Remedies work?simple_skincare_routinesimple_skincare_routine
  4. Cold water or Ice – Best age defying simple skincare routine is splash ice cold water or apply ice cubes . Take 5 minutes out at any time , have some ice cold water and splash your face 2-3 times continuously with it or use ice cubes wrapped in thin cotton cloth,  apply it all over your face for tightening your skin and reducing pores on the skin . This should be done at least once in a day and maximum twice in a day , preferably early morning or just before sleeping . simple_skincare_routine
  5. Eye Cream – I realized importance of eye cream quite late , but as under eye skin is 6 times thinner than your usual facial skin you must take care of it,. Ageing signs come first of all on your under eye area and later to the rest of face . So applying eye cream before sleeping  is a must . This is hands down , my mother’s & my favorite eye cream we some times apply it all over our face . Natural , so nourishing & not at all greasy , this under eye cream is love and yes , I buy this pack of 3 for me and my mom both , as it gives me a cheaper deal then rather than buying each individually . simple_skincare_routine

Do all these simple 6 things for simple skincare routine everyday & you will definitely see a difference in your skin .

Steps in flow I would recommend will be –

  1. After waking up splash ice cold water on face .
  2. Apply aloe vera gel and over that apply sunscreen .
  3. After you get back home , if lemon juice doesn’t irritates your skin, pat it on your face and rinse with normal water , then pat dry it .
  4. Again splash some ice cold water to tighten up the skin.
  5. Now apply serums & face elixirs that you have .
  6. Apply aloe vera gel again all over the face & at last now apply thick layer of under eye cream .

For the people to whom lemon is irritating the skin , you have to use cleansing milk for cleaning skin regularly and a good fine particle scrub twice a week , to rescue your skin from clogging & support the skin to turn over .

Hope this simple skincare routine was helpful , I too started my skincare journey with these simple steps and now I have a good skincare knowledge and routines for which I push myself , I have made it a compulsion n me that I would not sleep without doing my entire skincare routine . But even if you follow these simple steps you will see a very significant positive change in your skin .

The early you start, the better the skin will be in long run . Saying this, I would like to take leave now , if you want us to provide article on any other specific topic related to skincare , fashion or lifestyle write to us in the comments section below . Glad to have you and your time , Thanks for stopping by .

Do take really good care of yourself because you are one of a kind . See you soon !!

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