White Jeans Outfit Ideas

Doing an outfit with normal denim colors such as black or blue is just a safe easy fashion game. Twist comes when you think about wearing a different color of jeans such as white jeans . What colors will suit with white jeans ? how to style white jeans ? are always few questions which come whenever you think to wear it .

Today , after reading this blog I hope you don’t look back to the confusions occur while deciding white jeans outfit . So, here are some white jeans outfit ideas or white jeans outfit inspiration to rock the look .

Let’s get started ,

  1. High Contrast Outfit Eye catching & figure flattery . Black & white is the best & oldest on going combination on this row . Where as navy blue , dark brown , dark grey all such high definition colors would also look awesome . The higher the contrast the edgy the outfit.ย white_jeans_outfit_ideas
  2. All White – All white of different white tones or same tone white anyway it looks bold & classy . Its a statement making outfit to say the least . Classic , evergreen & fun to see all turning around to you in a crowd . even have white nails , shoes , bag & jacket .. OMG !! & you are the goddess of being a diva . white onwhite_jeans_outfit_ideas
  3. Light & White – Light shades of pink , grey , sky blue , beige , pale yellow , just makes you look perfect , classy & slimmer . white_jeans_outfit_ideaswhite_jeans_outfit_ideas
  4. Print & White – Floral prints with white jeans just never go wrong . white_jeans_outfit_ideaswhite with florals
  5. Bright & White – Bright colors such as red , orange , yellow , green all primary colors look just happier & festive with white jeans . Christmas outfits are bang on example of this one.ย  white_jeans_outfit_ideas

After reading the list one probably feel that okay , so wear every color with white ??

So here are some points to remember while planning an outfit with white jeans ,

  1. Check fabric – Certain white jeans come of thinner fabric which ends up looking like see through leggings & trust me plan anything with such jeans it won’t look gorgeous at all .
  2. Style as per figure – White jeans makes your legs seem heavy , so when you are on a curvy side choose darker tops to pair with white jeans & if you add a jacket to the outfit , it just makes you look slimmer & more stylish .
  3. While wearing anything white , try never use a over size thing . Recently on my instagram I uploaded over sized white shirt & T-shirt it just drew me DMs saying I have gained weight. Where as same me , on other outfits was praised .
  4. Apart from high contrast with white jeans even light shades pull effects that you appear slimmer . Light grey , baby pink , lightest shade of sky blue all such colors will help .
  5. Wear jackets or shrugs to style up the outfit & look slimmer & polished . white_jeans_outfit_ideas
  6. Shoes- Wear light color shoes to make the look effective and endless . Off white , cream , silver wear shoes of such shades . Neutrals are best as , bold color shoes like black , navy blue etc would block the look making you look heavy or shorter in appearance.
  7. When to wear white jeans ?ย It’s good to wear white jeans at any season , still in Summer/Spring it would work the best . But there’s no fashion police who will stop you to wear on other days , so its entirely your choice .
  8. Tip that you know from forever , never wear white in dusty , rough or travelling days . And for girls especially don’t wear it on not so comfortable days such as periods . White anything is a little hard to maintain so , stay away from any kind of stains .

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