Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing at Home (CTM Routine)

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing routine is important for having a healthy smooth even skin. Your skin is a reflection of 30% diet, 30% products you use over it and 40% the care you do of it. It is said to be of peak importance to people who use makeup. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing routine is especially very necessary for people belonging to 30 years and above.

But wait, I think Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing

I feel every youth should do this too, as it is said prevention is better than cure. The reason why it is recommended, is to repair and retain your skin pH , tightness and glow so that , your skin doesn’t suffer ever in life and you live happily ever after . Thing is people run to search a cure when they develop a problem , we all know acne grows with age , skin needs more care as the years passes by , the more cosmetics you use the more after effects you can see on your skin and face , so by now you know everything but

what’s your plan to stop ageing of skin ??

Right age to start Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing?

Start now !!If you are in your 20’s its best , or else whatever age you are in after 20’s you have to start off now !

Who should do Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing ?

This is equally effective for all . No gender differences are there .

Why to do Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing??

Help your skin revive itself , you can see the difference in quality of your skin in just 2-4 weeks, from lipstick stains, makeup dryness, sun burns, dead skin layers, stress on skin, damage by cosmetics, water proof mascara eyelash damage, eyeliner, brow bone liner, dry weather and so on and so froth .

I have mentioned how choosing the right cleanser ans it’s importance , types , tips , everything in my blog Cleansing Milk : tips & benefits  , but the next two steps are equally important which are toning and moisturizing.

Cleansing helps in removal of makeup, dust, dead skin and cleans clog pores.

Toning soothes the skin calms it down, maintain skin’s PH, value and hydrates the skin. In market large variety of toners are available whenever necessary I use rose water as toner . I don’t require toner separately very much personally , because of two reasons :-

  1. I use cleansing milk , which is non-foaming cleanser instead is moisturizing one. Those who use bar cleanser or foam cleansers they must use a toner separately.
  2. I use Patanjali aloe vera gel which can act as both , toner and moisturizer as per me. You can read everything about it , in this blog Best Patanjali aloe Vera gel to buy [8 tips and benefits how to use it]

Moisturizing helps to nourish skin with packing moisture in it.

It feels heavenly after entire Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing routine.

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Steps for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing…

    1.  Cover your face with the cleansing milk that suits you.
    2. Let it be for 4-5 minutes on your face and then remove it gently with the help of soft cloth or cotton ball whatever you prefer.
    3.  Wash your face with mild or cold water and then pat dry your face.
    4. Now comes toning , those who need toner can use rose water best for all skin types, further its entirely on you what you choose , honey , pore fix , cucumber, chamomile , pomegranate and many other types of toner are available in market . Whatever you choose try to have it organic for which Biotique & Khadi are two brands I recommend for this .
    5. To apply a toner on face people suggest use cotton balls , but in that way I feel product like toner of so thin consistency goes waste , so better use it by help of your clean palms and finger tips. Do clean your hands before this , then put some 5-7 drops of toner , spread it in hands and instantly pat all over your face with palms and finger tips .
    6. Never put pressure on your face by cloth , cotton ball , palms or fingers even . Do every step as gentle on face as possible .
    7. Let your face absorb that hydration and then after 3 minutes around , now its time to use moisturizer.
    8. Work of moisturizer is to lock moisture in your skin . So its highly recommended to go for an organic one ,as its gonna go deeper to your clean skin . So for moisturizing I use patanjali aloe vera gel. If you don’t wanna use it then use any moisturizer but do check,  it must not contain any alcohol in it and must have organic ingredients .
    9. Spread your chosen moisturizer in upwards direction gently and your’re done.

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Cleansing_Toning_and_Moisturizing   Click here to buy …. When to do Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing?

  1. Night time before sleep is the best time , that is what its is said by most of the people but experts believe you shall not sleep with any product lying on your face at all . Thus evening or day time is what I recommend and is what I do personally . Keep your face clean and dirt free is what is great before sleeping but never sleep with any product covering your face .

    How often to do Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing?

    Once in a day only . Over doing anything can cause opposite effects than the desired effects , by most of the beauty experts this is recommended once in every day as routine for all .

  2. Cleansing_Toning_and_MoisturizingTake care of yourself and your skin’s health . Subscribe and share our blogs and reach us on our social media platforms , you can find all contact info by clicking here ” Contact Us ” , comment below with suggestions and experiences . Do share your Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing experience.
  3. Thanks again much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind.


Patanjali aloe Vera gel [8 tips and benefits how to use it]

I am using Patanjali aloe vera gel since 2 years . I call aloe Vera gel the magic ingredient for skin, it has proved benefits for skin, hairs, digestion and what not. Patanjali aloe vera gel gave me cheapest & best working primer experience . We often tend to use cosmetic products for looking great but that’s all temporary. To have young naturally beautiful pampered skin , you need to move to organic and natural remedies more.

Coming back to the topic ,  I love patanjali aloe vera for skin and hairs both. We cannot carry aloe vera it in it’s natural form, so to get it with us , aloe vera gel is best alternative to use . I never leave my skin alone, my face be whole day covered with aloe vera gel in intervals. After applying patanjali aloe vera gel for 2-3 hours , I wash it off & then after keeping my face 30-40 mins without anything applied , I re-apply patanjali aloe vera gel .

Now, Is it for women only ?? I would say no , it would be equally useful product for all & it’s not a gender specific product.

Patanjali aloe vera gel , came to market with two variants as Patanjali  aloe Vera gel and Patanjali soundarya aloe Vera gel (Kesar chandan).  One pure aloe Vera gel while the other is having it mix with chandan and kesar.


What fragrance to have??

Patanjali Aloe Vera gel which is pure aloe Vera gel is having no fragrance at all where as chandan kesar has a strong fragrance of kesar and to be real I didn’t liked it at all, So as per me green aloe Vera gel is better and Patanjali nails it,  in providing best aloe Vera gel in market as per me.

Is it sticky?

Both variants are good for any season application , light on skin and are not sticky as per me . Yes , but I would recommend to wash it off after 3-4 hours as after that I personally feel a need to refresh my skin . You would barely feel anything is applied on your face , it’s so natural and light . I haven’t tried many brands of aloe vera gel but patanjali aloevera gel & Macaffine silver aloe vera gel are one’s I like . Recently trried macaffine one but yes for regular use and max use as I do I feel patanjali is great in terms of being cost effective and good quality product both ways .

Does it works?

This is a million dollar question and a billion dollar happy customer answer is “yes”. This is no sponsored post, its a genuine review about patanjali aloe vera gel . Not only the fragrance but also in terms of giving me quality skin care product , with working benefits, I feel Patanjali aloe Vera gel is best where as Patanjali soundariya aloe Vera gel didn’t worked that well for me & hated that one’s fragrance too .

So which one is better ?

The Patanjali aloe vera gel (Green looking one)
Wanna buy now ?? click on the image below 🙂




  1. Skin care: Nourished skin is something Patanjali aloe Vera gels delivers quit well. I prefer this more than any cosmetic in world , have been loyal to this product since a year or more .
  2. Prevents skin from damaging rather repairs skin: I cover my face all day long with this organic product but yes, I wash my face after using this , with simple water after every 3-4 hours. That’s how my routine is, even if I have to use foundation then to also I use aloe Vera gel as my base moisturizer.  It just retains your original skin, good health . Saves your skin from dust , dryness and envelops it in order to protect from other cosmetic things as well .
  3. Hair care: This can also be used for softening the hairs. I use it as a mask for hairs, after keeping it for 1-2 hours, I wash my hairs after which they feel really soft. This basically hydrates hair and can be used at times as styling and hair care gel too. I do like to put some of it , before directly exposing my hairs to sun , so this is how I use it like a gel too .
  4. Marks removal: This works slow but actually gradually improves skin tone and makes marks less visible. Aloe vera naturally has anti-inflammatory properties and wound healing power , it can also fight skin problems too. Does treats your skin, revives and replenishes it with hydrating your skin.
  5. Gives glowing skin: It does gives that good health to skin and adds a natural shine to your skin. I definitely can’t recommend this more. Saves and hugs your skin beautifully is what patanjali aloe vera gel do. This has no side effects too which makes it even more desirable product for skin care and hair care both.
  6. Best part is “it’s organic”: Cosmetics does have some side effects on cells of your skin. Lips gets dark because of using lipsticks, foundation hampers your skin , moisturizers which are of not good quality damages your skin, So I love to stick more to organic and natural product as much as I can. I love aloe Vera as plant too in its natural form and if you can get it somewhere naturally you can use it for hairs and skin too . But in the natural form it has strong smell and sticky nature which you may not be able to carry with you whole day . So, patanjali aloevera gel is best alternative to use in that way .
  7. Skin softening : It nourishes the skin and makes it to have glowing and soft texture. This acts as mosturizer , treats acne , sunburn , fights aging what more do you want from a single product !!
  8. Usable for male & female both : It can be used by entire family , beyond age beyond gender this magic serves all equally . All will have same benefits , the skin tone and type might differ , so may be the effects can go faster or slower on it but other than speed nothing else can differ . All benefits are for all .
  9. Bonus point : Patanjali is Indian brand which provides cost effective , pure organic product . It costs 80 Rs. only which is far lesser to any other organic product of same type. Getting so much of quality and quantity in such a range made me more brand loyal .
  10. Primer : Makeup lovers this is good news to you , this works magnificent as a primer & is organic . So safe , gorgeous , cost effective , organic & skin pampering thing , which you should definitely have.

In the end ,

I would just say , this product has no cons and is a magnificent product to do a perfect skin care of any individual .  I strongly recommend the Patanjali aloe vera gel to all who want to take care of their skin and I do not recommend the other variant which is Patanjali soundarya aloe vera gel (Kesar Chandan)

Thanks again much respect and love to all . Stay connected and keep loving yourself because , you are one of a kind .

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